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Get Pampered Oils


Oils designed to assist with your overall life satisfaction. These are the pampered experience oils.


Glamour Me, Enchantment, Fulfillment, Just Desserts, Luxurious, Goddess, FemiVinity, Mesmerize, Caress, BD Energy, EmmeBossed

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(verified owner)

I recently got Femi Vinity, Glamour me and Enchantment. These are the first oils I’ve purchased from Magic Mystik and I,couldn’t be more excited to get more. My self esteem has boosted exponentially. Ive noticed I naturally stand taller….with my head raised high. My energy doesn’t want to remain unseen any longer. People look at me differently. At first I thought I was crazy but now I know I am not crazy. only just beginning to step into my birthright. Thank you Emme!!!

(verified owner)

Glamour me, enchantment, mesmerize and just desserts does it for me in the beauty department. I’ve used these oils in my bath and put a few drops in my lotions and beauty products. They smell so elegant. Definitely a staple in glamour magick. Enchantment is my fave because I’ve place this oil on paperwork that I need approved and it’s worked Everytime. I love these oils!!

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Energy infused oils that will help you amp up your spoil me quotient and let you have it your way.