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Skincare products that improves your skin’s appearance and your vibration…

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  • Divine Surplus Butter

    Divine Surplus is the energy of overflow in your life, the energy of plentitude. It is an easier wealth, a flowing surplus to operate from for the entirety of your life.

    • Divine Surplus
    • money butter
    • overflow
    • wealth butter


  • Just Desserts Butter

    Just Desserts is a triple blended product, created to attract back what you have given out when reciprocity is slow in coming from those you've helped. However, it can be used to cast karmic debt or weight on others who have wronged you as well. Ultimately, it is all about you feeling good and getting what you deserve.

    • karma
    • karmic debt
    • reciprocity


  • Qetesh Butter

    Goddess of love, sex, fertility and seduction, this goddess is a movement for those seeking to embrace their divine femininity. She was considered the mistress or confidant of the gods. She was one of the most trusted energies of ancient times. She is considered the mistress of magic and one of the most powerful conjurers. She teaches the dark arts and assists with obtaining positions of power and trust.

    • body butter
    • infused butter
    • Qetesh
    • wearable magick


  • Easy Street Butter

    Slather up in the luxuriating butter hand whipped by Emme Rain herself. This blend is meant to draw sweeter and easier circumstances into your life in all aspects in which you may be currently struggling. Set your intention and hold it as you rub on the body butter. For added kick, add a dropper of your favorite MM or TA oil as well. Allow your body to absorb the magick. Pairs well with Frequency, R$ch B$tch, Adore Me, Enchantment, Exalted and Chosen.

    • Easy Street
    • hand whipped butter
    • wearable magick


  • SunBlissed Butter

    Crush those low vibrations under your foot and create an aura of happiness, empowerment and clarity. SunBlissed is a proprietary blend infused with the magick, beauty and power of the sun. Rub on each morning before starting your day to experience a lifted and lighthearted energy throughout the day.

    • Anti-depressant
    • body butter
    • happiness
    • solar magic
    • sun magick


  • Accumulation Butter

    Income. Assets. Inheritances. Winnings. Investments. This is how you begin and how you finish strong.



  • Morrigan Butter

    Brings Morrigan into your life, in all her power, wisdom and glory. She is warrior, protector, guide. Morrigan is a great guide during times of shifting and growing, she is a strategist and she is a warrior. Work with her and build a relationship to get the best out of her. She is the mistress of dark arts, and often found as a protective companion to those who are entering mediumship and necromancy. I recommend evoking her as a teacher, guide and protector.



  • Dominate Butter

    Rub down in power and control your vibration and the circumstances going on in your life. Great to give you the upper hand in life and in any particular situation. Great to wear before court.

    • commanding
    • do as I say
    • Upper hand


  • Triumphant Butter

    This Victorious Jubilation is a vibration that lifts the heart, the mind and the soul. It is not just evolving, but doing it happily. It’s the winning hand in life. You are TRIUMPHANT! Trimphant butter is blended for regular, daily use. Rub on liberally as part of your daily grooming.

    • cocoa butter
    • energy infused butter
    • shea butter
    • victorious jubilation
    • wearable magick


  • Impenetrable Defense Butter

    Use to seal and fortify your aura. This butter blocks energy vampires and leeches, helps to stop empathic sickness that comes from being unable to disconnect from the pain of those around you and more. It is a shield that many healers swear by. Over 20,000 customers swear by the power of this protective tool as an oil, candle and bath. Now you get to really keep your aura health front and center with the butter. *Do a skin test before applying over entire body. ** Please note that the smell is slightly different in order to make it wearable, but the power is just as intense.

    • Aura protection
    • auric magick
    • protection butter
    • seal your aura


  • Ambition Butter

    Ambition is a blend of the elements, all lending their strength to create a powerful enchantment that elevates you from within. It builds inner strength and fortitude. It increases physical, mental and emotional energy. It is infused with clarity, direction, force and boldness. Ambition is the audacity to live your life on your own terms according to the power vested in you. It is your get up and get going butter.

    • Ambition
    • avocado extract
    • coconut oil
    • Inner fortitude
    • whipped butter


  • Luxurious Energy Infused Butter

    This Lakshmi inspired blend is filled with the vibrations of lushness, abundance, love, adoration, and self acceptance. In short, it is a celebration of life. Blended with shea, mango and kokum, you will also see major improvements in skin texture with continued use.



  • Adore Me Butter

    Bring love, support, understanding, companionship that is enjoyable. This butter is amped up and infused with the energy of 7 divine essences of love, sweet domination and compelling energy.

    • body butters
    • love butter
    • Sex butter
    • wearable magick


  • Fulfillment Butter

    Fulfillment is about self-love, wholeness, and wealth in all areas. It is the energy of completion and sweetness, elevation and evolution. It’s one of the sweetest vibrations in a bottle you’ll ever experience! Use to fortify yourself within and nourish your heart. This blend calls you into a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself.  

    • body butters
    • contentment
    • happiness
    • inner peace
    • wearable magick


  • Auset Infused Butter

    Auset, the Kemetic deity often syncretized to Isis, is one of the oldest and purest versions of the divine feminine and represents the giver of life and guide through life and the afterlife. She is Creatrix and Protectress. She is a proponent for the evolution and elevation of humankind and is often said to be a teacher of arts, writing and agriculture. She is divine and she is royalty and is often honored as queen. Work with Auset to bring new life, expansion and wisdom into your life. Great also for those who want to learn magick, natural arts and other wise workings. She is a walker of veils and an initiator.

    • Auset butter
    • body butter
    • wearable magick


  • Oya Butter

    Oya is the goddess of change, of the marketplace and also a storm bringer who removes all dead weight and the things that have you in bondage. As the Creatrix behind much of the Emme Rain brand, she is proven to show up time and again for those who work with her. Use this butter to call her forth, to infuse your life with her protective, wise and wealth creating energy. From healing to wealth, she’s a team member who delivers.

    • Orisha of change
    • Orisha of Wind
    • Oya


Showing 1–16 of 50 results