Take Care of Yourself


Life has moved so fast of lately, I just noticed that I was way out of balance.
Before I knew it, I felt myself feeling overwhelmed and tired.

I knew I had to look at everything – and I am lucky I have a good friend who gave me a good talking to and got my attention.

Balance requires prioritizing and I had become so busy with work I neglected the most important aspect I needed to be able to keep working… Me.

The world we live in is out of balance and we are bombarded by constant change and the speed of that change. It is hard to stay energized if we never take the time to energize or ground ourselves.

Particularly important for Empaths who are bombarded by different energies anyway. We need to cherish our bodies and watch the things we are feeding it and make sure we’re getting a minimum of fifteen minutes of physical activity.

We need to cherish our minds by meditating daily. Lastly, we need to cherish our soul by being present and enjoying the experience.

It’s ok to say no!

This is looking after ourselves, respecting ourselves enough to set boundaries and understanding we aren’t meant to help everyone.

(Hard lessons for Empaths and Healers). Remember you cant pour from an empty cup.


~Kendra C.  “Kendra’s Love Corner”

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