Distraction never shows up with a sign broadcasting its intentions. From the beautiful to the hideous, it shows up in various forms. Many of our distractions come packaged in what we actually like; even if it is not the best thing for us.
Some distractions show up in negative ways, yet still managing to gain our attention. But what do they both have in common despite looking completely different? They both divert energy from where it should otherwise be directed.
When something or someone comes along that causes us to take our hearts and minds off our purpose and goals; we must have the discernment and the wisdom to recognize it for what it is. Once we recognize it, it is our responsibility us to get back on track to our destiny.
~Tasha Tasha “Spirit Knows Best”

3 Unconventional Habits to live Distraction-less

1. Remove physical clutter-Unnecessary clutter is a significant form of visual distraction. Consider this: everything in our eyesight subtly pulls at our attention at least a little. The more we remove, the less visual stress and distraction we experience.
2.Accept and accentuate your personal rhythms-Discover the rhythms of your day to make the most of them.Accepting and understanding our natural rhythms to the day/week provides healthy motivation to remove distractions during our most productive parts of the day knowing there is opportunity later to indulge them
3.Keep a to-do list. One of the most helpful and practical pieces of advice I ever received about keeping focus is the simple solution of keeping a to-do list handy and current.
~Kendra C “Kendra’s Love Corner”

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