EmmePressive Skincare


EmmePressive Skincare


EmmePressive Skin Spa – a skin scrub for exfoliation and polish. Created with oatmeal, brown sugar, honey, calendula and other skin friendly herbs, this blend gives your skin a youthful glow

EmmePressive Skin Mist – a balancing mist for your face and body, this spray is refreshing and thirst-quenching for dry skin without over moisturizing or clogging pores. Has been used to set makeup as well.

Feet by Emme – softening and circulation improvement for your feet, the pampering feet need

Eyes by Emme – under eye treatment to help with puffiness, dark circles and appearance of lines


EmmePressive skincare line was developed by Emme Rain herself as a way to tackle her own skincare and later offered to the general public. Understanding that preservatives and chemicals often do more harm than good, the ingredients for these products could come right from your kitchen or garden. But it is a goddess experience. Try it for yourself!


Skin Spa, Skin Mist, Feet by Emme, Eyes by Emme


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Skincare designed with your holistic goals in mind, all natural products without preservatives.