serpent energy

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  • Nagas Oil

    Awaken and celebrate serpentine energy and connect with the essence and power of the Naga. This cosmic healing energy is the power of awakened kundalini, the essence of walking in divinity. Naga are divine or semi-divine, meaning hybrids, and are water beings, some elementals who control rain and water in all of its forms. They are shapeshifters. They are considered initiators into primordial power and in some myths considered the progenitors of large segments of the human race, calling them continually to ascend.

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  • Kundalini Awakening Oil

    If you’ve wanted to experience the serpent energy, this oil is for you. This blend calls to the kundalini energy resting at the base of your spine and awakens it gently. It helps to clear blockages that cause disruptive, painful kundalini rising events. Powerful blend of herbs and essential oils infused with intention.

    • Kundalini
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Showing all 2 results