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Physically, emotionally, and metaphysically the heart is the center vitality. In Ancient Chinese Medicine and Traditional Greek Medicine there is a fundamental principle that each type of emotion we experience impacts an organ.
There is also the principle that the state of each organ impacts our emotions. In modern new age metaphysical philosophy, the heart represents the center of love and security and the seat of physic activity. These concepts are all reminders that we should consistently practice lifestyle routines and rituals that nurture the heart.

Physically your heart has as some major responsibilities like regulating the blood flow and blood vessels. You can live without some organs, but you cannot live without your heart.
Physically the heart is strengthened by a nutrient rich diet that includes an abundance of fresh vegetable, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, and unheated omega rich oils.

Emotionally the heart is strengthened by joy, love, courage, valor, honesty, forthrightness, altruism and compassion. Further, it is weakened by lack of enthusiasm, lack of vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia, and despair.
Take some time to explore what your heart is telling you through your physical heart health, emotional well-being, and your spiritual connection to the source that you believe in.
You have the power to fuel, balance, or align your heart to embody that which you want to create and experience.

Considering these factors, what do you think your heart is telling you?

What can you do today to make your heart sing on all levels? How could your energy and life be empowered if you nurtured and fortified your heart more. Need a tool to get started now, mediate with intention of balancing and tuning into what your heart needs more of.

~Nishisksi C ”Thrive Now Wellness”