• 3 Way Dragon Candle

    Summon, feed or invoke your dragon with this powerfully infused candle. Dragons are protectors and guides, filled with wisdom of the ages. Working with dragon energy is a great way to amp up your protections and your wisdom for life.

    • draconian
    • dragon
    • Dragon energy
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • 7 African Powers Candle

    7 African Powers are the protective force that guides in wisdom and guards with diligence. Powerful protective and summoning experience in this 100% soy wax candle.

    • 7 African Powers
    • Eshu
    • Ogun
    • Oshun
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
    • Yemaya
  • Abundance Candle

    Step into the energy of abundance in all areas of your life. Abundance is a blend of essential oils, herbs and crystals infused with the energy of Universal abundance. It is the candle of manifestation of options, more than enough and fullness. Pro Tip: Write a list of the areas you’d like increase in your life. Then add some specifics for each. Create a five candle grid with Abundance, Attraction, Fulfillment, Undeniable with the Manifestation candle in the middle. Let it burn until all candles burn out on their own.

    • healing
    • manifestation
    • Money
    • Prosperity
    • wealth
  • Accumulation Candle

    ACCUMULATION! Pull in wealth through multiple avenues. Real estate. Investments in stocks and bonds, mutual funds. Business. Inheritance. Winnings. Gifts. It’s time to call in what you desire and open the door wide to how you are willing to receive it! Accumulation pulls in assets, income and opportunities. It is the strongest pure wealth product yet, blended with a very specific focus and amplified to bring what you desire without restraints. Be wise about usage and keep yourself open to receive. Great for spells and rituals, as well as a meditative tool when doing guided money meditations.

    • abundance candle
    • Income
    • real estate
    • wealth candle
    • Wealth work
  • Accumulation Gold Candle

    Limited Edition! These Accumulation candles were ritually charged through a complete moon cycle for 28 days and energy soaked for 8 days. One of the most powerful candle creations yet, it is best used with specific numbers and aims in mind. These candles are phenomenal at breaking through glass ceilings and pulling in opportunities to raise your income considerably within a short period of time.

    • assets
    • Gold can money candle
    • limited edition

    Sold Out

  • Adore Me Candle

    Adore Me is the candle to bring love, support, understanding, and companionship that is enjoyable. Adore Me is the companion candle for Sugar Daddy or Lasting Love, amped up and infused with the energy of 7 divine essences. Set your intention to be shown kindness and love everywhere you go and light it up early. The longer the candle burns, the stronger the magick becomes. Attempt to sit with it at least 12 minutes before getting on with your day.

    • aromatherapy
    • candles
    • clean burn
    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
    • love spell
    • Pure soy
  • Affluence Candle

    This power infused candle is ritually charged to increase your power to produce and maintain wealth and enhance your ability to add assets to your portfolio. It is the ultimate in wealth, luxury, luck and privilege.

    • Affluence
    • assets
    • money candle
    • wealth
  • Age of Anu Candle

    Channel the energy, wisdom, secrets, protection and provision of the great sky king, Anu. Great for those who seek to understand Anunnaki energy and one of Earth’s many creation stories. Also a powerful experience of earth and air energy.

    • Anu
    • Anunnakian
    • Spiritual Power

    Sold Out

  • Aje Candle

    Goddess of wealth, economics and business. Very powerful entity to work with to establish wealth and growing economics in your life. She is a mainstay in my life and works well with my wealth team. She is also known to visit you during dream state to point you in prosperous directions. Sit with her 10-15 minutes per day as you burn her candles. Add her candles for continuous burn on your wealth or business altars. Pure soy wax and clean burning.

    • Aje
    • Orisha of Business
    • Spiritual Power
  • Ajna Chakra Candle

    Clear, open and strengthen your third eye and enhance your abilities.

    • Ajna chakra
    • chakra balancing
    • Chakra Care
    • healing
  • Akasha Candle

    Connect with your oversoul and go into your own Akashic records or use to get into the records of others you’re doing readings for. This blend helps create powerful mental connections and may also trigger knowledge quests that come in the form of daydreams or lucid dreams. Pair with the oil for an added kick!

    • Akashic records
    • divination
    • hall of records
    • Spiritual Power
    • Universal consciousness
  • All Is Fair Candle

    The energy of Astarte captured in her purest essence. She is the goddess of love. She is the goddess of war. She is a goddess of extremes and contrasting dynamics. She brings an intense power of protection, but also a fiery passion for life and love. She is hot, expansive, enlivening! Let this candle burn all the way through. Sit with it for the first 33 minutes in meditative style and allow Astarte’s energy to saturate you and your home, temple or office. Pull her in.

    • Astarte
    • goddess of love
    • goddess of war
  • Amaterasu Candle

    The fire and power, the glow up, and wisdom of Amaterasu, solar goddess of power and beauty. She brings an incredible energy boost into your life.

    • Amaterasu
    • candles
    • solar goddess
    • Spiritual Power
    • sun goddess
  • Ambition Candle

    Ambition is a blend of the elements, all lending their strength to create a powerful enchantment that elevates you from within. It builds inner strength and fortitude. It increases physical, mental and emotional energy. It is infused with clarity, direction, force and boldness. Ambition is the audacity to live your life on your own terms according to the power vested in you. It is your get up and get going magick.

    • Ambition
    • fortitude
    • soy wax
    • strength
  • Amplify Candle

    Amplify, the energy of stronger, faster, louder, longer, the magick and the results! Amplify is used to make you and your work stronger, to bring about faster results, to ensure the results last longer than they normally do. It’s also good for extending your meditations and empowering your divination, extending your time in out of body experiences and more. It is pure amplification magick. It will work on what you apply it to. Use this candle as an amplifier in your magick or to supercharge your energy from creativity to pure physical energy.

    • amplification
    • Amplify
    • stronger magick
  • Anat Candle

    Goddess of love and war, fertility and beauty, Anat was one of the most beloved goddesses amongst the ancients. Considered sister of Baal and by some the daughter of Rah or Ptah, Anat represented the complete cycle of life. The Anat candle is energetically infused with the summoned energy of the goddess, and intentioned for fertility, creativity, reproduction, beauty, love, enchantment, sex and strategic warfare. Further, the candles sit through the waxing moon cycle for strength and speed.

    • Anat
    • daughter of Rah
    • goddess of fertility
    • goddess of war
  • Ancestor Candle

    Ancestor offering and energizing candle.

    • ancestors
    • ancestral healing
    • Ancestral Veneration
  • Ancestral Warriors Candle

    The warriors of your bloodline receive a charge and are activated for protection and guidance. This is a whole VIBE in a candle and great for DNA work, activation and protection as well as channeling.

    • Ancestral Veneration
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Andras Candle

    Andras is the destroyer of enemies and opposition and a great protector to work with. Burn this candle over the names of those who have hurt and hindered you or over the thought processes you seek to destroy. It can be procrastination and addiction or it can be the abuser who physically harms and stalks you.

    • Andras
    • candles
    • destroyer
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Andromalius Candle

    He is great for helping the conjurer reclaim things lost, revealing the true intentions of those around you and helping you see the hidden treasures within yourself and your bloodline.

    • Andromalius
    • demon work
    • find what’s lost
    • Spiritual Power
  • Anunnaki Candle

    Connect with your starseed family or channel the energy, wisdom and favor of the ancient gods of Sumer and before.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Asmodeus Candle

    The king of Djinn, fulfilling desires and creating inspired lust that leads to great discoveries both within and without. He helps us balance our pleasures and teaches us to tap into them for added energy and power in our workings.

    • Asmodeus
    • demon of knowledge
    • Djinn
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth
  • Astaroth Candle

    Astaroth represents freedom from social norms and constraints, a freedom to take on more spiritual power and ascend. He is a freedom fighter and protector. He reverses dark magick sent toward you. Great lord of time and chaos magick, this energy can come through as male or female and helps to learn the mystical arts of time manipulation, chaos creation and destruction, hierarchy mastery and more. Very powerful energy to build an ongoing relationship with as a teacher and guide. There is a sexual element to his nature as well and he is often instrumental at unlocking repressed sexual energy, as well as helping to purge sexual sorrow and traumas. I worked with him to balance out the traumas of early sexual experiences. Give him some weeks but within a few short months, you’ll see a tremendous difference. And always practice fire safety.

    • Astaroth
    • dark lord
    • Demon
    • demon of freedom
    • Spiritual Power
  • Attraction Candle

    Attraction is a four way infused candle used to pull beneficial energies, good fortune, prosperity, good health and great relationships. This candle pairs well with manifestation as it is an amplifier of your manifesting energy. It is like a siren’s call to all that you desire in life. PLEASE SET AN INTENTION BEFORE BURNING! Write it down and place under the candle. For added energy, try doing an attraction ritual with 3 candles instead of one. 100% soy wax for a healthy burn.

    • Attraction
    • Love and Sex
    • magick
    • Prosperity
    • ritual candle
    • spell candle
  • Auset Candle

    Auset, the Kemetic deity often syncretized to Isis, is one of the oldest and purest versions of the divine feminine and represents the giver of life and guide through life and the afterlife. She is Creatrix and Protectress. She is a proponent for the evolution and elevation of humankind and is often said to be a teacher of arts, writing and agriculture. She is divine and she is royalty and is often honored as queen. Work with Auset to bring new life, expansion and wisdom into your life. Great also for those who want to learn magick, natural arts and other wise workings. She is a walker of veils and an initiator.

    • Auset
    • black goddess
    • goddess of magick
    • Kemet
    • kemetic goddess
  • Ayida Wedo Candle

    Ayida Wedo is the energy of creation and the embodiment of the divine feminine energy. She is a healer, a soul restorer, kundalini and Shakti energy initiator, an enchantress, a perfect blend of Fire and Water. She is considered the divine lover and mother. She is filled with wisdom and strategy. She’s stealthy in protection and vibrant in love. She is a representation of wealth as well. Even so, her biggest claim to fame and what sets her apart is she is a divine alchemist of the highest order, inner, outer and energy transformation as a whole is her wheel house.

    • Ayida Wedo
    • divine alchemist
    • goddess of fertility
    • goddess of love
    • water goddess
    • wife of Damballah
  • Azazel Candle

    Demon of creativity and ingenuity. Teaches weaponry, glamours and cosmetics. Grants power over oppressors. Considered the destroyer of false social structures, he is also a protector. Often considered the scapegoat demon, he has been worshipped since before the times of Jesus when people offered up goats and other animals for their sins to be forgiven and receive favor. Very powerful and a great ally to have in ascension and dark workings.

    • Azazel
    • conjure candle
    • demon candle
    • Spiritual Power
  • Baba Yaga Candle

    Baba Yaga is a guide into dark art practices, a master witch and a mover between realms. Are you ready for this adventure?

    • ancient ancestors
    • Baba Yaga
    • crone energy
    • Spiritual Power
    • witchcraft
  • Baby Bliss Candle

    Designed to relax your baby or toddler, this blend is strong enough to actually relax an entire room of people. Created in a peaceful environment with singing bowls and more, this is zen in candle form.

    • Baby
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Meditation
    • peace
    • zen
  • Baron Samedi Candle

    Baron Samedi is a powerful crossroads energy, necromancer and veilwalker who helps you tap into your ancestral lineage quickly and pull in the energies necessary to walk in the fullness of your identity.

    • Baron Samedi
    • crossroads
    • necromancy
    • vodou
  • Bastet Candle

    Bastet is the goddess of beauty, femininity, sexuality, fertility and power, a protector and guardian, and she is the keeper of sacred knowledge.

    • Bast
    • Bastet
    • goddess of beauty
    • goddess of fertility
    • Love
  • BD Energy Candle

    Boss Diva Energy, Big D**k Energy, the energy of taking charge of your life and making the raw material into what you choose. THIS is alchemy and the energy is palpable for days!!!

    • boldness
    • Boss energy
    • confidence
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Beautiful Candle

    Be beautiful. Do beautiful things. Have a beautiful experience. Beautiful is about complete satisfaction with your life and trust in your journey, so much so that you allow yourself to enjoy EACH part- rain, sleet, snow, sun, light or darkness… each part! Beautiful shifts your mood, increases your creativity, amplifies your pleasure, releases guilt, releases shame, removes unnecessary weight off your shoulders. It’s a beautiful life and that’s your truth!

    • Be Do Have
    • Beautiful
    • manifestation
  • Better Business Candle

    Get your business moving in the right direction. Blended to increase client base and client retention, boost sales and grow your business, this candle is a necessity for weekly work while you build your business.

    • business builder
    • Business candle
    • Clarity and Direction
    • Prosperity
  • Black Gold Candle

    Black Gold is magick that amplifies the gift of your melanin and brings forth the ingenuity, the wisdom, the knowledge, the prowess, the protection and the guidance of your entire bloodline, and it brings in spiritual reparations. Command all that is due to the bloodline, all that is due to you. For all the jobs where you were overworked, underpaid and undervalued, and for all the times it happened to those in your bloodline, this product line is created to pull the just payments through in real time. Blended especially for African Americans, but this blend can be used by any culture, any person who has been mistreated or misused, who has ancestors who have been misused. But, THIS IS A CELEBRATION OF BLACK EXCELLENCE!!!

    • Black Excellence
    • Black Gold
    • melanin
    • wealth candle
  • Blood In The Water Candle

    The premier protection combo that helps you tap into high level defense against baneful magick. Great for capitalizing on the weakness of those who come against you. This candle is a fiery and quick interpretation of the magick and works well to harness the essence of the opposition, to transmute and to feed you. Great as a meditative aid, but created for ritual and spells.

    • dark energy
    • offensive protection
    • Protection
  • Bloodline Cleanse Candle

    Clear your bloodline of binds, hexes, bad juju of any type, and disconnect from illnesses that run through the family. Great for clearing generational debt and can be paired with Soul Cleanse and Healing Arts for a transformative experience.

    • ancestors
    • Bloodline
    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • Brahma Candle

    The great wise sage and creator spirit of Brahma, he who elevates your frequency and amplifies your own creative potential. This candle is infused with his energy and charged through sigil for manifestation, healing and elevation.

    • Brahma
    • healing
    • Sage
    • wisdom
  • Brigid Candle

    Brigid, goddess of the wells, of fertility and of love, powerful protector, a face of triple goddess energy and a healer. She brings the dawn of success into your life when working with her. She comes on slowly but brings waves and waves of blessings. She has been honored by poets, writers, singers, healers and lovers. Her hand is always filled with bountifulness for those she’s in a relationship with.

    • Brigid
    • goddess
    • Love
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
  • Bune Candle

    This old god is a powerful ally in bringing your life together and coming into power, even prestige.

    • Bune
    • Clarity and Direction
    • demon magick
    • prestige
    • Spiritual Power
  • Caress Candle

    The smell and vibration of love, comfort, support in a clean burning candle. Great for love work or as a meditative companion.

    • come to me spells
    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
    • Love magick
  • Cease and Desist Candle

    Stop all baneful magick, jealousy, energetic vamping in its tracks. This candle is a premium protection candle created to purge hexes, curses, binds, crossings and more.

    • baneful magick
    • Cease and Desist
    • Protection
    • protection candle
  • Centering Candle

    Staying centered helps you stay aligned and in your strength. Centering helps to combat disorder and dysfunctions in your life. This candle is a meditative tool and great also for healing work.

    • balance energy
    • Centering
    • healing
    • Meditation
    • trance
  • Chakra Alignment Candle

    Keep your energetic body in alignment with a healthy, balanced flow, which helps you stay healthier, happier, more positive and increases your ability to manifest what you truly desire. This candle has already been ritually charged. Sit with it for at least 5 minutes when you first light it to absorb the energy of the burn.

    • Ascension
    • Chakra Care
    • Chakras
    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • Chosen Candle

    The energy of an elevated frequency which draws favor, increases influence, and creates an umbrella of flowing and abundant opportunities!

    • be spoiled
    • Chosen
    • divine favor
    • favor
    • vibration magick
    • wealth
  • Clauneck Candle

    King Clauneck, the demon of wisdom and wealth, a guide to a good life. He speaks a lot during twilight hours and daydreams/trance state, showing you areas where you are losing wealth and power in your life. Add your desired life under his candle and let burn until it goes out on its own. Be sure to practice fire safety.

    • Clauneck
    • demon of wealth
    • money magick
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Clientele Candle

    • business builder
    • Business candle
    • Clientele
    • clients
    • customers
  • Concordia Candle

    Concordia is the goddess of agreement and concord. She’s powerful for alignment work, gaining support and momentum as well as inheritance work. Working with Concordia is about creating a sacred space and/or time that lends to flow. She’s easy to call forth but also easy to offend. Concordia requires patience, time and attention. She often speaks through dreams and colors.

    • agreement
    • Concordia
    • goddess of harmony
    • Harmonia
    • harmony
    • ritual candle
  • Conjure of Paimon Candle

    The conjurer supreme, great lord, powerful protector and guide into your power.

    • blessed candle
    • conjure
    • Paimon
    • Spiritual Power
  • Cosmic Union Candle

    Cosmic Union is a soy wax, essential oil blended candle infused with loving and supportive energy to help secure beneficial, reciprocal relationships for the user.

    • Cosmic union
    • Love and Sex
    • Relationships
    • soul mates
    • twin flames
  • Counsel of Dantalion Candle

    The wise and dutiful counselor and advisor to the mystic and seekers. I suggest working with him for a minimum of 60 days, spending at least 22 minutes a day with him. The benefits can be the foundation of everything you desire.

    • Dantalion
    • Demon
    • demon of wisdom
    • Spiritual Power
  • Crow Magick Candle

    Tap into the energy and magick of crows and use in rituals for restoration, channeling, veilwalking, protection and more.

    • channeling
    • Crows
    • divination
    • life restoration
    • necromancy
  • Crown Clearing Candle

    Clear the crown chakra of clutter and stagnant energy so there is more clarity in connecting with your higher self. Also great for assisting with channeling and energy infusions for healing and direction.

    • crown chakra
    • divine chakra
    • Sahasrara
    • Universal consciousness
  • Damballah Candle

    Connect with the energy of this great and wise deity who offers protection, helps with infusing energy and rebuilding internal fractures of the soul, as well as tapping into the restorative powers of sexuality and the orgasm.

    • Damballah
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Spiritual Power
  • Dark Arts Candle

    Dark Arts is about using the energy of the primordial in your occult, ritualistic or Magickal workings. Dark Arts is soaked in dark energy and can be used for both creation and destruction and anything in between. These candles generally take 3 weeks to charge. These are limited edition or made upon request.

    • candles
    • Dark Arts
    • dark matter
    • primordial energy
    • soy wax
  • Dark Matter Candle

    The primordial energy candle creation that is going to be one of your favorite ways to channel and work with primordial energy of creation. One of the strongest Magickal Mystic blends yet, this is a primordial creation candle made for master manifestors. It helps you channel primordial energy into your desired manifestations and speeds the process. Very aggressive and fast moving so handle with care. This candle can also be used to call forth primordial cloaking, healing and protection. Pro Tip: If doing a multi candle ritual or spell, put this candle at the top or in the middle to supercharge all other elements of the ritual or spell.

    • dark matter
    • materia prima
    • primordial energy
    • primordial manifestation
  • Dark Mother Candle

    The energy of the primordial mother and love that restores and creates. This is a great candle to use during shadow work, for self love rituals, and to tap into your ancestry or the primordial.

    • candles
    • dark energy
    • Dark Mother
    • primordial energy
    • Shadow work
    • soy wax
    • Spiritual Power
  • Debt Cancellation Candle

    Created to cancel the energy of debt in your life while bringing in resources to shift your current relationship with money, material things and bills.

    • credit repair
    • Debt removal
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
  • Demonic Kings Candle

    Created with the energy of dark rulers, this candle is great for both defensive and offensive protection and is also a powerful companion for those who are doing shadow work to balance their dark energy.

    • chaos magick
    • demon magick
    • demonic kings
    • demons
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Desirable Candle

    Desirable is the magick of attraction, attention, passion and pleasure wrapped in beneficial and loving energy. It is a powerful enchantment set with sigils and sex magick. Wonderful as an amplifier for your love, sex or attraction rituals and spells.

  • Devastation Candle

    Blended to level your enemy and bring absolute chaos into their lives. DEVASTATION, the complete and utter end to spiritual mess and magickal drama. It is the ultimate weapon against those who throw energy and hide their hands. Blended to reach through the puppets and grab the originator of baneful energy, the candle works swiftly to destroy, demolish and desecrate. It is sinister magick in a can. For best results, use with the oil! Also pairs well with F#ck How it Turns Out, Wealth of the Wicked and Cease and Desist.

    • baneful magick
    • chaos magick
    • Devastation
    • Protection
  • Divination Candle

    Thoroughly charged and blessed to assist in your divinations and to add energy to your third eye, this candle is an EXPERIENCE!

    • divination
    • divine
    • divining
    • readers
    • seer
    • Spiritual Power
  • Divine Surplus Candle

    Divine Surplus, the energy of plentitude and overflow, is a four way infused candle used to create the energy of overflow and surplus in your life. Great for money, but can also be used for time and energy. True surplus is about graceful abundance and freedom. This enchanted candle embodies grace and freedom with the opulence.

    • Divine Surplus
    • overflow
    • plentitude
    • prosperity candle
    • wealth candle
  • Djinn Candle

    Blended to assist with summoning, working with and channeling with Djinn, those who are primordial guides and protectors The Djinn are primordial beings who live in the infernal realm. They are wise guides, protectors and masters at creation and manifestation. Summoning Djinn requires a lot of consistency and power if you are not of that spiritual lineage, but once you are connected to a Djinn, they are your companions and speak continually to your heart, encouraging your personal power. Pro Tip: Burn the candles all the way through though sometimes when using it to summon, a strong flame may rise and then the candle go out because the presence of Djinn has risen in the room. Work with Djinn at night, during twilight or dawn for best results.

    • abyss
    • Djinn
    • primordial deities
    • Spiritual Power
    • wish granters
  • Dominate Candle

    Do you want the upper hand in the situations you’ve faced? Is there a particular circumstance in which you want to take dominance? This candle is for you and it is POWERFUL! We have limited supplies as they take a while to charge. Sit with it once you light it and see yourself absorbing the energy and power within the candle. THIS candle is for you or it can be added to any ritual to help you amplify the power of it in your favor.

    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Draconian Candle

    Channel the energy of the Draco star system and align with the energy of protective draconian race including majestic dragons. This is a starseed call.

    • Draco
    • draconian
    • star system
    • warrior race
  • DreamBreaker Candle

    Break the dreams and power of those who have plotted or cast bad energy against you and pull their momentum into your favor as repayment for the things they have done to or against you.

    • banish
    • bind
    • curse
    • DreamBreakers
    • dreams
    • hex
  • DreamWalker Candle

    DreamWalker candle was created to access the dreamscape and explore dream magick. In dreamscape, there are possibilities that do not exist in the denser world of our reality. Through dreamscape, you can shift your energy and have experiences that change your life. You can walk dreams, interpret them, and stay protected. Great for divination, dream walking, dream infusions, protection work, and remote viewing. The candle experience makes for swifter connection and fiery protection.

    • dream interpretation
    • dream walking
    • Dreamscape
    • lucid dreams
  • Druid Candle

    Druid energy is about tapping into and harnessing the energy of nature, in which there is a special affinity toward trees. This energy is great for healing, restoration, wisdom, guidance and also for abundance.

    • Druid
    • druidism
    • Druidry
    • nature magick
    • tree magick
  • Easy Street Candle

    Create ease and peaceful flow in your life by aligning and agreeing with what you desire and releasing the areas where you resist or deny. Easy Street is meant to enhance and create a path without resistance in your body, emotions, finances and relationships. It is created to compound the power of energy with continued use. Before lighting your candle, be sure you direct the ease where you want it to go- love life, work life, home life, finances, etc. Write it down and place under the candle. Pairs well with Open Roads, Expansive, Chosen, Manifestation

    • Abundance
    • healing
    • Love
    • Money
  • EMerge Candle

    Great for manifesting and for evolution and ascension, this candle has the energy of the ALL. Blended to create the new life you desire. It also has a primordial cloak to protect your rise.

    • Ascension
    • Protection
    • spiritual development
    • Spiritual Power
  • Emmebodiment Candle

    The Magick of Everything in fire form with a very palpable vibration. Emmebodiment is the energy of BEING what you desire and attracting more of it into your everyday reality vibrationally. It’s an easier way to manifest and maintain.

    • divine energy
    • Emmebodiment
    • Oversoul
    • purpose
  • EmmeBossed Candle

    EmmeBossed, the fragrance, was an undeniable hit and the customers wanted the soy candle experience. WE DELIVERED! This candle was created to bring the vibration of opulence into your life and keep it there. It is an Emme Rain signature fragrance and energy experience in candle form. Limited Time Offer! Burn with the intention to absorb and seal wealth as your personal vibration.

    • boldness
    • courage
    • EmmeBossed
    • ritual candle
    • spell candle
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth candle
  • Enchantment Candle

    Be enchanting and alluring, get what you want. Enchantment is blended and infused with powerful enchantments that can be used in your professional life and love life. It is the energy of getting what you want on your own terms. Set a clear intention and write down your intended outcome. Place under the candle as it burns. Sit with it for at least 15 minutes to soak in the vibration of the enchantments.

    • Enchantments
    • Get Pampered
    • glamours
    • Spiritual Power
  • Enki Candle

    The Anunnaki God who brings wisdom and protection, carries the energy of the uncle who spoils you and looks after you. Great for abundance, wisdom and protection.

    • Anunnaki
    • Enki
    • Spiritual Power
    • Sumerian god
  • Exalted Candle

    Lifted and supported in this life and from those beyond it!

    • Enchantments
    • Exalted
    • glamours
    • lifted
    • supported
  • Expansive Candle

    Pure powerful prana and the expansive effect of breathing in alignment with the Universe captured in candle form! Expansive is the magick of Jupiter and the expansive nature of the Universe. It is blended with essences and infused with magick to help expand your breath and energy. This blend expands your mental energy and creativity. It expands your physical and emotional energy. It is great for healing and emotional wellness, sexuality and manifestation of abundance. Great to enhance and power enchantments. For best use, after lighting, sit with the candle and allow your breathing to align with the magick and witness the shift in how you are breathing and how you feel. Write down areas where expansive energy are needed and place under the candle before lighting if you are using it in spell work. If using in ritual, simply release the energy in alignment with your ritual.

    • expansive
    • Jupiter
    • prana
    • premium candles
  • F#ck How It Turns Out Candle

    This candle is created to recall wasted energy on those who misused, abused or turned into enemies and to also send a strong hand of consequence into their lives. Write the name(s) down and place under the candle and keep your work burning.

    • baneful energy
    • candles
    • FHITO
    • Protection
  • Familiar Candle

    Call, bond and strengthen your familiar.

  • Family Restoration Candle

    The magick and energy of bonding and mutual love and respect amid family. Great for healing rifts and differences amongst living family members and helping couples work out relationship difficulties.

    • family ritual
    • family spell
    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • Fast Money Candle

    Get through financial strain by using this candle to call forth quick money to handle pressing matters.

    • candles
    • Fast Money
    • magick
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
  • FemiVinity Candle

    Heal and energize your lower three chakras, aligning them with your heart space, awakening and strengthening your divine feminine energy.

    • Chakra Care
    • feminine energy
    • sacral chakra
  • Flauros Candle

    A great teacher and trainer in the arts, mysticism and other occult knowledge. This candle is great for meditation, summoning or channeling, or as an offering.

    • demon candle
    • Flauros
    • soy candle
    • Spiritual Power
  • Fortuna Candle

    Goddess of fortune, luck and wealth. She is the bringer of opportunities!

    • Fortuna
    • goddess of chance
    • goddess of fortune
    • goddess of wealth
    • Lady Luck
  • Frequency Candle

    Frequency candle is like a frequency doctor. This magick was created to help give you a boost and shortcut as it pertains to fixing your vibration so that you draw the best things and experiences into your life. This blend can fix, alter or amplify your frequency and the results are tangible within a few short days of use. You can also use it to cloak your frequency when doing work. Thus it is great for manifestation, healing and protection. Great to burn as part of any ritual, or as part of your meditative experience. Amazing tool to add to your healing rituals and spells and overall, it is a good candle to keep burning in your home. Made from soy wax so it is safe to burn often.

    • Frequency fix
    • law of attraction
    • Vibration
  • Fresh Out Candle

    YOU are fresh out of chances for those who abuse you, fresh out of understanding how they could hurt you over and over, fresh out of trying to no avail. This is a celebration of endings.

    • Endings
    • New beginnings
  • Fresh Start Candle

    New beginnings and restarts are opportunities to use what you have learned to create amazing outcomes for yourself and your family. The magick in this blend is infused with the energy of Spring, the energy of the divine mothers, with the energy of Creators and aligned to help you start again and be SUCCESSFUL this time.

    • New beginnings
    • Prosperity
    • refresh
    • reset
    • restart
  • Fresh Take Candle

    Rewrite the narrative of your life, changing the energy of your life. Fresh Take is a new way to look at your circumstances, experiences and the raw material in your life. It is mindset work that prepares you for success in every area of your life and helps you get over your past more completely. Everything is working together for your good!

    • manifestation
    • mindset shifts
    • Rewrite the narrative
  • Fulfillment Candle

    Be fulfilled in life by doing the self love work that you so richly deserve. This candle is infused with abundance of love, truth, acceptance, beauty and passion. In all areas, this calls for fullness.

    • fulfillment
    • happiness
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • self healing
    • Self love
  • Full Harvest Candle

    The energy of harvest captured at full height in candle form, created to bring in the fruit of your labors and compensation for the life you live. It is a candle that brings abundance AND rest.

    • Abundance
    • harvest
    • harvest season
    • law of attraction
  • Furies Candle

    Furies are perfect for social justice, personal justice and family protection work. They are also amazing at teaching body technology hacks to help you align more perfectly to what your truth is. They destroy the facades and shred lies allowing nothing but truth to shine forth. In that way, they are ultimately a joy to work with. Take at least 2 months of working with them and allowing yourself to adjust to their energy and approach. If you set up an altar, you can use red jasper and black obsidian stones, mahogany obsidian is also amazing. They love red and dark wines, dark berries and they appreciate mirrors. They are actually quite beautiful, so beautiful in fact, that you can feel the energy of beauty when they approach in a calm fashion.

    • daughters of justice
    • Erinyes
    • Furies
    • primordial punishers
  • Ganesha Candle

    Ganesha is the god of beginnings, an obstacle destroyer and road opener. He is highly venerated for his power and wisdom. He is honored by business owners and intellectuals alike because he helps to create and maintain an amazing life. He keeps life sweet. He grants wisdom and knowledge and gently removes inner blockages as well as the outer ones. A warrior, a father, a big brother, a lover, a friend… he is every god. Set intention to work with him at least 33 days in a row if you want to experience the fullness of who he is.

    • elephant god
    • Ganapati
    • Ganesh
    • Ganesha
    • god of beginnings
    • obstacle destroyer
  • Generational Wealth Candle

    Blended and blessed with ancestral energy and charged to bring forth wealth due to you AND your entire bloodline.

    • ancestors
    • ancestral wealth
    • Prosperity
  • Get Money Candle

    Energy infused candle blended with money drawing oils and dressed with money producing herbs and crystals. Sure to shift the frequency of your life and open doors of opportunity to increase your income and overall net worth, this is one of our bestselling candles with thousands of testimonies across social media.

    • candles
    • Money
    • Prosperity
    • soy wax
    • wealth
  • Get Over It Candle

    Energy infused candle used to help you get over past hurts and frustrations, disappointments and breakups or grief of any kind. It has a boost of joy and energy with a lot of clearing and cleansing elements. Powerful meditative experience. Light with intention and spend a little time with the candle as it burns. If you have left over wax, put it in your wax warmer. The magick continues.

    • Clarity and Direction
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Protection
    • soy wax
  • Glamour Me Candle

    Glamour Me has been used for years to help shift the appearance and vibration of someone in order to draw more favorable responses from others, to foster friendships, love, support and new business. Sit with your candle and close your eyes. Envision yourself as beautiful inside and out, as loved, supported and highly sought after. If you plan to use to enchant your business, a personal spell I use is 3 Enchantment candles, 3 Glamour Me candles and 1 Better Business candle. I put them in a circle with my business card in the middle and the Better Business candle on top of the card or the written name of my business on a piece of paper. LIMITED EDITION

    • enchantment
    • Get Pampered
    • glamour
    • Spiritual Power
  • Goddess Candle

    Goddess energy infused and luscious goodness. You will want to keep this burning in your home to keep your vibrations high and your desires met.

    • beauty
    • Candle
    • goddess
    • Spiritual Power
  • Grace of the Ancients Candle

    Pull in the power, wisdom, love and favor of the ancestral ancients and those who stand in a position of authority over this realm. Great for enhancing ancestor work, clearing blockages and gaining clarity about your path.

    • Ancestral Veneration
    • Clarity and Direction
  • Grace of Yemaya Candle

    Indulge in the grace, wisdom and favor of Yemaya with this pure soy wax, clean burning energy infused candle, charged to evoke and honor her. This candle can be used for summoning, as an offering and also for channeling. Set your intention and light your wick.

    • offering
    • Orisha
    • soy wax
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
  • Healing Arts Candle

    Healing candle, blessed, dressed and infused with the energy of AA Raphael, Obatala, Gula, Guan Yin and Isis.

    • healers
    • healing
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Healing Arts
    • wellness
  • Heart Chakra Candle

    The chakra care products are infused through a series of healing modalities to assist with aligning and fortifying the chakras. This heart chakra candle is infused to shift the heart chakra within the first use. This is designed to be a meditative or energy shifting tool so sit with it at least 11 minutes after lighting and spend time with it throughout the day. Also works to heal the energy of a home and great when paired with Law of Love, Family Restoration and Fulfillment.

    • chakra candle
    • Chakras
    • heart chakra
  • Hecate Candle

    The goddess of crossroads, the great initiator, the holder of the keys and one who walks the realms. These Hecate candles are created and infused with the energy and power of the goddess who holds the keys of initiation, one who walks the realms and holds truth and strategy. She is the goddess of the crossroads and great to work with throughout your spiritual journey, but especially during times when wise moves are vital. She’s a protectress and teacher as well.

    • goddess of the crossroads
    • Hecate
    • Hekate
    • soy wax candle
  • Hide Me Candle

    Hide Me, the sealing, cloaking, protective powerhouse of an oil has now become a candle experience. Hide Me is a great protective force, powerful for hiding your business ideas, and other aspects that you want to keep cloaked. Hide Me has also been charged to bring a painful experience to those who seek to banefully connect to you. Soy wax, crushed crystal and more enhance the power of this candle!

    • cloaking
    • Protection
    • protection candle
    • ritual candle
    • spell candle
    • Spiritual Power
  • Horus Candle

    Horus, the great Heru, is the sky god of war, the god of the morning star, the god of restoration. He is one of few gods connected with both the sun and moon, to represent the fullness of life. He is a dynamic protector but also great when learning or expanding your magick. Use this candle for summoning, offering, to channel or as the centerpiece of physical healing rituals. Great for solar and lunar rituals as well.

    • healing
    • Heru
    • Horus
    • nobility
    • sky god
  • Impenetrable Defense Candle

    Create a strong aura and a force field of protection both at home and at work.

    • aura sealing
    • defense
    • Impenetrable Defense
    • Protection
    • protection candle
  • In Focus Candle

    Clarity. Direction. Commitment. In focus is blended through 4 processes to assist with bringing your goals, your desires and your direction into focus. It is great for clearing mental chatter and clutter and helping you to focus on what’s important, especially in difficult times. It is great for assisting with visualization of your desired manifestations. It’s phenomenal at assisting with releasing doubt and disappointment. It works on your energy but also on your mind to bring them into agreement. Great for improving your ability to commit to yourself. In Focus partners well with Mental Clarity, Fulfillment and Manifestation oils and candles.

    • clarity
    • focus
    • Mental focus
    • visualizations
  • Inanna Candle

    Queen of Heaven, goddess of love and strategist in war.

    • Inanna
    • queen of heaven
  • Infernal Candle

    Infernal, the fire of the soul. The energy of the infernal realm is captured in this product. Created as a soul and vitality restoring blend, Infernal helps you tap into deeper secrets both within yourself and the Universe as a whole. The first flames of life raged here and any flame can be rekindled. Use Infernal candle as a ritual centerpiece, or as a divination tool to get deeper into your origins, to see soul truth and to heal any damage to your soul. It may also be used to tap into infernal magick for protection, life-lengthening work, for cosmic workings and to tap into triune magick (primordial-infernal-universal).

    • blessed candles
    • Infernal realm
    • realm of fire
    • soul realm
  • Influential Candle

    Influence is the ability to impact the thoughts, emotions, behaviors and characters of others. To be influential is to have a part of someone else’s development. The influencer is a leader, guiding those who seek direction in life. Influential is intricate weaver magick that helps you craft a life of power for yourself, and those who follow you. It protects you in your place of power as well so that no one can take you down unless you allow it. Influential is YOU walking IN your power and helping others do the same in whatever way you rock at! It is wealth energy weaved together with enchantments and glamours, weaved together with protection and baneful energy rebound, weaved together with ascension, weaved together with primordial knots and blessed by Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Venus energy. UNBREAKABLE MAGICK. Only you can undo what you build with this. Always practice fire safety, but this is a candle that works best when it does not have to be snuffed. Let the magick rip!

    • Influence
    • influencer
    • leaders
    • mentors
    • success candle
  • Inheritance Candle

    Tap your ancestral lineage to create abundance in your now reality. Protect the abundance you are creating both now and in the future. This magick works in both directions, creating a new financial and intellectual paradigm for your family, and surrounds it with amplified protection. This is called ancestral wealth accumulation magick and it is powerful. Work with this blend consistently and add it to all your wealth, money and spiritual power workings. You should begin to feel the accumulation of energy from those before and those who will come after.

    • ancestral magick
    • money candles
    • wealth accumulation
    Sale! Original price was: $33.00.Current price is: $15.00.C-210
  • Intuition Candle

    Intuition is blended for 4 distinct purposes but the uses don’t stop there. Created to help you learn the vibration of true intuition, it protects from the projections of others, your inner fears and biases, prior experiences and deceptions. This candle is used to assist you with getting attuned within to receive divine messages and guidance and to hear more clearly from your oversoul and spiritual team. It heightens your reception of frequency and assists with gaining understanding of the things you receive.

    • Ajna chakra
    • Intuition
    • mental clarity
    • third eye
  • Intuitive 5 Candles

    5 personally selected candles for each person who orders at a discounted price!

    • Emme Rain chosen
    • Intuitive candle bundle
  • Isis Candle

    Queen of mystics and a goddess who shifts everything about your life, Isis is considered a mother of divinity.

  • Just Desserts Candle

    Charged to bring you what you deserve but can also be used to send the hand of karma against your adversaries.

    • Get Pampered
    • Spiritual Power
  • Kali Ma Candle

    While most work with Kali for protection or wisdom from the darker realms, she is also a time goddess and helps you learn and wield time magick. Mantra: Om Kring Kalikaye Namo Namaha

    • dark mother goddess
    • goddess of death
    • goddess of time
    • Kali Ma
    • Kalika
    • Mahakali
  • Key of Me Candle

    The self love, self honor, self elevating energy of Key of Me has been called a Cosmic Kiss by those who use it daily.

    • Ascension
    • Individuality
    • self honor
    • Self love
  • Kinetic Candle

    Kinetic energy is the energy generated by motion and friction. This energy can be used to manifest, expand, and to rejuvenate. Kinetic energy is plentiful and easy to harness into agreement with your spiritual work. Use this candle in rituals to increase the power and speed of your spell or ritual. Use it as a meditative companion, or in your personal work to rejuvenate and replenish your energetic stores within.

    • energy stores
    • Kinetic
    • Kinetic energy
    • ritual amplifier
  • King Bael Candle

    King Bael is a misunderstood energy. An olden one, he is the energy to teach you and guide you, filled with wisdom and power across all planes of physical and nonphysical existence, he is the energy to help elevate you into your own divinity and reign. King Bael is an initiator and he is known to help you discover secrets of your own origins and show you how to hold your spiritual positions of authority!

    • Candle
    • demons
    • guidance
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • King Balam Candle

    Balam is a king and keeper of dark arts. He is a master of time and helps his students learn the art of time manipulation. Balam is known to give answers perfected to the hearer, but also teaches those who work with him how to hear across languages and even Universal frequencies.

    • candles
    • demons
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • King Belial Candle

    Belial, often made synonymous with Satan, is the energy of spiritual and physical freedoms. He calls forth maturity and teaches consequences as the first consideration of thought, words and deeds, but does not violate free will. He is the literal embodiment of cause and effect and the personification of freedom wielded in wisdom.

    • candles
    • demons
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • King Tut Candle

    The King Tut candle was created to help you tap into your personal spiritual history and pull in the wealth of knowledge, power and abundance that lies in reclaiming all of yourself. Most importantly, this blend helps you to activate divine power within yourself, waking up the energy of the divine aspects within you as well as amplifying any divine missions you may have been born to.

    • Amun-Ra
    • King Tut
    • spiritual authority
    • Tutankhamun
    • wealth candle
  • Kubera Candle

    Working with Kubera is a commitment to elevation that involves more than money and riches. Kubera calls his students higher, helping them to embrace divinity as a reality. But his nature is one of abundance and opulence. He balances the spiritual and natural in a harmonious way in your life. He guides toward lasting wealth and shows how to implement long term wealth producers in your life.

    • Candle
    • god of wealth
    • Kubera
    • prosperity candle
    • soy candle
  • Lady of Death Candle

    This Santa Muerte inspired blend was created to help put non beneficial things to death in your life. It is a transmutation blend so that you can pull energy and life out of things that do not serve and put it into the things that do serve you. It is also helpful for those who work with death and transitions. This is a dark arts energy candle created for necromancy in all of its forms.

  • Laima Candle

    Laima, Goddess of Fate and Good Fortune. This candle is infused with her energy. It's great for summoning or feeding her energy, a powerful meditative companion. Also great for adding good energy throughout your house.

    • goddess of fate
    • good fortune
    • Laima
    • Spiritual Power
  • Lasting Love Candle

    Infused with the energy of self love and adoration as well as the energy to draw love into your life.

    • Love
    • Love and Sex
    • Relationships
    • romance
    • Self love
  • Law of Love Candle

    Law of Love candle is ritually infused and charged to shift the vibration of everything around it.

    • Love
    • ritual candle
    • vibration of love
  • Legacy Candle

    This is a powerful movement in candle form. This candle was created under the combined energy of Jupiter and Saturn and infused by families of energy to bring you back to who you really are, what you’re capable of, and to help you continually access your spiritual heritage. Set an intention to work with this candle for a full 30 days. Burn during meditation, any life or business planning, during readings, bath time and while sleeping. Great weekly addition to your self love work and altar space.

  • Lilith Candle

    Lilith, goddess of divine feminine balance, power and freedom, is one of the most powerful forces currently active and assisting with ascension. Very powerful ally to have.

    • first woman
    • hand of Inanna
    • Lilith
    • rise of the divine feminine
  • Lucid Candle

    Awaken to the glorious mystery of yourself. The cosmos are inside you and this candle helps to draw it out in a beautiful way!

    • mental energy
    • Self awareness
    • spiritual awakening
  • Lucifer Candle

    Blended to assist with communion with the angel of sound and light, helpful during channeling and automatic writing. This candle is great for bringing clarity to matters as you study or seek deeper knowledge. He is the enlightening component to ascension and evolution.

    • angel of enlightenment
    • Lucifer
    • Spiritual Power
  • Lunar Whispers Candle

    The energy of the moon is infused into this candle to bring you an emotionally balanced and healing experience. Lunar energy is also great for infusing extra energy into your chakras and into your ritual work.

    • Chakra Care
    • emotional healing
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • lunar magic
    • moon candle
    • Moon magic
  • Lux of Lakshmi Candle

    Lux of Lakshmi is about calling for the spiritual and physical wealth you’ve longed for, happiness and abundance of mind, body and soul.

    • Ascension
    • beauty
    • Get Pampered
    • Lakshmi
    • Prosperity
    • Sri Lakshmi
    • wealth
  • Luxurious Candle

    Gold encrusted power candle infused to bring the luxuries of life into your reality.

    • Get Pampered
    • lavish living
    • Luxurious
    • Prosperity
    • Protection
  • Ma’at Candle

    Formulated specifically to assist with justice, legal situations and redemption, this is a limited edition! Ma’at is the goddess of justice, truth and order, as well as the bringer of redemption and restoration. These particular candles were created under invocation and are limited edition. Use as a part of ritual or spell for truth to be revealed, for justice or for redemption and restoration. Great when burned along with Reveal All, Dominate and Self Mastery or when those oils are added. It creates a 4 part fortification. If you’re facing court cases, add the Court Case oil to assist.

    • goddess of justice
    • legal help
    • Ma’at
    • redemption
  • Magnetic Candle

    Magnetic as a candle is an experience in the art of calling forth and possessing! I know you’re tired of working for every good thing that comes your way. Attraction is the answer and no other product on the market holds more power of Universal pull than Magnetic! Created to amplify your ability to call what you most desire, the Magnetic candle was created over a wealth sigil and ritually charged as was all the Magnetic products. This candle should be used for all your manifestation, wealth, law of attraction, healing and life-elevating work.

    • Attraction
    • law of attraction
    • Universal attraction
  • Maia Candle

    Great Goddess who carries all aspects within herself. She is great for inner freedom, fulfillment, wealth and abundance, as well as healing. She is the embodiment of healing sound and nourishing energy.

    • goddess Maia
    • healer
    • Maia
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Majesty Candle

    Majesty is the energy of divine and royal privilege. It shifts your aura, and should be used in your spells and rituals to add divine power and royal decree force. It’s created to get things moving in the right direction for you RIGHT NOW. When you’re sure of what you want and who you want to be, then you’re ready for Majesty!

    • divine power
    • Majesty
    • royal decree
    • royal privilege
  • Mami Wata Candle

    Call forth the favor and wisdom of Mami Wata, the goddess of love, devotion, good fortune and health.

    • La Sirene
    • Mami Wata
    • Mammy Water
  • Mammon Candle

    Mammon, Dark Lord of Riches is officially a power infused candle and ready to use. Fully infused to bring riches into your life, simply sit with this candle an absorb the energy of opulence. Listen for guidance and instructions that may come forth.

    • Mammon
    • money candles
    • money embodied
    • riches
  • Manat Candle

    Manat is the goddess of destiny. She is the mistress of time, purveyor of dark arts and holder of ancient spiritual artifacts. She is also the goddess of death, one who sits in the void. This goddess is embodied primordial wisdom who guides toward rebirth and mastery, as well as protection.

    • goddess of death
    • goddess of time
    • Manat
  • Manifestation Candle

    Your partner in creation, this candle is infused with energy to create your ideal life. It is the energy of agreement, of creativity and of authority. One of the most powerful tools you can add to your ritual work.

    • law of attraction
    • manifestation
    • soy candle
    • Spiritual Power
  • Marsmentum Candle

    Energizing masterpiece, blended to add power to your work, or energy to your body. It is also protective and is infused with the energy of Mars, the great initiator of action.

    • Aries energy
    • Mars energy
    • MarsMentum
    • momentum
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Marta the Dominator

    Give honor and energy to this amazing protectress. Marta is great to work with for wisdom, guidance and powerful spells and enchantments. She offers protection to those she works with.

    • domination
    • Marta
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power

    Sold Out

  • Masterful Candle

    Masterful as a candle experience is intense. The energy is fiery, tangible and swift working. Set your intention to absorb the energy of mastery over your life, your money, your health and in any other area in which you have struggled. This is a great life companion as through it, your frequency starts to shift from the first burn and continues to shift the more you use this line of products. Great companion to Self Mastery, Oversoul and Dominate.

    • discipline
    • magickal power
    • proficiency
    • self mastery
  • Matrimony Candle

    Matrimony is about drawing lasting commitment into your life, or adding more passion and bliss in your current marriage. It is infused with the energy of loyalty, love and lust. Beautiful experience! Burn in your bedroom. 100% soy wax creates a safe burn. Lightly scented as not to overpower. Perfect carrier of loving energy.

    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
    • love spell
    • marriage
    • Wedding candle
  • Meditation Candle

    A sweet, relaxing aroma and energy to assist you with having a beautiful meditative experience.

    • Meditation
    • relaxation
    • soy candle
    • Spiritual Power
    • trance
  • Mental Clarity Candle

    Infused with the energy of Thoth/Tehuti and 8 essences to clear your mind of clutter. This candle is perfect for meditation time or to set the ambience in your office.

    • calmness
    • Clarity and Direction
    • mediation
    • mental clarity
  • Mesmerize Candle

    MESMERIZE, the premium MM favorite is back as a candle and a fiery movement that will shift your home and your life. It will call forth divine favor like you can’t even imagine. Mesmerize is a powerful blended magick that enhances your appeal to others in any situation in which you need to be seen in a favorable light. It pulls out your highest vibrations in the most enchanting ways and leaves a lasting impression. Set clear intentions and know what outcome you desire. Sit with your candle as you absorb the magick and see it covering you like a cloak. You should start to feel warmer as you take on this beautiful energy.

    • beauty
    • enchantment
    • glamour
    • Love
    • Mesmerize
    • Spiritual Power
  • Metatron Candle

    Metatron, the energy of pure knowledge, is the embodiment of the secrets of creation, flow and energy itself.

    • cube of balance
    • manifestation
    • Metatron
    • metatron’s cube
    • platonic solids
    • sacred geometry
    • wholeness
  • Millionaires Candle

    Magickal Mystic Millionaires is a candle of power and precise energy movement. It is infused with true millionaire energy as Emme Rain is a multi-millionaire. It is infused with the essences of Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and Fortune 500 ritual blessed. Soy wax provides a cleaner burn allowing you to light and burn to completion. Burn time is 2-3 days. Set your intention to absorb the million dollar energy that has been infused. Spend time with the candle taking meditative breaths after you light it. Then go about your day knowing your work is working. Pro Tip: Very powerful when burned in 4s or burned consistently on a weekly basis for 4 months.

    • Magickal Mystic Millionaires
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Mogul Candle

    Mogul is the energy of success in business and affluence. We combined the energy of real estate, media, marketing, sales, and other business moves into one product to ensure expansive and swift success as you continually work this energy and pull it into your business, your side endeavors, your real estate and investment portfolios and more. Use this candle by pulling the energy OUT of it and into your life and your business. Sit with it each time you burn one and allow yourself to align with the energy of the mogul who created it. See yourself in agreement and your business and other incomes growing as a result of the agreement. Visualization is key! Pro Tip: Burn this candle in connection with Millionaires and Luxurious candles and oils to create the energy of wealth in your home. Let them burn until they go out on their own if you can but PLEASE practice fire safety.

    • Abundance
    • business tycoon
    • Mogul
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
  • Morrigan Candle

    Brings Morrigan into your life, in all her power, wisdom and glory. She is warrior, protector, guide. Morrigan is a great guide during times of shifting and growing, she is a strategist and she is a warrior. Work with her and build a relationship to get the best out of her. She is the mistress of dark arts, and often found as a protective companion to those who are entering mediumship and necromancy. I recommend evoking her as a teacher, guide and protector.

    • battle strategist
    • conjurer
    • dark arts goddess
    • Morrigan
    • warrior goddess
  • Muses Candle

    This is the energy of the divine mind! Powerful ideas, vibrant imagination and flowing inspiration.

    • divine mind
    • Inspiration
    • Muses
  • Mystic Rain Candle

    Channeling, astral travel, out of body experiences, and mediumship companion.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Naberius Candle

    Naberius, the most eloquent one, a demon often appearing as a raven or 3 head dog. He teaches cunning, dark arts, conjure, and the art of gracious living. His energy is gentle, protective, guiding and kind, like a grandfather. Great offerings for Naberius include vegetable medleys, dark liquors including whiskeys. Try working with him outside when you have an opportunity. This candle is for summoning, channeling, invocation and/or offering. Great meditative companion when working with the energy, but also a wonderful way to absorb the energy and blessing of Naberius.

    • demon of eloquence
    • Naberius
    • old gods
  • Nagas Candle

    Awaken and celebrate serpentine energy and connect with the essence and power of the Naga. This cosmic healing energy is the power of awakened kundalini, the essence of walking in divinity. Naga are divine or semi-divine, meaning hybrids, and are water beings, some elementals who control rain and water in all of its forms. They are shapeshifters. They are considered initiators into primordial power and in some myths considered the progenitors of large segments of the human race, calling them continually to ascend.

    • Ascension
    • body restoration
    • serpentine energy
  • Neith Candle

    Neith, goddess of creation, the Great Weaver! She is a war goddess but also a goddess of fate. Creating a relationship with Neith requires honesty and time. She is called the Elevated One or She Who Cannot Be Known by many because she pulls you into higher realms rather than come down to the lower in most cases. Allow your relationship with her to be authentic. Be honest with her and honest about yourself. Truth endears her to you.

    • creation goddess
    • goddess of destiny
    • Neith
    • weaver
  • Nephthys Candle

    Nephthys candle is infused with her energy and great for calling her forth and into your life. Great also for adding her energy to your ritual or spell work.

    • dark goddess
    • goddess of death
    • goddess of rebirth
    • Nephthys
  • Nyx Candle

    The primordial goddess, daughter of chaos, goddess of night and dawn, as well as fertility.

    • goddess of night
    • Nyx
    • primordial energy
    • soy candle
    • summoning candle
  • Oba Candle

    The Oba candle is an infused soy candle that is charged to call forth the energy of Oba, to assist with family and home life protection and to keep open lines of healthy communication between you and your loved ones. It’s a GREAT meditative companion but also powerful for rituals.

    • goddess of marriage
    • Oba
    • Orisha Oba
    • protect my family
    • protect my marriage
  • Obey Me Candle

    The candle that lifts your commanding essence and allows you to put things and even people in submission. Faster acting but not as long lasting as the oil, this candle releases a combination of respect and enchantment and releases it in waves to ensure your power over whatever you’re working on.

  • Olodumare Candle

    Connect with the energy and brilliance of the Creative divine masculine, Olodumare. Great for summoning or infusing the energy of gratitude to him. Also a powerful tool or companion for personal healing rituals and meditation.

    • Creator
    • healer
    • Olodumare
    • Orisha
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Open Roads Candle

    Open your roads and remove blockages in your path towards success, happiness and wealth.

    • obstacle destruction
    • Open Roads
    • road opener
    • Spiritual Power
  • Orobas Candle

    Orobas, ruler of legions and revealer of truths. This great lord grants favor with those around you, whether friend or foe. He makes it all work for you. He shows the secrets that shifts your energy and trajectory of life. Orobas, E-lun-go, the great one. He was considered the 55th spirit and true to his nature, he changes your station in life.

    • dark lord of truth
    • Orobas
  • Oshun Candle

    Oshun beauty, wisdom and love candle filled with power and energy for your ritual and spell work.

    • beauty
    • glamour
    • Love
    • Orisha
    • Oshun
    • wisdom
  • Ostara Candle

    Goddess of fertility, new beginnings and creativity. Connecting with her is great for starting a new business, new job, buying a new home or doing wealth, fertility or creativity work.

    • fertility goddess
    • goddess of spring
    • Ostara
    • Spiritual Power
  • Oversoul Candle

    Make a clear and lasting connection with your oversoul, create a stronger connection or enhance the flow of energy between you and your divine self. Great for honoring and feeding your divine self in self love rituals and also for calling forth clearer channels. It assists with walkthroughs and helps to alleviate some of the strain of ascension.

    • Ancestral Veneration
    • divine self
    • higher self
    • Oversoul
    • Spiritual Power
  • Oya Candle

    Summoning, strengthening and infusing candle used to work with Oya, the goddess of change, of storms, of the marketplace and of the cemetery, guardian of the ancestral realm and veilwalker.

    • goddess of winds
    • marketplace goddess
    • Oya
    • storm goddess
  • Pachamama Candle

    Pachamama summoning and connection candle, infused with the energy of Pachamama for support, wisdom, shifts in paradigms and more.

    • Pachamama
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Parvati Candle

    Parvati is one of the most dynamic goddesses, an energy that transcends even the word goddess. She’s all things to those who she works with and helps to make all things possible. She is the tamer of the wild, a mother, a lover, and a healer.

    • goddess of beauty
    • goddess of fertility
    • goddess of love
    • Parvati
  • Pay Me Candle

    You’ve given time. You’ve put a lot of energy out there for others. You’ve invested your money. Maybe they didn’t reciprocate, repay or even acknowledge it, maybe they weren’t able to. Either way, this blend is an amplified F—k You, Pay Me energy, but intentioned for not just money. The time you’ve put into others, now others will come to put that time into you, put energy into your life and goals, and invest money into your life or business. Pay Me recalls your money, time and energy and it works extremely fast when used frequently.

    • debt candle
    • money candle
    • money recall
    • Pay Me
  • Phoenix Candle

    The courage, the wiles, the wisdom, the power and the flames of the Phoenix in one candle. Infused with the energy of rejuvenation, protection and prosperity as well as fame.

    • Phoenix
    • Prosperity
    • Protection
    • reincarnation
    • Spiritual Power
  • Pluton Candle

    Pluton candles are created with infused energy from Pluto for spiritual power and prosperity. It is fortified with Jupiter and solar energy. It is also ritually charged with 5 deities. It’s definitely an experience. Sit with your candle and allow yourself to listen to the guidance of this powerhouse energetic convergence in a candle.

  • Pomba Gira Candle

    The goddess that represents the freedom of divinity, the power of sex and the pleasures of life is tremendous for women and helps to ignite your divine feminine energy. Her energy is warm, feisty and sure. She’s protective, creative and fun to work with. Burn this candle on your personal altar, love altar and even your wealth altar for maximum results.

    • divine feminine sexuality
    • Get Pampered
    • goddess
    • goddess of pleasure
    • Pomba Gira
    • Spiritual Power
  • Pot of Gold Candle

    One of the most dynamic money candles from Magickal Mystic yet, Pot of Gold is the energetic equivalent to striking gold. It’s a by any means wealth candle that brings money quickly!

    • get rich
    • money candle
    • Pot of Gold
    • wealth candle
  • Qetesh Candle

    Mistress of the Gods

    • goddess of love
    • Kadesh
    • mistress of the gods
    • Qetesh
    • sex goddess
  • Quetzalcoatl Candle

    The feathered serpent, healer and protector. Great for working with Quetzalcoatl for summoning and pairing with healing, creation or wisdom work.

    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • R$ch B$tch Candle

    The dressed and energy infused premium candle to bring courage, confidence and prosperity. This candle works best when you work with it over a period of time consistently. You are literally drinking in the energy by sitting with it so the more you do it, the more powerful the vibration will become.

    • confidence
    • Prosperity
    • R$ch B$tch
    • wealth
  • Release Candle

    Are you stuck? Do you feel that you aren’t making progress? Many times, you simply need to purge and release the things that no longer serve you, the things taking up space but not beneficial to your journey. RELEASE is the magick of letting go. It is an exhale for the soul. It helps you to identify attachments and areas where you lose energy. It helps you to let go of what does not serve you. It keeps your heart and mind balanced as you shift toward the best version of yourself. It helps improve your study time, sleep time, and even romantic connections.

    • Exhale
    • get unstuck
    • healing
    • let go
    • Release
  • Reseller Bundles

    Finally, our reseller bundles have arrived. You can become an authorized Magickal Mystic reseller on your own terms at a cost you can afford, giving you tons of room to make money on your new product resell business!

    $500.00$12,000.00 Select Options
  • Reveal All Candle

    Reveal All is the best of tree magick blended with dark energy and infused through ritual for the purposes of helping you discover that which has been hidden from you, that which you need to know.  Also great for helping to retain information, or for channeling.

    • confess all
    • divination
    • Reveal All
    • Spiritual Power
    • truth spell
  • Reverse Candle

    Reverse all baneful energy sent to you and bind it to the original sender.

    • Protection
    • Return to sender
    • Reverse magick
  • Root Chakra Candle

    The muladhara is the root chakra and is the foundation of life, of spirit-body connection. You pull your sense of personal security, stability and belonging in the world from this energetic wheel. Great as a meditative tool, added to healing or energizing spells and rituals.

    • chakra candles
    • Muladhara
    • personal identity
    • Root chakra
  • Sacral Chakra Candle

    An amber flame of creative passion and freedom in a candle that shifts your whole pleasure center! Heals, balances and energizes the sacral chakra, the seat of divine power and creativity, as well as giving and receiving pleasure. Great for those trying to release any sexual traumas or creative blockages and should be used regularly during ascension to keep your divine seat properly charged. This candle is also a meditative tool and enhancement. Sit with it at least 11 minutes before going on about your day though I recommend much longer if you can manage.

    • chakra candle
    • goddess seat
    • sacral chakra
    • svadhishthana
  • Sacrifice Candle

    This is one of the strongest command blends available. Sacrifice is created to exchange energy, making a sacrifice of your hang ups, your fears and your opposition in exchange for the life you truly want to live. This is a I Command All candle, meaning you are demanding for your pain all that you desire. You are forcing the issue of your will against those and that which oppose you. It is specialty magick and a premium product, blended for the experienced practitioners and those who are doing major overhaul work on their lives. Be clear about intended outcome before lighting the candle.

    • energy exchange
    • I Command All
    • Sacrifice
  • Sallos Candle

    Sallos is an authoritative figure within the hierarchy of demonic royalty, a teacher and promoter of love, especially passionate love, of courage and wielder of truth. Great anchor to add to your spirit team and quite easy to connect with. Sallos is protective, but in the way of allowing you to learn lessons without incurring permanent damage from any mistakes you may make. I suggest sitting with him for at least 30 minutes the first few times you call for him. You can adjust as you see fit afterwards. Very strong and beautiful candle experience!

    • candles
    • demons
    • Love
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Santa Muerte Candle

    The energy, power and wisdom of Santa Muerte, these candles are infused with a 5 way touch of the energy of Santisima.

    • goddess of death
    • lady of holy death
    • Santa Muerte
    • Spiritual Power
  • Saraswati Candle

    Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music and arts, a beloved one who elevates the human experience and shows the hidden and quiet aspects of divinity within the simple things. Saraswati is a goddess you should plan to work with for at least a year. She’s a methodical teacher, enlightener and healer, as well as a guide into deeper divine wisdom. She illuminates the human experience and shows the path to divinity. She is also a goddess who unleashes divine pleasures and helps the devotee to widen their perception and experience. PRO TIP: for swift manifestation power and overall healing, or abundance work, pair her with Parvati and Lakshmi for 8 days minimum.

    • goddess of arts
    • goddess of music
    • goddess of wisdom
    • Saraswati
    • tridevi
  • Sekhmet Candle

    Sekhmet, the warrior, protectress, destroyer and also the wise guide, strategist and healer. She’s a champion for those who work with her.

    • healing goddess
    • Protection
    • protectress
    • Sekhmet
  • Self Mastery Candle

    Self Mastery is a meditative and clearing experience to assist you in tapping into balancing energy. It helps you to find your inner strength and bring it to the forefront.

    • break bad habits
    • Clarity and Direction
    • energy balance
    • self control
    • self mastery
  • Sense of Saturn Candle

    Work with this candle for time magick, self mastery and calling forth reward for the things you’ve already mastered or balanced in your life.

    • discipline
    • Saturn
    • self mastery
    • Spiritual Power
    • time magick
  • Sex God Candle

    The libido boosting, pleasure enhancing, energy candle that will shift your sex life!

    • god of sex
    • libido boost
    • sex candle
    • Sex god
  • Sex Goddess Candle

    Pheromones and energy to increase your drive and pleasure!

    • sex goddess
    • sex magic
    • sexual energy
  • ShadowSeekers Candle

    This shadow work and inner healing companion helps to create emotional balance as you dig into some of your more painful memories, and also works to help you channel mysteries and tap into hidden knowledge within.

    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Spiritual Power
  • Shakti Embrace Candle

    Awaken and expand the energy of Shakti, calling forth the divine feminine in all her power, poise and persuasion.

    • divine feminine
    • Shakti
    • Spiritual Power
  • Shapeshifter Candle

    The energy of the shifters collected and infused into this candle to help you tap into high level energy manipulation. Great for shifting your physical and emotional energy, as well as taking on specific energetic signatures as you journey. This blend has Lemurian, Draconian, Lyran and Arcturian energy, infused for shielded glamours and protection. Great for accessing information, for protection, and for cloaking in work.

    • Arcturian
    • chameleon
    • Lyran
    • Shapeshifter
    • Starseed
  • Shielded Candle

    Life can be difficult to navigate sometimes. If you are an empath or spiritual worker, there is the added issue of psychic attacks and attachments. This candle is blended specifically for psychic protection and provides a fiery wall of protection within a short time after lighting up. Try to sit with this candle for a minimum of 11 minutes after first lighting it to absorb all of the first energies of this magick.

    • Aura protection
    • protection candle
    • Psychic protection
  • Solar Plexus Candle

    Balances and energizes the solar plexus to assist with issues of confidence, esteem, physical energy and boldness to act upon your personal truths. The Manipura, also called the third chakra, is the fire of the body and soul. This chakra is the center of self esteem, confidence and self control. Often overlooked, many people do not understand the importance of keeping this chakra aligned and balanced, and thoroughly charged. This candle is great for charging, balancing and aligning this chakra and is best used as a meditative tool. Try to sit with your candle for at least 22 minutes to absorb as much of the energy infused in it as possible.

    • Chakra Care
    • Chakras
    • healing
    • Manipura
    • Solar Plexus
  • Sorath Candle

    Dark side of the sun, the dark lord of freedom, wisdom and wealth

    • dark lord
    • SORATH
    • soy candle
    • sun demon
  • Soul Cleanse Candle

    Infused with soul restoration energy, great for clearing soul contracts and ties. Also good for repairing soul fractures.

    • Healing and Restoratiion
  • Soul Snatch Candle

    The popular soul moving blend is now a candle set with the intention of filling you with energy and holding the upper hand in sexual exchanges, so instead of being drained, you’re fed by it. It is an aphrodisiac.

    • aphrodisiac
    • Love and Sex
    • sex magic
    • Soul Snatch
  • Starseed Alignment Candle

    Candle infused with the energy of alignment, programmed to help you call forth more of your soul’s essence and connect with others who are your soul family, both physical and nonphysical.

    • divine alignment
    • soy candle
    • Starseed
  • Succubus Candle

    Succubus is divine energy of sexual transmutation, moving pleasure into alignment with your goals, creating beneficial intimate relationships of all sorts, and understanding the vibration and flow of pure creative energy. Succubi are feminine divine energies that operate through the root and sacral chakras for balance, healing, pure pleasure, manifestation and more.

    • Love
    • pleasure
    • sex
    • Succubi
    • Succubus
  • Sugar Daddy Candle

    Begin calling forth someone who can and will provide support for you as you seek to build your life. Draw in beneficial and reciprocal relationships where you will be supported and well taken care of. Sugar Daddy isn’t just about the man, but the support. In fact, it works on friendships too, but there is a sexual element to this candle, a strong attraction spell was used to infuse it. So use WITH CLEAR INTENTION!

    • beneficial relationships
    • Get Pampered
    • Prosperity
    • reciprocity
    • Sugar Daddy
  • SunBlissed Candle

    This happiness in a candle staves off depression, releases joy and energizes the solar plexus and heart chakras.

    • happiness
    • joy
    • solar energy
    • Spiritual Power
    • sun magick
    • SunBlissed
  • Supay Candle

    God of Death, keeper of gates, an initiator and a guide for those who are into dark arts, Supay has been honored for eons and is a powerful ally to have on your team. His honor days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, but he is great for sitting with daily. Set your intention to connect and then light up. Give yourself some time to get used to his energy.

    • god of death
    • Spiritual Power
    • Supay
  • Tantric Heat Candle

    The all soy wax candle experience we promised to bring to you. It is sex magick in a candle and infuses tantric control of sexual energy to use for healing or manifestation, or both if you choose.

    • manifestation
    • Sex magick
    • Spiritual Power
    • Tantra
  • Tehuti Candle

    The god of knowledge, lunar in nature, helps to bestow an emotional intelligence in life in the same way he represents all knowledge. Tehuti is a friend to mankind, ruling over science and arts including astrology, astronomy and language. Working with this deity will assist with gaining knowledge, elevating above your current station and evolving in alignment with the Universe. Tehuti is great for students, and anyone who desires more mental clarity and direction in life.

    • Djehuty
    • god of the mind
    • mental magick
    • Tehuti
  • Throat Chakra Candle

    Throat Chakra candle used to heal, balance and enhance the throat energy of communication and freedom of being. Self expression is often governed by this chakra and can be fortified through it.

    • chakra candles
    • Throat chakra
    • Vishuddha
  • Tiamat Candle

    This is a great candle to tap into the power of Tiamat, queen of dragons, she who can summon across any veil, protector of the divine royals.

    • queen of dragons
    • Spiritual Power
    • Tiamat
  • Transmutation Candle

    Transmute the energy of your atmosphere into usable and beneficial energy.

    • alchemy
    • magick
    • Spiritual Power
    • transmutation
  • Treasures of Vasudhara Candle

    Discover the secrets of wealth and abundance, call forth hidden money and more opportunities by channeling the grace of this wealth goddess, Vasudhara.

    • goddess of treasures
    • goddess of wealth
    • money oil
    • Newar goddess
    • Prosperity
    • prosperity oil
    • Spiritual Power
    • Vasudhara
    • wealth oil
  • Triumphant Candle

    Triumphant candle is used to seal the victory in every area of life. From court situations to any competitive sports or other ventures, this is the energy of winning and meeting with success. The candles helps bring opportunities in much quicker and assists you with shifting your vibration away from defeatism and hopelessness. If you are struggling with depression, use daily for 8 days to put a new frequency in place. Pairs well with Court Case and Ma’at for trials, Mogul and Better Business to enhance business success, and Healing Arts to help enhance your healing work.

    • overcoming
    • Success
    • Victory
    • Winning in life
  • Undeniable Candle

    Charged with powerful enchantments, sigil baked and soaked in lunar energy. Assists with helping you get what you want.

    • dark energy
    • glamour magick
    • Spiritual Power
    • Undeniable
  • Unspeakable Candle

    This powerful candle is infused with energy to shut the mouths of those who have gossiped about you and who seek to damage you. Infused with a sting to make sure their behavior harms them instead of you, this candle also works to cloak your hand as you do magick.

    • cloaking
    • Protection
    • STFU spell
    • Unspeakable
  • Veilwalkers Candle

    Veilwalkers assists with out of body experiences, astral travel, mediumship experiences and channeling.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Virtues of Venus Candle

    The power, wisdom, feminine energy and other attributes of the celestial body, Venus. Can be used with any Venus associated deities or to call in any of the virtues. Very powerful blend for serious channelers and those skilled at working with powerful energies.

    • beauty
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Warrior Candle

    Created with the energy of the furies, this is a candle of offensive and aggressive protection.

    • Dark Arts
    • defensive magick
    • Furies
    • offensive magick
    • protection candle
  • Wealth of the Wicked Candle

    Wealth of the Wicked is a candle charged to harness all negative energy, all attacks and all harmful acts thrown at or done to you, both now and in the past. This candle is charged to help you absorb the energy and transmute it to wealth. I highly suggest you keep them burning, especially during times of attack or pettiness so that you can use the energy toward what you desire most. It is charged already toward your wealth via real estate, businesses, investments, gifts and more. Still, set your own specific intentions. Write out your desires and place under the candle.

    • Candle
    • Prosperity
    • soy wax
    • wealth
  • Wealth of Wisdom Candle

    Wealth of Wisdom is a powerful candle used to channel through wisdom and guidance from the ancestors and/or your spirit team. It helps you to align more perfectly with your oversoul to get clearer communication and is charged to guide you into a wealthier life all around.

    • ancestors
    • Ancient ones
    • channeling
    • downloads
    • ritual candle
    • soy candle
    • soy wax
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • World Domination Candle

    WORLD DOMINATION, the candle to Enchant Them All. This candle was created for public figures of all sorts from politicians to musicians or speakers and authors. If it’s important that you be liked, loved, supported, this blend is for you! Write your ideal life and the responses people have to you, or the person/company you want to enchant, and put it under the candle. At the end of the burn, also burn the petition in the candle can.

    • enchantment
    • soy wax
    • spell candle
    • World Domination