Self Care Kit

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Self Care Kit


The self love kit from Demetria’s Sapphire- Love oil, Love bath, pink notebook with pen, pink carry bag
These items are blessed with loving and self healing intentions. The kit is complimented by the well loved and powerful Magickal Mystic blend of Fulfillment oil and the Fulfillment candle and will also include either a Vibration of Love, Vibration of Self or Vibration of Peace oil from the Tantric Alchemist.
All kits are pre-assembled and intuitively created and blessed. These kits carry beautiful and loving vibrations that will shift you if you actually use it. Try using every day for a minimum of 7 days and even your friends will notice the difference in your energy.

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Kit contains:
Fulfillment oil
Fulfillment candle
Love oil
Love bath
Vibration of Love (some include Vibration of Self, some Vibration of Peace)
Pink notebook
Pink carryall

(Stones not included)


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A collaborative product between 3 very powerful businesses- Magickal Mystic, Tantric Alchemist and Demetria’s Sapphire.