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  • Full Harvest Mega Ritual

    Below are suggestions if you want to light candles to burn along with Emme Rain. All needed to participate is payment and make sure you watch the live, if possible, to make it easier to receive the energy. This is channeled energy so Emme represents each purchaser. Date and Time- October 10 at 10PM CST/11PM Eastern Location- Magickal Mystic FB page (click link and follow and turn on notifications so you don’t miss the ritual) Candles and Oils- Full Harvest, Manifestation, Generational Wealth, Pay Me, Vibration of Success, Triumphant, Fulfillment, Beautiful, Divine Surplus, Inheritance, Accumulation, Infinite Wealth Herbs- rosemary, coriander seed, allspice, cinnamon, chamomile Crystals- tiger’s eye, pyrite, clear quartz, citrine, green aventurine Affirmation- I AFFIRM, I enjoy a healthy abundance and harvest peace, power and prosperity!

    • Full Harvest ritual
    • manifestation ritual
    • money ritual


  • Personal Wealth

    Personal wealth ritual designed to open doors of opportunity, bring forth increase in all areas and increase the income and legacy building opportunities of a specific person. Can be used for a married couple.

    • money magick
    • money ritual
    • Personal wealth
    • Wealth ritual

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Showing all 2 results