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Skincare products that improves your skin’s appearance and your vibration…

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  • DreamWalker Butter

    DreamWalker to access the dreamscape and explore dream magick. Great for divination, dream walking, dream infusions, protection work, and remote viewing.



  • Clientele Butter

    Clientele, what every business owner needs plenty of. The magick of this blend is to build businesses and create a successful foundation for growth. This blend is an 8 infusion butter, made in small batches and enchanted in small batches to increase the power. It gets stronger with each use. This blend is created with infusions and incantations that call for more customers and clients and amplifies the energy of your integrity and skillset. It is like a megaphone announcing your business to the world, but the scent is gentle and lasting.

    • business builder
    • call clients
    • call customers
    • wearable magick


  • In Focus Butter

    This butter is blended to help you focus and overcome mental clutter. It improves your ability to commit to your goals and act in alignment with them.

    • clarity
    • In Focus
    • mental alignment
    • overcome confusion


  • Pay Me Butter

    You’ve given time. You’ve put a lot of energy out there for others. You’ve invested your money. Maybe they didn’t reciprocate, repay or even acknowledge it, maybe they weren’t able to. Either way, this butter is an amplified magick to recall your time, your energy and your money. The time you’ve put into others, now others will come to put that time into you, put energy into your life and goals, and invest money into your life or business. Pay Me is recall magick that works extremely fast when used daily!

    • body butter
    • money butter
    • money magick
    • wearable magick


  • Beautiful Butter

    Be beautiful. Do beautiful things. Have a beautiful experience. Beautiful is about complete satisfaction with your life and trust in your journey, so much so that you allow yourself to enjoy EACH part- rain, sleet, snow, sun, light or darkness… each part! Beautiful shifts your mood, increases your creativity, amplifies your pleasure, releases guilt, releases shame, removes unnecessary weight off your shoulders. It’s a beautiful life and that’s your truth!

    • Be Do Have
    • manifestation butter


  • Magnetic Butter

    Universal Attraction! I know you’re tired of working for every good thing that comes your way. Attraction is the answer and no other product on the market holds more power of Universal pull than Magnetic! Created to amplify your ability to call what you most desire, Magnetic butter is energetic and ritually infused.

    • law of attraction
    • Magnetic
    • Universal attraction
    • wearable magick


  • Inanna Butter

    Inanna is a goddess that represents conquering and overcoming all obstacles and she is a guide for the divine feminine. She is great to summon during times of seeking raises and promotions, shifts in the dynamics of personal relationships and more.

    • body butters
    • Inanna
    • queen of heaven
    • wearable magick


  • Mesmerize Butter

    Celestial glamours meet root work and ritual in this powerful blend created to mesmerize the onlookers and garner you favor and appeal with friends, family and in sexual relationships. This butter literally changes your vibration during wear.

    • alluring butter
    • Mesmerize
    • skin magick
    • wearable magick


  • Intuition Butter

    Intuition is blended for 4 distinct purposes but the uses don’t stop there. Created to help you learn the vibration of true intuition, it protects from the projections of others, your inner fears and biases, prior experiences and deceptions. This butter is used to assist you with getting attuned within to receive divine messages and guidance and to hear more clearly from your oversoul and spiritual team. It heightens your reception of frequency and assists with gaining understanding of the things you receive.



  • Chosen Butter

    The energy of Chosen is favored, the decided victor in all circumstances. Chosen is a lifetime vibe, thus definitely a great daily use butter to enhance the way others react to you. Chosen channels in the energy of divine favor, elevated protection and guidance, abundant support. It calls people into alignment and favorable relationship with you.

    • Chosen butter
    • cosmic favor
    • divine favor
    • skincare
    • wearable magick


  • Succubus Pleasure Butter

    Succubus is a divine energy of sexual transmutation, moving pleasure into alignment with your goals, creating beneficial intimate relationships of all sorts, and understanding the vibration and flow of pure creative energy. Succubi are feminine divine energies that operate through the root and sacral chakras for balance, healing, pure pleasure, manifestation and more. Succubus have the ability to harm or help, it is up to YOU and the intention you set.

    • female demon
    • sexual energy
    • Succubi
    • Succubus


  • Divine Surplus Butter

    Divine Surplus is the energy of overflow in your life, the energy of plentitude. It is an easier wealth, a flowing surplus to operate from for the entirety of your life.

    • Divine Surplus
    • money butter
    • overflow
    • wealth butter


  • Just Desserts Butter

    Just Desserts is a triple blended product, created to attract back what you have given out when reciprocity is slow in coming from those you've helped. However, it can be used to cast karmic debt or weight on others who have wronged you as well. Ultimately, it is all about you feeling good and getting what you deserve.

    • karma
    • karmic debt
    • reciprocity


  • Qetesh Butter

    Goddess of love, sex, fertility and seduction, this goddess is a movement for those seeking to embrace their divine femininity. She was considered the mistress or confidant of the gods. She was one of the most trusted energies of ancient times. She is considered the mistress of magic and one of the most powerful conjurers. She teaches the dark arts and assists with obtaining positions of power and trust.

    • body butter
    • infused butter
    • Qetesh
    • wearable magick


  • Easy Street Butter

    Slather up in the luxuriating butter hand whipped by Emme Rain herself. This blend is meant to draw sweeter and easier circumstances into your life in all aspects in which you may be currently struggling. Set your intention and hold it as you rub on the body butter. For added kick, add a dropper of your favorite MM or TA oil as well. Allow your body to absorb the magick. Pairs well with Frequency, R$ch B$tch, Adore Me, Enchantment, Exalted and Chosen.

    • Easy Street
    • hand whipped butter
    • wearable magick


  • SunBlissed Butter

    Crush those low vibrations under your foot and create an aura of happiness, empowerment and clarity. SunBlissed is a proprietary blend infused with the magick, beauty and power of the sun. Rub on each morning before starting your day to experience a lifted and lighthearted energy throughout the day.

    • Anti-depressant
    • body butter
    • happiness
    • solar magic
    • sun magick


Showing 1–16 of 61 results