Emotional Distractions

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Emotional Distractions
There are times and seasons in our lives where we get caught up in how we are feeling. This is not to say that it is wrong to feel or have emotions; we have to be cautious as to not allow these to overcome us and get in the way of living life, moving forward towards our goals.
When these emotions bubble forth, causing us to lose sight and possibly our way, it is time for us to evaluate where they come from and why.
Seek out the deep seeded root cause. Learn to do this for your self-health in order to heal. If it’s difficult to figure out alone with yourself and spirit/universal guidance, reach out to a friend, mentor, or professional for assistance.
Know it’s okay to dig in order to get out from under the distraction so that you may progress, transmute and be free.
~Zulaimy F . “Zuly Of-One”
Remember, you have a choice. You’re the one that allows toxic people to walk in your life; you can read every e-mail joke; you can let others control your time by dropping everything when they call.
You can be distracted by those who don’t value their time and try to steal yours; or you can focus on priorities that help you accomplish your goals. It’s time to avoid distractions..
~Kendra C “Kendra’s Love Corner”

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