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As I was sitting and thinking these last few days, a thought came to my mind of words I had written in times past. I had written a poem called Love is at the Gate.
This poem all in all brings forth the concepts of love and hate. These are two feelings that are equal and opposite of one another.
See honestly you cannot have one without the other. There are times and moments in our lives where we feel as if we hate something/someone/ourselves so strongly.
Yet we realize there was first love there or learn to have love for it instead.
We need to take time to really contemplate, ruminate, on why we feel such hatred and anger towards these deeply penetrating feelings and thoughts.
When doing so look for the love that is there, or if it’s not transmute it so that it is so. This will allow for release and peace of mind, body and spirit.

~Zuly F “Zuly-of-One”