Welcome to our 5th annual Magickal Mystic Expo 2024! We set sacred space for the rise of the divine within YOU. We call forth your genius, your grace, and your glory. 


You deserve to walk in your truest divine expression, and everything in your life up until now has been in service to this: YOUR BECOMING!


The MM Expo will feature dynamic spiritual motivators providing powerful training, tools, and products to enhance one’s journey. It is a genesis for like minds and hearts to discover and affirm the Divine Within. This is THE premier event of 2024. You don’t want to miss it!


Date:  Sunday, July 14, 2024

Time: 12pm – 5pm

Location: Smyrna Community Center
200 Village Green Cir SE | Smyrna, GA 30080

Ticket prices: $133 VIP,  $88 General, and $33 Virtual 


Emme Rain is a world-renowned teacher and trainer in the mystical arts. In addition, she is a metaphysician and coach who gives countless hours to her followers, mentees, and clients worldwide.


Emme, the author of the bestselling books SpiRitual Gangsta, The Key of Me Journal, Creating a Magickal Lifestyle Journal, The Money Magick Workbook, and Sexual Prowess Journal has a unique flavor that makes her a powerful inspiration and motivational factor in the lives of those who hear her. Her messages have touched tens of thousands, and the accolades keep pouring in because of her realness.

Emme is the founder of Divinity Academy, owner of Magickal Mystic, the TV personality of Moments of Mindfulness, and the head publisher at Lanico Media House. She has developed a natural skincare line as well as a fragrance line. She has created 13 unique coaching programs, and her work continues.

Reuben Shead is a loving husband and a father of 4 children. A motivational speaker sharing words of wisdom and encouragement, a psychic medium, a relationship coach, a men’s mentor, and an artist. 


He is the founder of Keys2Ascension, A Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Counselor. Reuben Shead is also the Founder of Red Nova Graphics and Business Partner/Owner of Lebleu Apothecary. His mission is to enlighten, educate and uplift others by sharing knowledge gained through his own experiences.

“I AM” … Tyrus T. Barnes ministered and pastored faithfully for over 20 years in the Pentecostal arena before having a shift in the consciousness of thought concerning divinity.  Thereby becoming the person who stands before you today, the creator of 1842 Consultations Inc.


One who not only embraces their true divine identity but one who is passionate about leading, coaching, and assisting others in embarking on their own journeys.  We were not born into sin, but DIVINE.

Neshama Alheem, The Self-Love Minister, is a Transformational & Empowerment coach who works with ambitious, high-achieving women to help them create their ideal lives and businesses by putting themselves, their goals, and their desires FIRST without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. 


She has been writing, speaking, and teaching for nearly two decades. She encourages audiences to treat their self-love journey as a personal spiritual practice, seeing themselves as Divine so they can unlock their true greatness. 


She believes that we can all create and manifest our ideal lives, but we need to commit to making choices that align with those goals – beginning with choosing self first.

Jay “Honors” English is the founder of Honors Yoga, an institution designed to facilitate the evolution of the human spirit in a way that is modern and accessible. Starting his journey in 1999, Jay now specializes in “Next Level Mysticism,” a cutting-edge approach to mainstream spiritual practices. 


Honors Yoga started as an online platform in 2014 and has expanded to offer a variety of spiritual retreats nationwide, one-on-one sessions, and certification programs. The inner technology of Honors Yoga gives people access to a life of greater joy, peace, love, and Bliss. Jay is best known for the Sacred Sexuality Retreat Tour, the Dark Room, Kundalini Energy Healing, Shamanic Dance, Shadow work, and the Yoga of Love.

Our entertainers this year will include:

Renard Walker affectionately known as "Nardo" is our returning emcee. He is the founder of Twemini Products where he crafts energetic tools for healing and spiritual growth.

His dynamic presence, high energy, and engaging tone will set the pace to ensure everyone is primed, entertained and connected to their "Divine Spark" within so that they are able to get the absolute most from this event!

Let the soulful sounds of Sanahara Ama Chandra ignite your spirit and guide you to the God/ess within

Mokah Soulfly (aka Waxing Moon) is a progressive, conscious songstress and hip-hop artist out of DFW (Dallas, Ft. Worth Metroplex) who has proven herself to be a formidable Emcee/Singer/Songwriter on the DFW Hip-Hop Music Scene.

With the soul-stirring yin-yang combo of her melodic voice and flow coupled with the other side of the coin that is her intelligent and conscious spitfire tone and brand of delivery, she proves not only to be a multi-talented vocalist but a formidable emcee respected in both female and male circles by fans and peers alike.

Come see Trinia Yvette, whose dance moves are the very essence of divine expression.

Natasha Wright, Ntim8 (Intimate), Named Ntim8 because, as a spoken word artist, her words take you through the raw emotions, thoughts, and felt journey of what it means to be genuinely engaged in that moment.

She is writing from her personal life and observed experiences, channeling messages and songs of energies passed. “I write to connect more deeply to the many selves that reside inside and outside me. Giving loud voice to the quiet whispers that lie within us all.”- Natasha/ Ntim8 (intimate)

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