Dark Arts Oils

Dark Arts Oils


Oils for the powerful, curious, not-quite humans who want to go into the deep an understand what the world hopes we will fear.

~ Dark Arts
~ Dark Mother
~ Lady of Death
~ Obey Me
~ Invocation
~ Unspeakable
~ Just Desserts
~ Shadow Seekers

Dark Arts Oils

Dark Arts, Dark Mother, Lady of Death, Obey Me, Invocation, Unspeakable, Just Desserts, Shadow Seekers

7 reviews for Dark Arts Oils

(verified owner)

My absolute all time fav here is the Obey Me! It does exactly what it says and then some! If you need someone to bend to your will..THIS is it right here??
The Lady of Death is also thabombdotcom in any kind of way, because like the Obey it smells like fine perfume(to me) and has a very wearable scent?
The Invocation I have yet to try, but also cannot wait❣

I have purchased quite a few of The M.M. Dark Arts oils and I must say these oils aren’t for recreation. I will say while using these oils you need to be solid in what you are working toward. When I ultimately became aligned with what I was working on these oils aided my progress faster than I anticipated. The Dark Mother oil added a whole other level of support and guidance. Read the description and make your choice. You will not regret picking one of these oils

This would definitely be one of my favorites. It is soooo fast acting. I mean..you can literally hear the necks cracking. It also speaks a language that’s unspeakable if you listen closely.

Obey Me gets the job done when needed for one’s favor.

(verified owner)

I purchased Obey Me with intention on getting a promotion. I placed it in my oil diffuser for a few days with that intention in mind and literally, 3 people quit or got promoted themselves, opening up their positions for the taking!

(verified owner)

I purchased Dark Arts to assist me in shadow work and tapping into the un-seen/primordial energy that sometimes I am not aware of. I also utilize it to help me ground & center myself during meditation. The scent is very grounding and earthy, it’s not perfumery or floral based like the other oils.

(verified owner)

Shadow Seekers…my,my,my. After just one night I have gained a fresh perspective for going into the Shadows. I combined this oil with the Akasha Blend and intentions for facing myself and identifying the areas that need the most attention right now. This oil assisted me with that and on top of it smells enticing which propelled me deeper into myself. Give yourself the experience, the opportunity to see with fresh eyes. I am grateful

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These oils are the epitome of primordial energy and the darker more secretive arts without being filled with baneful intent. These oils are blended to help you understand and experience that which cannot be explained.

Our Dark Arts products are highly charged and expertly blended to ensure quality. These are pure oil and herbal blends and not to be ingested. Our Dark Arts oils include:

~ Dark Arts oil
~ Lady of Death oil
~ Dark Mother oil
~ Obey Me oil
~ Invocation oil
~ Unspeakable oil
~ Just Desserts oil
~ Shadow Seekers oil