RB Wealth Set

RB Wealth Set

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R$ch B$tch is a Magickal Mystic exclusive product with trademarks. This blend has changed thousands of lives and been a joy to wear for many. Now, we have a complete set for those who like to walk around feeling like luxury and vibing to wealth. It is magick and excellent product together- a super team.

This set comes with:
R$ch B$tch Oil
Skin Moisturizer
Skin Mist
Bath Blend
2 Chime Candles

Recommended Effective Use: Each bath blend makes 2 baths minimum. After your bath with the salts, rub down in the skin moisturizer reciting your wealth mantra or affirm. Follow up with putting dabs of oil on pulse points and finish with the skin mist, which is a lasting fragrance. During meditation, dress your chimes with the R$ch B$tch oil and light it, reciting your wealth mantras or affirmations as it burns.

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