Luxurious Life by Lakshmi Kit

Luxurious Life by Lakshmi Kit

$250.00 $175.00

This beautifully assembled kit has everything you need to begin an amazing journey with this glamorous and generous goddess, Lakshmi. If you are just starting, or even if you’ve worked with her a time or two, this array of charged products are sure to bring quick abundance in all areas of your life. It comes with 1 of each of the following:

~ 3 in Lakshmi standing on Lotus statue
~ Lakshmi summoning oil
~ Luxurious oil blend for wealth
~ Lux of Lakshmi body butter
~ Intuitively chosen pendulum
~ Ruby in Fuchsite or Ruby in Kyanite palm/worry stone
~ Red Carnelian stretchy bracelet, charged to heal the sacral chakra and help the wearer connect to their divine energy
~ Box of intuitively chosen incense
~ 2 blessed and dressed candles

Every item in this kit is blessed by the elements and infused with Lakshmi’s energy.


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This beautifully assembled and individually blessed and charged kit has all the components you need to welcome the beauty and abundance of Lakshmi into your life today.