Magickal Candles

Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.

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  • Fresh Out Candle

    YOU are fresh out of chances for those who abuse you, fresh out of understanding how they could hurt you over and over, fresh out of trying to no avail. This is a celebration of endings.

    • Endings
    • New beginnings
  • Fresh Take Candle

    Rewrite the narrative of your life, changing the energy of your life. Fresh Take is a new way to look at your circumstances, experiences and the raw material in your life. It is mindset work that prepares you for success in every area of your life and helps you get over your past more completely. Everything is working together for your good!

    • manifestation
    • mindset shifts
    • Rewrite the narrative
  • Fresh Start Candle

    New beginnings and restarts are opportunities to use what you have learned to create amazing outcomes for yourself and your family. The magick in this blend is infused with the energy of Spring, the energy of the divine mothers, with the energy of Creators and aligned to help you start again and be SUCCESSFUL this time.

    • New beginnings
    • Prosperity
    • refresh
    • reset
    • restart
  • Amplify Candle

    Amplify, the energy of stronger, faster, louder, longer, the magick and the results! Amplify is used to make you and your work stronger, to bring about faster results, to ensure the results last longer than they normally do. It’s also good for extending your meditations and empowering your divination, extending your time in out of body experiences and more. It is pure amplification magick. It will work on what you apply it to. Use this candle as an amplifier in your magick or to supercharge your energy from creativity to pure physical energy.

    • amplification
    • Amplify
    • stronger magick
  • Brahma Candle

    The great wise sage and creator spirit of Brahma, he who elevates your frequency and amplifies your own creative potential. This candle is infused with his energy and charged through sigil for manifestation, healing and elevation.

    • Brahma
    • healing
    • Sage
    • wisdom
  • Kinetic Candle

    Kinetic energy is the energy generated by motion and friction. This energy can be used to manifest, expand, and to rejuvenate. Kinetic energy is plentiful and easy to harness into agreement with your spiritual work. Use this candle in rituals to increase the power and speed of your spell or ritual. Use it as a meditative companion, or in your personal work to rejuvenate and replenish your energetic stores within.

    • energy stores
    • Kinetic
    • Kinetic energy
    • ritual amplifier
  • Blood In The Water Candle

    The premier protection combo that helps you tap into high level defense against baneful magick. Great for capitalizing on the weakness of those who come against you. This candle is a fiery and quick interpretation of the magick and works well to harness the essence of the opposition, to transmute and to feed you. Great as a meditative aid, but created for ritual and spells.

    • dark energy
    • offensive protection
    • Protection
  • Shapeshifter Candle

    The energy of the shifters collected and infused into this candle to help you tap into high level energy manipulation. Great for shifting your physical and emotional energy, as well as taking on specific energetic signatures as you journey. This blend has Lemurian, Draconian, Lyran and Arcturian energy, infused for shielded glamours and protection. Great for accessing information, for protection, and for cloaking in work.

    • Arcturian
    • chameleon
    • Lyran
    • Shapeshifter
    • Starseed
  • All Is Fair Candle

    The energy of Astarte captured in her purest essence. She is the goddess of love. She is the goddess of war. She is a goddess of extremes and contrasting dynamics. She brings an intense power of protection, but also a fiery passion for life and love. She is hot, expansive, enlivening! Let this candle burn all the way through. Sit with it for the first 33 minutes in meditative style and allow Astarte’s energy to saturate you and your home, temple or office. Pull her in.

    • Astarte
    • goddess of love
    • goddess of war
  • Affluence Candle

    This power infused candle is ritually charged to increase your power to produce and maintain wealth and enhance your ability to add assets to your portfolio. It is the ultimate in wealth, luxury, luck and privilege.

    • Affluence
    • assets
    • money candle
    • wealth
  • Nagas Candle

    Awaken and celebrate serpentine energy and connect with the essence and power of the Naga. This cosmic healing energy is the power of awakened kundalini, the essence of walking in divinity. Naga are divine or semi-divine, meaning hybrids, and are water beings, some elementals who control rain and water in all of its forms. They are shapeshifters. They are considered initiators into primordial power and in some myths considered the progenitors of large segments of the human race, calling them continually to ascend.

    • Ascension
    • body restoration
    • serpentine energy
  • Desirable Candle

    Desirable is the magick of attraction, attention, passion and pleasure wrapped in beneficial and loving energy. It is a powerful enchantment set with sigils and sex magick. Wonderful as an amplifier for your love, sex or attraction rituals and spells.

  • Horus Candle

    Horus, the great Heru, is the sky god of war, the god of the morning star, the god of restoration. He is one of few gods connected with both the sun and moon, to represent the fullness of life. He is a dynamic protector but also great when learning or expanding your magick. Use this candle for summoning, offering, to channel or as the centerpiece of physical healing rituals. Great for solar and lunar rituals as well.

    • healing
    • Heru
    • Horus
    • nobility
    • sky god
  • Manat Candle

    Manat is the goddess of destiny. She is the mistress of time, purveyor of dark arts and holder of ancient spiritual artifacts. She is also the goddess of death, one who sits in the void. This goddess is embodied primordial wisdom who guides toward rebirth and mastery, as well as protection.

    • goddess of death
    • goddess of time
    • Manat
  • Naberius Candle

    Naberius, the most eloquent one, a demon often appearing as a raven or 3 head dog. He teaches cunning, dark arts, conjure, and the art of gracious living. His energy is gentle, protective, guiding and kind, like a grandfather. Great offerings for Naberius include vegetable medleys, dark liquors including whiskeys. Try working with him outside when you have an opportunity. This candle is for summoning, channeling, invocation and/or offering. Great meditative companion when working with the energy, but also a wonderful way to absorb the energy and blessing of Naberius.

    • demon of eloquence
    • Naberius
    • old gods
  • Influential Candle

    Influence is the ability to impact the thoughts, emotions, behaviors and characters of others. To be influential is to have a part of someone else’s development. The influencer is a leader, guiding those who seek direction in life. Influential is intricate weaver magick that helps you craft a life of power for yourself, and those who follow you. It protects you in your place of power as well so that no one can take you down unless you allow it. Influential is YOU walking IN your power and helping others do the same in whatever way you rock at! It is wealth energy weaved together with enchantments and glamours, weaved together with protection and baneful energy rebound, weaved together with ascension, weaved together with primordial knots and blessed by Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Venus energy. UNBREAKABLE MAGICK. Only you can undo what you build with this. Always practice fire safety, but this is a candle that works best when it does not have to be snuffed. Let the magick rip!

    • Influence
    • influencer
    • leaders
    • mentors
    • success candle

Showing 1–16 of 221 results