3rd Eye Activation

3rd Eye Activation


Activation of the ajna chakra, third eye. This is part ritual and part astral or dream work. No phone appointment required. The work on your part is simply to absorb the energy of the ritual and set your intentions to receive the energy necessary to decalcify your pineal and open your third eye.

I also recommend a detox, an increase in water consumption over the 4 days that the work is actually done, and to attempt to disconnect from technology at least an hour before bedtime. This will assist with you getting the best possible results. A mild detox is fine with apple cider vinegar, cutting out bread, sweets and sodas, cutting back on heavy meats. It does not have to be an intense detox.

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I was lead to open divinity due to my “BD” having work performed against me. I was looking for a completely different group, but came across Emme Rain group. I joined thinking it was the one I was looking for, but it wasn’t. That was literally the best damn mishap ever. I hurried up and purchased this ritual bc Emme is great with her special deals. My very first ritual, of course. This was around Jan 15th. So now its a month later and my ass was suffering from third eye overflow. So please detoxify yourself with this ritual. LOL! My absent-minded self manage to ignore these details. But anywho, I got my overflow under control. Now I have 8 deities I work with, and some seem to just bring others to my meditation which is so funny. I’m like woah I didn’t summon you. LOL. This is so worth it!!!! Thank you so much Emme.

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