Magickal Bath

Give yourself much needed and deserved TLC with these spirit and skin pampering magickal bath blends.

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  • Divine Surplus Bath

    Divine Surplus is the energy of overflow in your life, the energy of plentitude. It is an easier wealth, a flowing surplus to operate from for the entirety of your life.

    • cosmic abundance
    • Divine Surplus
    • money bath
    • overflow
    • plentitude
    • wealth bath


  • Just Desserts Bath

    Just Desserts is a triple blended product, created to attract back what you have given out when reciprocity is slow in coming from those you've helped. However, it can be used to cast karmic debt or weight on others who have wronged you as well. Ultimately, it is all about you feeling good and getting what you deserve.

    • infused bath
    • Just Desserts
    • reciprocity
    • spoiled


  • Qetesh Bath

    Goddess of love, sex, fertility and seduction, this goddess is a movement for those seeking to embrace their divine femininity. She was considered the mistress or confidant of the gods. She was one of the most trusted energies of ancient times. She is considered the mistress of magic and one of the most powerful conjurers. She teaches the dark arts and assists with obtaining positions of power and trust.

    • pleasure bath
    • power bath
    • Qetesh
    • sex bath


  • Luxurious Infused Bath

    This Lakshmi inspired blend is filled with the vibrations of lushness, abundance, love, adoration, and self acceptance. In short, it is a celebration of life. This bath is infused for wealth, opulence and success. Very powerful energy  and the magick is undeniable!

    • Lakshmi inspired
    • Luxurious
    • money bath
    • opulence


  • Pomba Gira Bath

    Goddess of love, lust and pleasure. Pomba Gira helps to open up your pleasure centers and teaches you how to receive pleasure sexually, physically and financially. She brings true power into your life, personal power and helps you to have more resolve with your life's direction. This bath is ritually blessed to help you connect with her with ease. It is intentioned for love, lust and power and ready to be used for whatever your personal intentions are.

    • goddess of love
    • lust
    • Pomba Gira
    • sex


  • Easy Street Bath

    Soak in the luxuriating bath blend hand created by Emme Rain herself. This blend is meant to draw sweeter and easier circumstances into your life in all aspects in which you may be currently struggling. Run bath as warm as you can stand it and pour in your salts. Set your intention and hold it as you add the magick to your bath. For added kick, add a dropper of the oil as well. Then get in and allow your body to absorb the magick. Pairs well with Frequency, R$ch B$tch, Adore Me, Enchantment, Exalted and Chosen.

    • bath blend
    • bath salts
    • Easy Street
    • healing bath
    • love bath
    • money bath


  • Accumulation Money Bath

    Accumulation is blended to work across the spectrum to bring in money and accumulate wealth on your behalf. Pour this ritually infused blend into your hot bath or soak and allow yourself to absorb the energy and essence of lasting wealth.

    • energy bath
    • money bath
    • wealth bath


  • Triumphant Bath

    This Victorious Jubilation is a vibration that lifts the heart, the mind and the soul. It is not just evolving, but doing it happily. It’s the winning hand in life. You are TRIUMPHANT! Trimphant bath is blended to use in your bath or foot, hand and body soaks. Great for infusing the energy of joy and victory into your life but also a tool to help reverse bad luck and combat losses. If you’ve been going through it, this tool quickly shifts your vibration.



  • Ambition Bath

    Blended and infused to help you tap into your inner fortitude and motivation, this blend is a great way to start your day. Add half a pack to your bath as the water runs. Allow yourself to absorb the essences all around you and to recharge your energetic body. Great also for foot spas and can be added to your water while getting a pedicure.

    • bath salts
    • Inner fortitude
    • motivation
    • refill energy


  • Auset Bath

    Auset, the Kemetic deity often syncretized to Isis, is one of the oldest and purest versions of the divine feminine and represents the giver of life and guide through life and the afterlife. She is Creatrix and Protectress. She is a proponent for the evolution and elevation of humankind and is often said to be a teacher of arts, writing and agriculture. She is divine and she is royalty and is often honored as queen. Work with Auset to bring new life, expansion and wisdom into your life. Great also for those who want to learn magick, natural arts and other wise workings. She is a walker of veils and an initiator.

    • Auset
    • energy bath
    • magick bath


  • World Domination Bath

    Enchant them all and call them into agreement with you!



  • Key of Me Bath

    Key of Me bath is a blend of herbs and essences that help you tap into the truth of yourself. It has a clearing and healing effect. It also has a calming effect on the mind and heart. Our customers rank this one of our top 10 bath blends.

    • confidence
    • courage
    • self honor
    • Self love


  • Emmebodiment Bath

    • bath blends
    • Bath salt
    • herbal blends


  • Millionaires Bath

    The bath of millionaires, energy infused to make you look, feel and smell like a million bucks and draw new opportunities into your life.

    • Millionaires
    • MMM
    • money bath
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power


  • BD Energy Bath

    Boss diva, boldly divine, big dawg energy… this is courage and boldness in a bag.

    • bath salts
    • BD Energy
    • courage
    • Spiritual Power


  • Caress Bath

    The sweetness of life, relaxation and being loved.

    • Bath salt
    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex


Showing 1–16 of 40 results