Kali Ma Dark Goddess Kit

Kali Ma Dark Goddess Kit

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This infused and blessed kit comes with everything you need to welcome the dark goddess, Kali Ma, into your life. We highly recommend you only get this kit if you truly want to learn the ways of this beautiful, highly misunderstood goddess. The kit includes:

~ Kali Ma figurine
~ Kali Ma summoning oil
~ Dark Goddess herbal blend
~ Crystal bracelet (bloodstone, red garnet, clear quartz or red jasper)
~ Red jasper worry stone
~ 2 blessed and dressed candles
~ Pendulum, intuitively chosen
~ Box of incense, intuitively chosen

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(verified owner)

I love my Kali Ma Kit, ordered it a few months ago. Working with Kalima was amazing, she takes no mess and will grant you your wishes along with ultimate protection.

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Have you been drawn to Kali Ma? Have you experienced the trepidation inspired by her ferocious reputation as slayer of men? She is also a very protective, nurturing mother who can teach you the dark arts and help you learn when you should stand your ground and fight for the life you desire.