• Accumulation Mist

    ACCUMULATION! Pull in wealth through multiple avenues. Real estate. Investments in stocks and bonds, mutual funds. Business. Inheritance. Winnings. Gifts. It’s time to call in what you desire and open the door wide to how you are willing to receive it! Accumulation pulls in assets, income and opportunities. It is the strongest pure wealth product yet, blended with a very specific focus and amplified to bring what you desire without restraints. Keep yourself open to receive.

    • money spray
    • natural fragrance
    • Wealth mist
  • All Is Fair Mist

    The energy of Astarte captured in her purest essence. She is the goddess of love. She is the goddess of war. She is a goddess of extremes and contrasting dynamics. She brings an intense power of protection, but also a fiery passion for life and love. She is hot, expansive, enlivening!

    • aromatherapy
    • Astarte
    • goddess of love
    • goddess of war
    • wearable magick
  • Ambition Mist

    Ambition mist is a blend of the elements, all lending their strength to create a powerful enchantment that elevates you from within. It builds inner strength and fortitude. It increases physical, mental and emotional stamina. It is infused with clarity, direction, force and boldness. Ambition is the audacity to live your life on your own terms according to the power vested in you. It is your get up and get going blend.

    • Ambition
    • empowerment mist
    • increase stamina
  • Auset Energy Mist

    Auset, the Kemetic deity often syncretized to Isis, is one of the oldest and purest versions of the divine feminine and represents the giver of life and guide through life and the afterlife. She is Creatrix and Protectress. She is a proponent for the evolution and elevation of humankind and is often said to be a teacher of arts, writing and agriculture. She is divine and she is royalty and is often honored as queen. Work with Auset to bring new life, expansion and wisdom into your life. Great also for those who want to learn magick, natural arts and other wise workings. She is a walker of veils and an initiator.

    • Auset
    • Auset fragrance
    • energy mist
    • wearable magick
  • Ayida Wedo Mist

    Be transformed by the power of Ayida, the water serpent of love, fertility and spiritual power! Ayida is a goddess of fertility and creativity, bringing plentifulness to your mind and heart. She is powerful for creatives, but also amazing to work with if you have actual fertility issues. She is a love goddess, but her approach is to wake it up fully inside you so that you charm and attract all the right people. She is an enchantress, using her power to create new pathways.

    • Ayida Wedo
    • creativity
    • fertility
    • Prosperity
    • water serpent
  • Beautiful Mist

    Be beautiful. Do beautiful things. Have a beautiful experience. Beautiful is about complete satisfaction with your life and trust in your journey, so much so that you allow yourself to enjoy EACH part- rain, sleet, snow, sun, light or darkness… each part! Beautiful shifts your mood, increases your creativity, amplifies your pleasure, releases guilt, releases shame, removes unnecessary weight off your shoulders. It’s a beautiful life and that’s your truth!

    • aromatherapy
    • Be Do Have
    • Beautiful
    • mood shifting
    • wearable magick
  • Black Gold Fragrance Mist

    Amplify the power of your melanin, call forth the ingenuity and power of your bloodline back to its origins, put forth a cosmic demand for what is due to the lineage in your physical reality, pull in high level opportunities, multiply your income, increase wisdom exponentially, and align with the golden era of your life.

    • Black Excellence
    • Black Gold
    • reparations
    • wearable magick
  • Chosen Mist

    The energy of Chosen is favored, the decided victor in all circumstances. Chosen is a lifetime vibe, thus definitely a daily wear mist to enhance the way others react to you. Chosen channels in the energy of divine favor, elevated protection and guidance, abundant support. It calls people into alignment and favorable relationship with you.

    • Chosen
    • divine favor
    • energy mist
    • favor
    • wearable magick
  • Clauneck Wealth Mist

    Clauneck is the dark lord and old god who assists with building wealth and reclaiming lost wealth. He is generous by nature, but very thorough. He speaks a lot during twilight hours and daydreams/trance state, showing you areas where you are losing wealth in your life across the board. This mist is great for diffuser, setting ritual space, home and office as well as auto energy shifting, as an offering, but mainly it is wearable and rest assured, people will notice the freshness of you and his energy all over you. Please remember it is highly charged magick!

    • Clauneck
    • demon mist
    • money mist
    • Wealth mist
    • wearable magick
  • Clientele Infused Mist

    Clientele, what every business owner needs plenty of. The magick of this blend is to build businesses and create a successful foundation for growth. This blend is an 8 infusion and this mist allows you to take the magick with you wherever you go. This blend is created with infusions and incantations that calls for more customers and clients and amplifies the energy of your integrity and skillset. It is like a megaphone announcing your business to the world, but the scent is gentle and lasting.

    • business builder
    • call clients
    • call customer
    • Clientele
    • Infused mist
    • wealth
    • wearable magick
  • Desirable Mist

    Desirable is the magick of attraction, attention, passion and pleasure wrapped in beneficial and loving energy. It is a powerful enchantment set with sigils and sex magick. Easy to use. Just appply and go. Wonderful as an amplifier for your love, sex or attraction rituals and spells. Spritz your body, auto and home with it and experience the energetic shift of all those around you.

    • enchantment
    • glamour
    • Love magick
    • Sex magick
    • wearable magick
  • Divine Surplus Infused Mist

    High oil content so use caution and do not spray on delicates.

    • Divine Surplus
    • money mist
    • overflow
    • Wealth mist
    • wearable magick
  • Dominate Mist

    Dominate is a controlling and commanding mist and very powerful as a aid as you move through life.

    • commanding mist
    • controlling mist
    • Dominate
  • Easy Street Mist

    Create ease and peaceful flow in your life by aligning and agreeing with what you desire and releasing the areas where you resist or deny. Easy Street is intentioned to enhance and create a path without resistance in your body, emotions, finances and relationships. It is a daily wear, daily use, amplifying magick that gets better and stronger with continued use.

    • Cosmic Flow
    • Easy Street
    • energy mist
    • grace
    • wearable magick
  • EMerge Fragrance

    This premium sexual fragrance is a celebration of the emergence of YOU, your divine self, your recreated goddess/god self.

    • divinity
    • goddess
    • Love and Sex
    • wearable magick
  • EmmeBodiment Fragrance

    The scent and vibration of ultimate freedom and power!

    • embodiment
    • Fragrance
    • wearable magick
  • EmmeBossed Fragrance

    Smell of money.

    • EmmeBossed
    • natural fragrance
    • Prosperity
    • signature fragrance
  • EmmePorium Fragrance

    Scent of a goddess. The smell and vibration of happiness, freedom and serenity!

    • Emme Rain fragrance
    • signature fragrance
    • smell of happy
    • Spiritual Power
  • EmmePowered Fragrance

    Smell of the divine masculine. Use this wearable magick fragrance to enhance your logic, reasoning, strategies in life, to increase stamina and libido!

    • Cologne
    • divine masculine
    • EmmePowered
    • Spiritual Power
  • EmmePressed Fragrance

    Memorable Effervescence. Spray on and enjoy your day and the compliments that are sure to come.

    • EmmePressed
    • lasting memory
    • signature fragrances
  • EmmePyre Fragrance

    Scent of the phoenix. Power of the fires of the primordial. Energy of elevation! High oil content so please use caution with delicate fabrics.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Enchantment Fragrance

    Cast an enchanting aura.

    • enchanting
    • enchantment
    • infused fragrance
    • wearable magick
  • Get Money Fragrance

    Get up and get what you want energy.

    • energy infused mist
    • Fragrance
    • Prosperity
  • Goddess Fragrance

    Revel in the vibration of divinity. Feed your divine essence and absorb the goodness of this luxurious Emme Rain fragrance. Goddess awakens and strengthens the goddess in you. Shake well and spray liberally.

    • enchantment
    • Fragrance
    • goddess
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth
  • Goliath Fragrance

    Scent of a strong man.

    • boldness
    • Cologne
    • courage
    • fragrance for men
    • Spiritual Power
    • strength
  • Inanna Mist

    Inanna is a goddess that represents conquering and overcoming all obstacles and she is a guide for the divine feminine. She is great to summon during times of seeking raises and promotions, shifts in the dynamics of personal relationships and more.

    • goddess of love and war
    • Inanna
    • queen of heaven
  • Influential Fragrance Mist

    The influencer is a leader, guiding those who seek direction in life. Influential is intricate weaver magick that helps you craft a life of power for yourself, and those who follow you. It protects you in your place of power as well so that no one can take you down unless you allow it. Influential is YOU walking IN your power and helping others do the same in whatever way you rock at! It is wealth energy weaved together with enchantments and glamours, weaved together with protection and baneful energy rebound, weaved together with ascension, weaved together with primordial knots and blessed by Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Venus energy. UNBREAKABLE MAGICK. Only you can undo what you build with this.

    • Enchantments
    • Influence
    • influencer
    • Leadership
    • Weaver magick
  • Inheritance Infused Mist

    Tap your ancestral lineage to create abundance in your now reality. Protect the abundance you are creating both now and in the future. This magick works in both directions, creating a new financial and intellectual paradigm for your family, and surrounds it with amplified protection. This is called ancestral wealth accumulation magick and it is powerful. Great for wear and smells phenomenal, but can also be used to set your ritual spaces and as an offering for the ancestors. Use it daily and let the energy grow. You should begin to feel the accumulation of energy from those before and those who will come after. It’s powerful!

    • accumulation magick
    • ancestral wealth
    • Inheritance mist
    • wealth protection
  • Intuition Mist

    Get this meditative, wearable magick and mist on daily to enhance your intuition and help you make the best decisions for your life.

    • Intuition
    • third eye mist
    • wearable magick
  • Just Desserts Fragrance Mist

    Just Desserts is a triple blended product, created to attract back what you have given out when reciprocity is slow in coming from those you've helped. However, it can be used to cast karmic debt or weight on others who have wronged you as well. Ultimately, it is all about you feeling good and getting what you deserve.

    • Fragrance
    • Infused mist
    • Just Desserts
    • reciprocity
  • Key of Me Mist

    2 oz energetically charged mist, wearable magick to infuse confidence, freedom and add soothing self love and acceptance to your life. Key of Me is infused to accentuate all of the most beautiful aspects of you and your life. It is made to bring freedom, to increase self love, to build and enhance confidence and to help you ascend in the most beautiful way possible. This fragrance, while delicious smelling, is still energetically infused. This is wearable magick. Mist on in the morning after your bath before your day begins. Use before meditation or ritual. Great also before a date.

    • confidence
    • freedom
    • Key of Me
    • Self love
    • wearable magick
  • Kubera Wealth Mist

    Kubera, god of wealth and lasting abundance. He is a god who secures an inheritance for generations to come. Kubera calls his students higher, helping them to embrace divinity as a reality. But his nature is one of abundance and opulence. He balances the spiritual and natural in a harmonious way in your life. He guides toward lasting wealth and shows how to implement long term wealth producers in your life. This mist is infused with his energy and amplified to assist you with carrying the energy of wealth all day long, attracting people of influence into your life. It is infused with his wisdom to guide you through your day. Listen for the small voices when working with Kubera.

    • god of wealth
    • Kubera
    • manifestation
    • money mist
    • Wealth mist
  • Lucifer Energy Mist

    Blended to assist with communion with the father of lights, the “angel” of sound and light, helpful during channeling and automatic writing. This mist is infused with the fullness of the energy of Lucifer and is great for bringing clarity to matters as you study or seek deeper knowledge. He is the enlightening component to ascension and evolution.

    • angel of light
    • enlightenment
    • god of lights
    • Lucifer
  • Luxurious Infused Mist

    This Lakshmi inspired blend is filled with the vibrations of lushness, abundance, love, adoration, and self acceptance. In short, it is a celebration of life. This mist is infused through ritual and the floral water used in the base is created from soaked herbals. Very powerful energy comes off this mist and the magick is undeniable!

    • Infused mist
    • Lakshmi
    • money fragrance
    • opulence
  • Magnetic Infused Mist

    Universal Attraction! I know you’re tired of working for every good thing that comes your way. Attraction is the answer and no other product on the market holds more power of Universal pull than Magnetic! Created to amplify your ability to call what you most desire, Magnetic mist is energetic, ritually infused with charged crystals in every bottle. HEAD TURNING scent and life changing power!

    • get what you want
    • law of attraction
    • Magnetic
    • universal pull
  • Majesty Mist

    2 oz of power to wear, use around the house, in your automobile or anywhere you want to shift the atmosphere swiftly.

    • aromatherapy
    • Body spray
    • fragrance mist
    • home mist
  • Mesmerize Alluring Mist

    Your body is a temple and this mist makes that a reality in your life. It is mesmerizing, enchanting, alluring, and brings on favorable results everywhere you go. Spray on this wearable magick daily and watch how it gets stronger with each use. The smell will garner you compliments everywhere you go.

    • alluring mist
    • glamour magick
    • Mesmerize
    • wearable magick
  • Millionaires Fragrance

    Millionaires is the fragrance made in wealth to bring wealth for those who seek to become wealthy. It is a whole luxurious vibe in a bottle and yet it's soft enough to sleep in, but strong enough to turn heads. Emme Rain infuses the energy of luxury, freedom and leisure in this scent. Higher oil content so be careful about spraying on delicate clothing.

    • all natural fragrance
    • Magickal Mystic Millionaires
    • MMM
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Mogul Money Mist

    MOGUL, the energy of winning in business and life. It is an infusion of  personal wins in every area of business and includes an exotic blend of herbs/oils. Created with banking, real estate, TV, entertainment and literary power and the energies of Aje, Clauneck, Fortuna, Laima, Oya, and 3 other power players to perfect it with the infinite 8 and Jupiter energy.

    • Business
    • entertainment success
    • Mogul
    • money mist
    • real estate
  • Muses Fragrance Mist

    MUSES- This is the energy of the divine mind! Powerful ideas, vibrant imagination and flowing inspiration. This fragrance amplifies the mental energy of those who wear it, enhancing their creative power. The Muses are grantors of greatness and they are allies for life if you so choose to make them.

    • divine inspiration
    • Fragrance
    • Muses
  • Nyx Primordial Mist

    Nyx is the daughter of chaos, a primordial goddess and embodiment of night, representing the light within darkness. She is a balancer of energies (cosmic and personal). She is a protrectress. She is a conjurer and teacher of primordial creation or creation from chaos energy. Work with Nyx at dusk or later. Generally, her hours are between 8-9pm and 1-3am.

    • goddess mist
    • Nyx
    • primordial goddess
  • Oshun Infused Mist

    Oshun, the Orisha of beauty, of the sweet water, of love, of balanced wealth and wisdom. She is one of the 7 African Powers, dynamic in all forms of magick, yet most often celebrated by those who seek to be wives, become mothers and those who seek to learn powerful enchantments.

    • goddess of beauty
    • Infused mist
    • love goddess
    • Oshun
    • wealth deity
  • Pay Me Money Mist

    You’ve given time. You’ve put a lot of energy out there for others. You’ve invested your money. Maybe they didn’t reciprocate, repay or even acknowledge it, maybe they weren’t able to. Either way, this fragrance mist is an amplified magick to recall your time, your energy and your money. The time you’ve put into others, now others will come to put that time into you, put energy into your life and goals, and invest money into your life or business. Pay Me is recall magick that works extremely fast when used daily!

    • money magick
    • money recall
    • Pay Me
    • reciprocity
    • time magick
  • Phoenix Fragrance

    Be rebirthed with the scent of ascension.

    • Ascension
    • Phoenix
    • phoenix fragrance
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Pomba Gira Infused Mist

    Goddess of love, lust and pleasure. Pomba Gira helps to open up your pleasure centers and teaches you how to receive pleasure sexually, physically and financially. She brings true power into your life, personal power and helps you to have more resolve with your life's direction. This mist was infused during invocation and ritually blessed to help you connect with her with ease. It is intentioned for love, lust and power and ready to be used for whatever your personal intentions are.

    • enchantress
    • goddess of love
    • goddess of pleasure
    • goddess of sex
    • Pomba Gira
    • wearable magick
  • Pot of Gold Fragrance

    The essence of money, luck and power captured in a scent that lasts all day!

    • money fragrance
    • Pot of Gold
    • wealth fragrance
  • Qetesh Power Mist

    Goddess of love, sex, fertility and seduction, this goddess is a movement for those seeking to embrace their divine femininity. She was considered the mistress or confidant of the gods. She was one of the most trusted energies of ancient times. She is considered the mistress of magic and one of the most powerful conjurers. She teaches the dark arts and assists with obtaining positions of power and trust.

    • alluring
    • enchanting
    • mistress of the gods
    • power
    • Qetesh
  • R$ch B$tch Fragrance

    Smell of boldness and wealth.

    • money mist
    • Prosperity
    • R$ch B$tch
    • wearable magick
  • Santa Muerte Mist

    The goddess of holy death, goddess who is honored for her relationship to the other realms and who assists with proper ancestral passage and veneration. She is the “saint” of inheritance and wealth, as well as a protector and guide for witches, mystics and mediums. She is a divine teacher of necromancy and the science of transition. This fragrance brings her closer to you and wraps you in her cloak of protection and guidance. High oil content so use with caution. Do not spray on fine fabrics.

  • Saraswati Mist

    Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music and arts, a beloved one who elevates the human experience and shows the hidden and quiet aspects of divinity within the simple things. Saraswati, Parvati and Lakshmi form a sisterhood that alters everything around you. The Saraswati mist is ritually infused and crafted through invocation, then blessed by the energy of Parvati and Lakshmi. And the scent is heavenly!

  • Soul Snatch Fragrance

    Lusty blend of aromas, Soul Snatch

    • Fragrance
    • Love and Sex
    • Love magick
    • Sex magick
    • Soul Snatch
  • Succubus Infused Mist

    Succubus is a divine energy of sexual transmutation, moving pleasure into alignment with your goals, creating beneficial intimate relationships of all sorts, and understanding the vibration and flow of pure creative energy. Succubi are feminine divine energies that operate through the root and sacral chakras for balance, healing, pure pleasure, manifestation and more. Succubus have the ability to harm or help, it is up to YOU and the intention you set.

    • feminine divinity
    • pleasure
    • sexual transmutation
    • Succubi
    • Succubus
  • Sugar Daddy Mist

    Draw in beneficial and reciprocal relationships where you will be supported and well taken care of. Sugar Daddy isn’t just about the man, but the support. In fact, it works on friendships too, but there is a sexual element to this blend, a strong attraction spell was used to infuse it. So use WITH CLEAR INTENTION!

    • alluring magick
    • Fragrance
    • Sugar Daddy
    • wearable magick
  • Triumphant Mist

    This Victorious Jubilation is a vibration that lifts the heart, the mind and the soul. It is not just evolving, but doing it happily. It’s the winning hand in life. You are TRIUMPHANT! Trimphant mist is blended for regular, daily use. Spray on liberally as part of your daily grooming. Use in your auto, home or office. Please be aware, it has a high oil content so use care when spraying on delicate fabrics. It is gentle enough for a diffuser as well.

    • happy
    • magickal sprays
    • victorious
    • wearable magick
    • Winning
  • Undeniable Fragrance

    Get what you want.

    • body mist
    • enchantment magick
    • Fragrance
    • Spiritual Power
    • Undeniable
    • wearable magick
  • World Domination Mist

    To enchant all and call all things into alignment with your highest good. Pro Tip: As you spray on, imagine yourself loved, supported and wealthy. Say, “The world is mine and I am fulfilled and at peace with it.” Also great to put in your diffuser.

    • Infused mist
    • wearable magick
    • World Domination
    • world enchantment