Love and Sex

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  • EMerge Fragrance

    This premium sexual fragrance is a celebration of the emergence of YOU, your divine self, your recreated goddess/god self.

    • divinity
    • goddess
    • Love and Sex
    • wearable magick
  • Soul Snatch Butter

    Snatch souls with this sexual masterpiece!

    • body butter
    • Love and Sex
    • love potion
    • Soul Snatch
  • Oshun Beauty Butter

    Beauty Butter is the Oshun inspired and spirit touched body butter. Fully charged to add beauty, love and joy into your life.

    • avocado oil
    • cocoa butter
    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
    • Oshun
  • Tantric Heat Butter

    Tantric heat is THE go to body butter for those practicing tantra or wishing to increase the power of their sexual experiences.

    • Love
    • Love and Sex
    • Sex magick
    • Tantra
  • Enchantment Bath

    Bathe or soak in this salt blended bath used to infuse you with the essence of adoration, love, power and position. Add half a pack to your bath water or foot soak and allow yourself to absorb the essence of attraction and appeal to anyone you want, or the masses as a whole.

    • Love and Sex
    • magical bath
    • spiritual bath
    • Spiritual Power
  • Soul Snatch Bath

    The bath blend that will get you anything you want in bed over and over again. Brings you into a space of power with your lover.

    • Love and Sex
    • love bath
    • Love magick
    • Sex magick
    • Spiritual Power
  • Sugar Daddy Bath

    Blended with Sugar Daddy oil, this bath blend is created to bring beneficial sexual connections and relationships into your life.

    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
  • Lasting Love Bath

    Draw love into your life.

    • infused baths
    • Love and Sex
    • marriage
    • Relationships

Showing 33–40 of 40 results