40 Rituals of Power

40 Rituals of Power


The 40 rituals of power are 40 rituals done during 2020 for an exclusive bunch who want to keep powerful work going up on their behalf. These rituals are not public and are not announced to the public. They are done via secret group accessible only to members. These rituals include high magick, dark energy and includes some of the most ancient energy sources.

These rituals are performed over a 6 month period to allow for the building of energy. Only the group will know when and what as they are scheduled.

40 Rituals of Power include work in the following areas:

1. Healing
2. Balance
3. Attunement
4. Elevation
5. Initiation
6. Inner Power
7. Protection
8. Wealth

This subscription lasts from January-June, 2020. You can start anytime during that time. And you will gain access to the group, can pull energy from the work and be given incantations, words of power and more. Of course, being in from the beginning is best.
Please include your FB name upon ordering so we can add you to the exclusive group.


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