Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.


Blessed and dressed soy wax candles, created to assist with your ritual and spell work and to go along with your favorite Magickal Mystic oils and butters. These 8oz candles are clean burning making it easier to practice ritual regularly.

Money Candles
~ Get Money
~ Generational Wealth
~ Abundance
~ Debt Cancellation
~ R$ch B$tch
~ Sugar Daddy
~ Manifestation
~ Open Roads
~ Better Business

Demon Candles
~ Asmodeus
~ Azazel
~ Conjure of Paimon
~ Lucifer
~ Counsel of Dantalion
~ Demonic Kings

Protection Candles
~ Impenetrable Defense
~ Reverse
~ Reveal All
~ Demonic Kings
~ Unspeakable
~ Just Desserts
~ 3 Way Dragon

Self Love and Celebration Candles
~ Fulfillment
~ FemiVinity
~ Goddess
~ Enchantment
~ R$ch B$tch
~ Shakti Embrace

Healing Candles
~ Healing Arts
~ Meditation
~ Mental Clarity
~ Bloodline Cleanse
~ FemiVinity

Many more to choose from


Soul Snatch, Get Money, R$ch B$tch, Undeniable, Goddess, Healing Arts, Mental Clarity, Lasting Love, Fulfillment, Lucifer, FemiVinity, Sugar Daddy, Enchantment, Open Roads, Just Desserts, Impenetrable Defense, Enchantment, Better Business, Meditation, Veilwalkers, Debt Cancellation, SunBlissed, MarsMentum, Demonic Kings, Manifestation, ShadowSeekers, Divination, Transmutation, Anunnaki, Reveal All, Shakti Embrace, Generational Wealth, Abundance, Unspeakable, Baba Yaga, Clauneck, 3 Way Dragon, Counsel of Dantalion, Reverse, Cosmic Union, Santa Muerte, Djinn, Phoenix, Ancestral Warriors, Dark Mother, Conjure of Paimon, Amaterasu, Ostara, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Andromalius, Shax, Azazel, Grace of the Ancients, Soul Cleanse, Enlil, Enki, Age of Anu, Cease and Desist, Fast Money, Treasures of Vasudhara, Baby Bliss, Marta the Dominador, Maia, Damballah, Bloodline Cleanse, Parvati, Self Mastery, Quetzalcoatl, Lunar Whispers, Dark Matter, Mystic Rain, Flauros, Family Restoration, Olodumare, Starseed Alignment, Ose, EMerge, Laima, Supay, Pachamama, Bune, Sense of Saturn, Mesmerize, 7 African Powers, Lux of Lakshmi, Luxurious, Attraction, Matrimony, Hide Me, Adore Me, MM Millionaires, Oversoul, Akasha Blend, EmmeBossed, Caress, BD Energy, Brigid, Grace of Yemaya, Get Over It, Dick Appointment, Tiamat, Dominate

8 reviews for Candles

(verified owner)

I recently received the fulfillment and treasures of vasudhara candles and presentation is EVERYTHING! I’m beyond ready to put them to work! Eternally grateful!

I totally believe in the power of intention and candle magic works!! I wrote a deposit slip for 250,000 in 2007 and in 2008 received exactly that sum from Haynesville shale lease money on a 10 acre tract of land when most people got 2,000 per acre.

(verified owner)

I used the Fulfillment candle during a time of really feeling blocked, drained and just hating my own hobby of art. Art which was supporting me financially and I had customers who’s orders were being fulfilled at all due to my own burn out and sabotage from fear of success. When I lit that candle up….. All I could do was paint, dance, enjoy my life. I felt the happiest and less anxious I had ever been in a long time. I completed all my orders in a span of less than week, orders I had been on hold for months.

Get the candle if you really be stuck. It will show you just how easy you can be fulfilled doing what you love and need to do for the self fulfillment of your life!!!

(verified owner)

I have enough candles to start my own small shop, no joke and I love each one of them. I am sensitive to most scents but I have been able to use most of these candles with no issues. Luxurious and Sun Blissed are by far my favorite, they smell and feel divine. Nota huge fan of the smell of Baba Yaga but that candle packs a punch.

(verified owner)

Just received my akasha blend, lunar wispers, damnallah. And femininity from the intuitive bundle, haven’t used them yet but I’m truly amazed all of them are what I need right now! These are ones I would never have picked myself. Emme truly has a gift and I’m grateful. Can’t wait for the the next time this is offered!

(verified owner)

Back in August I ordered the bloodline cleanse candle. I’ve been getting messages from my oversoul and Ancestors confirmed that it would be me that would have to spark the healing for my bloodline. Since I’ve used this candle my older brother who was estranged from his 2 yr old son due to hurt from the relationship with my nephews mother, has stepped up and demanded he see his son with the actions of going to the courts. Now he is actively seeing his son regularly without the drama. My dad who had a habit of Always putting his time effort and enact into everyone else while feeling depleted and then angry because people end up abandoning him after they use him, has now made a damn stand and is actively focusing on his healing and self love and is NOT tolerating less than what he know he deserves. And me… well me and my children’s father haven’t been seeing eye to eye for all of 2019 and most of 2020, well now he wants to come together in a fair agreement on co parenting, he’s showing up more for my children and being better in the way in which he parents them. Also my 17 yr old son came to me with a business that he wants to start and he has did research on how to start, he said he’s already started saving his money up and that he wants to launch when he turns 18 which is in June. We are planning now to get his LLC EIN and I’m putting him on my credit card to build his personal credit. Mannnnn this candle is the truth and I’m here for it. I’ll be ordering more of these real soon. Thanks Emme Rain for sharing your gifts with the world.


I recently received the Oversoul candle intuitively and when I tell you I cannot get enough!!!!! My candle is burning as I type this, and I couldn’t even wait until it finished to write a review. When I initially opened it, I was a nice size, and was absolutely beautiful. It was pretty purple with herbs, flowers, and crystals mixed in and I was too excited. Just as quickly as sights are adoring the candle, the scent reaches my nose and now I cannot put this thing down. It had me dancing and singing in the best vibes possible (and I was having a rough day). I have been doing a lot of in-depth work with my oversoul, and she was pounding me to light this candle and do some more work. So I finally did, and within the first 24hours of me lighting this candle, I swear to you is was like every blockage of communication from my oversoul to my earthly being had been removed and I have been floating. The energy from this candle blew my mind and instantly pushed me into the next level of my journey. There aren’t even enough stars for me to give for this candle and the energy in it. I can’t wait to see what else I unlock. And I need to buy every other candle on here now. I absolutely love it.

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Our dressed and energy infused intention candles to amp up your magick. Made from PURE SOY WAX!

Soul Snatch
Get Money
R$ch B$tch
Healing Arts
Mental Clarity
Sugar Daddy
Lasting Love
Open Roads
Just Desserts
Impenetrable Defense
Better Business
Debt Cancellation
Demonic Kings
3 Way Dragon
Reveal All
Shakti Embrace
Generational Wealth
Counsel of Dantalion
Ancestral Warriors
Conjure of Paimon
Baby Bliss
Fast Money
Grace of the Ancients
Bloodline Cleanse
Soul Cleanse
Adore Me
MM Millionaires
BD Energy
Get Over It
Tiamat Summoning
** Dick Appointment **