Rituals & Spells

Rituals & Spells

Enhance your life in many ways by gaining prosperity, a new romance, a healthy mind and body, plus much more. Affirm your intentions and energize your power to manifest with ritual and spells done by Master Manifestor Emme Rain.

  • Glamorous Life Ritual

    Take on the energy of being loved, supported and celebrated, by the Universe and by others. The glamorous life allows you the freedom to receive and operate above fear of failure or neglect.

    • Glamorous life
    • money ritual
    • Prosperity
    • ritual
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  • Come To Me

    Bring the object of your affection closer to you. An email/messenger interview is usually conducted before work begins. PLEASE NOTE: This will not work if you are calling for someone who is married or in love with someone else.

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  • Family Protection

    Protection ritual done for the entire household, or bloodline.


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  • Personal Protection

    Detailed protection work done for an individual or can be used for a couple only!


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  • Family Wealth Ritual

    Ritual work done to bring forth abundance, prosperity and opportunities for an entire household or for the bloodline.

    • family wealth work
    • Wealth ritual

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  • Personal Wealth

    Personal wealth ritual designed to open doors of opportunity, bring forth increase in all areas and increase the income and legacy building opportunities of a specific person. Can be used for a married couple.


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  • Return to Sender

    Return negativity and any spell work to the sender and bind it to them.

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  • Cloaking

    Cloak your energy and movements from those who you need to stay hidden from or who have been on the attack. Also great for protecting your ideas and private thoughts as you plan major moves.


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  • Court Case

    Magickal assistance provided via spellwork to get you the best possible outcome on your court proceedings. No specific results can be guaranteed but divination is done throughout the process. This fee covers 1-3 burnings.


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  • Uncrossing

    Remove hexes, binds, crossings and other work that has been performed on you.

    From: $1,200.00

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  • Road Opening

    Blockbuster and road opener work combined to get energy and opportunities flowing in your life once more.


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