Hi I’m Erica aka The Phantom Queen. I have been fascinated with the occult and magick all my life. Even as a child I knew that there was more going on than meets the eye. I knew our bodies could heal themselves and I could even manipulate time.

I use my gifts as a mystic visionary to help others gain clarity and live their lives more abundantly.

I am a modern-day storyteller. The story I tell is of your ideal life and circumstances. My intention for each session is to give my client the experience of being supported in a nonjudgemental way while giving them guidance towards their next step

  • Journey Into You

    When was the last time you sat acknowledged the impact you have in this world? A Journey Into You is a chance to connect with parts of yourself that may not be seen or you keep hidden away. This is a personalized ritual and you may encounter spirit guides, ancestors, or other beings who are here to support you. We take a trip using my psychic abilities that's unlike any other reading or shamanistic experience you may have had, where you see & feel it. 45 min

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  • Mediumship Reading

    Connect to family and loved ones that have crossed over in this intimate setting. I use my unique style of channeling to create a safe space to have a meaningful experience. 30 min

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  • Future-Scaping

    Do you feel stuck? Really there is no such thing. This is ideal for the person who wants to start a new career or needs to expand their business and also a beneficial tool for students. We work together to find the ideal vision of what life can look like for you, even if you are not sure what you can do as a career. I ask you a few questions and then I use my visioning and intuition to show you the possibilities. 40 min

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