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  • The Magick of Glamours Journal

    Glamours are as old as time, enchanting the eyes and hearts of those who behold the enchantress. The Magick of Glamours guided journal is designed to help you dig into who you are and what you really want so that you can target your magick toward the specific outcomes, using glamours to gain favors and recognition. Glamours are also powerful for self love work. As you work the magick and conjure the image and frequency you want to wrap yourself in, it also becomes a part of your subconscious and starts to shift how you see yourself, as well as how it feels to be you. Follow these 99 journal prompts to change everything about your life. It will change how you are seen and the outcomes of your daily activity. Powerful magick and realizations lie between the covers!

    • glamour magick
    • glamours
    • workbook
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  • Ancestral Rites of Passage Journal

    The Ancestral Rites of Passage Journal guides the reader through creating a fulfilling and powerful connection to the ancestral realm. This is the best of inner reflection and ancestral healing and empowerment.

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  • Creating A Magickal Lifestyle Journal

    A companion to the Creating a Magickal Lifestyle Course at, this 8 week journal helps you to create magick in mundane activities and add intention to some of the most basic aspects of life. Powerful reflection points and actionable suggestions that will make your life a sacred garden from which your desires manifest and grow.

    • 8 week journal
    • books by Emme Rain
    • magickal activity
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  • The Key of Me Journal

    Go through the powerful, acclaimed 44 day program developed by Emme Rain to assist with reclaiming your personal power and teaching you how to wield it. The exercises in this book are life-changing, life-affirming and life-expanding. Emme Rain is a top program designer for over 20 years, and The Key of Me has been called one of her most dynamic programs yet. Key of Me deals with:

    • Mindset shifts
    • Lifestyle adjustments
    • Dealing with self image and self worth
    • Tapping deeper into personal truth
    • Releasing pain and trauma and rewriting the narrative of your life

    • Emme Rain books
    • Journal
    • self help
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  • Sexual Prowess Journal

    Sex magick introduction journal to help you learn to channel your sexual energy toward healing and manifestation. One of Emme Rain’s bestselling classes, the journal spent 5 days as the #1 New Release on Amazon and 8 days in the top #25 in its category.

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  • The Money Magick Workbook

    Finally, it is here! Daily exercises to help you dedicate yourself to your wealth and abundance. This Money Magick Workbook is the answer to those who need a written guide for their journey to wealth.

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  • SpiRitual Gangsta Paperback – November 21, 2018

    Ritual has been around as long as people. From daily baths to house cleaning, we have many routines that are practiced for purpose. But when it comes to getting what we want, there can be a disconnect. Religion has demonized ritual for the average person, though they themselves use it. SpiRitual Gangsta is a book that shows you how to assemble the tools all around you to create the life you want. This is your power companion.

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Showing all 7 results