• Abundance Bath

    Abundance smells like fresh spring, new opportunities and options. Energetically charged to open doors of abundance in all areas.

    • Abundance
    • Prosperity
    • wealth
  • Adore Me

    Get that TLC you so rightfully deserve.

    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
  • Ascension Survival

    Blended to alleviate the burden of ascension on your energetic body and to balance your energies as well as ground out excessive energy taken on through the process.

    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • BD Energy Bath

    Boss diva, boldly divine, big dawg energy… this is courage and boldness in a bag.

    • bath salts
    • BD Energy
    • courage
    • Spiritual Power
  • Bloodline Cleanse

    Clear your bloodline of binds, hexes, bad juju of any type, and disconnect from illnesses that run through the family. Great for clearing generational debt and can be paired with Soul Cleanse and Healing Arts for a transformative experience. 

    • Ancestral Veneration
    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • Caress Salts

    The sweetness of life, relaxation and being loved.

    • Bath salt
    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
  • EMerge

    EMerge is the premium sexually charged power bath you need to balance your energy and re-establish your focus.

    • Clarity and Direction
  • Enchantment

    Bathe or soak in this salt blended bath used to infuse you with the essence of adoration, love, power and position.

    • Love and Sex
    • Spiritual Power
  • Fast Money

    Used to draw money quickly. Soak in the ambiance of money.

    • Prosperity
  • FemiVinity

    Unlock the power of your lower chakras and fuel your sacral chakra with this FemiVinity bath.

    • Chakra Care
  • Fulfillment

    Be fulfilled in life by doing the self love work that you so richly deserve. This bath is infused with the energy of self-fulness and heart healing energy. Very powerful vibe, extra charged with lunar and solar energy.

    • Get Pampered
    • Prosperity
  • Get Money Bath

    Infused with the essence of wealth, abundance, and opulence, this is the premium bath blend for those who desire wealth.

    • Prosperity
  • Glamour Me

    The energy of beauty, desire and happiness in one bath blend. A beautiful experience!

    • Get Pampered
  • Goddess

    The primordial and solar goddess bath blend. Very powerful juju in a bath.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Healing Arts

    Infused with healing essence and Reiki charged, this blend adds healing to both your physical and nonphysical bodies, including mental and emotional.

    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • Impenetrable Defense

    Protection and aura sealing bath designed to keep you energetically clean and clear of any baneful energy.

    • Protection
  • Lasting Love

    Draw love into your life.

    • Love and Sex
  • Lux of Lakshmi

    For wealth, cheerfulness and high vibes

    • Prosperity
  • Millionaires Bath

    The bath of millionaires, energy infused to make you look, feel and smell like a million bucks and draw new opportunities into your life.

    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Oshun Beauty Bath

    Infuse your day with beauty, brilliance and bountifulness.

    • Get Pampered
  • Phoenix

    Bath in the luxurious and protective aroma of the phoenix and allow yourself to absorb the courage and bold moves that resonate with that energy.

    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • R$ch B$tch

    The bath blend that adds wealth and courage to your bath time and helps you soak in the energy needed to create life on your own terms.

    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Soul Cleanse

    Wash the stains of life away and infuse your soul with light energy. Reiki infused and primordially charged bath salts. A powerful experience!

    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • Soul Snatch

    The bath blend that will get you anything you want in bed over and over again. Brings you into a space of power with your lover.

    • Love and Sex
    • Spiritual Power
  • Sugar Daddy

    Blended with Sugar Daddy oil, this bath blend is created to bring beneficial sexual connections and relationships into your life.

    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
  • SunBlissed Bath

    Bring in the energy of the sun, charge up your energetic body, release toxins and lift your vibration instantly. Great for solar plexus and heart chakra work.

    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • solar energy
    • Sun energy
    • SunBlissed
  • Undeniable

    Soak in the energy and power in this dark arts blend that gives you that “I Will Not Be Denied” vibration! Very yummy!

    • Spiritual Power