The Descent Course

The Descent Course


This Into the Shadows course goes deeper into what the shadows are and how to tap in without all the pain and anguish so that you can retrieve the pieces of yourself lost in happenings of your past, reclaiming your power and your identity. This course is one of the most important you may ever take.

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The Descent is about going into the darkest places of your heart and mind and pulling the power and truth out of it so that you can truly redesign or empower your life. If you’ve been fearful, internally battered, and suffering from emotional exhaustion, then this class is definitely for you.

It starts December 1- January 31 and all participants will have the option to have continued group access at $25 per month so that you can work through the material as much as you want until you get where you want to be. This is the class that is going to stay with you for life and beyond.

This shadow course will delve into healing and show you how to free yourself from long held paradigms that no longer serve you. There will be a lot of ancestral work done as well. It is an actionable class so be prepared to do assignments and put the info to work immediately.



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Go deeper into the shadows to retrieve your power with this course from teacher, mentor, trainer, Emme Rain.