The Emotions are powerful and embody the ability to fuel any abstract idea or thought and its tangible state. Emotions are a power that can either heal or destroy the environment and energy centers of humanity. Consider an elemental approach to categorize emotions and maintain dominion over them:

Earth – Grounded, centered. Easily identifiable, solid, sturdy and reliable like a mountain. When too grounded, it’s energy is buried, cold, cocooned, and appearing to lack liveliness.

Air – Beautiful, breezy movements, freedom, the ability to transfer easily from one place to the next. Not totally visible but the effect it has on it’s surroundings is clearly visible. When emotions are too “airy” or too strong, they cannot be contained and will blow down or tear apart its environment and
the beings within it.

Fire- warmth, heat, the ability to temper and purify a substance. Living beings thrive from warmth. Heat creates an environment for incubation, for growth. When too hot or too fiery, emotions in this form will torture and incinerate beings from within. May fuel explosive and heinous acts.

Water- Nurturing, fluid and powerful. Has the ability to surround, support and saturate down to the molecular level. When out of balance, fluid emotions can be intense with powerful impact, and unpredictable. Toppling sweeping victims away. It’s power, once off in the distance, can wipe clean all traces of what once was.

Wrap the mind fully around how these elements speak to your present emotional state. Once one is able to diagnose the elemental levels of an emotion, then the path of healing before them is clear. Meditate on massive fiery emotions and imagine streams of cool water trickling onto the flames until they are calm serene ribbons of heat.

For rushing water, imagine a series of stones (Earth) meticulously placed in a pattern that allows the rushing water to calm and experience a harmonious rhythm within it’s flow.

For air, imagine tiny water particles affixing themselves to the “breeze” to add density, slowing down the frantic rush of the winds movement. For Earth, you may decide to meditate on fire applying it’s warmth to a cool or dead emotion, bringing it back to life.

The emotions are valid and should be nurtured properly as the new age “I don’t care” movement continues to plague the human race. Care. It’s okay to. But in addition to being “In Your Feelings”, take that as an opportunity to also manage them.

Your soul will be eternally grateful

~Devi Siddhi “Devi’s Crystals”

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I want to thank you for this article. Because I’ve always had problems controlling no managing my emotions, this has put a lot into perspective for me.

Thank you, this is much needed for me right now <3

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