Debt Cancellation and Rich Bitch Oils

Hey everyone so here’s my report on these two oils…first Debt Cancellation, I started using this oil bc I had a crap load of credit card debt, yes I was running wild and enjoyed swiping my cards too much all six of them. When the bills started to come in I was like damn.? To be completely transparent, I wasn’t working and my husband was paying my cards and he didn’t understand why the balance wasn’t going down, as you can tell he didn’t know about all my fun…anyway. I started to feel bad because he shouldn’t have to pay but remember I wasn’t working. So I purchased this oil and started wearing it, putting in on my money altar, burning candles and doing water work…I would say “All of my debts are cleared and paid in full, I owe no one anything.” I confessed this several times a day and truly believed it. Out of the blue a friend called me to tell me about a temporary four month position at a tax office. I went for the interview and got hired right there on the spot…started paying off my cards, focused on one at a time not to feel overwhelmed, and even after the position ended money still kept finding its way to me and guess what…all of my cards are paid in full…woot woot! In January I started wearing rich bitch using it in my work as well…I was at work and the owner kept telling me I smell good, asked what was I wearing and I said Rich Bitch…he laughed because he thinks I just this wild child lol…make a long story short…he had a food truck that he wanted to sell for $11,000 he knew I was interested in a food truck…so he told me to fix it up and pay him $3,000 once I had it up and running…say what?!?!?! 

Guys you better work your Magick and believe in your power don’t be discouraged keep going. Now I’m working on having our mortgage paid off in full. Everyone have a Magickal day filled with love and laughter.