Magickal Candles

Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.

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  • Majesty Candle

    • divine power
    • Majesty
    • royal decree
    • royal privilege


  • Key of Me Candle

    • Ascension
    • Individuality
    • self honor
    • Self love


  • World Domination Candle

    • enchantment
    • soy wax
    • spell candle
    • World Domination


  • Kubera Candle

    • Candle
    • god of wealth
    • Kubera
    • prosperity candle
    • soy candle


  • Mammon Candle

    Mammon, Dark Lord of Riches is officially a power infused candle and ready to use. Fully infused to bring riches into your life, simply sit with this candle an absorb the energy of opulence. Listen for guidance and instructions that may come forth.

    • Mammon
    • money candles
    • money embodied
    • riches


  • Pot of Gold Candle

    One of the most dynamic money candles from Magickal Mystic yet, Pot of Gold is the energetic equivalent to striking gold. It’s a by any means wealth candle that brings money quickly!

    • get rich
    • money candle
    • Pot of Gold
    • wealth candle


  • Draconian Candle

    Channel the energy of the Draco star system and align with the energy of protective draconian race including majestic dragons. This is a starseed call.

    • Draco
    • draconian
    • star system
    • warrior race


  • Concordia Candle

    Concordia is the goddess of agreement and concord. She’s powerful for alignment work, gaining support and momentum as well as inheritance work. Working with Concordia is about creating a sacred space and/or time that lends to flow. She’s easy to call forth but also easy to offend. Concordia requires patience, time and attention. She often speaks through dreams and colors.

    • agreement
    • Concordia
    • goddess of harmony
    • Harmonia
    • harmony
    • ritual candle


  • Devastation Candle

    Blended to level your enemy and bring absolute chaos into their lives.

    • baneful magick
    • chaos magick
    • Devastation
    • Protection


  • Emmebodiment Candle

    The Magick of Everything in fire form with a very palpable vibration.

    • divine energy
    • Emmebodiment
    • Oversoul
    • purpose


  • Crow Magick Candle

    Tap into the energy and magick of crows and use in rituals for restoration, channeling, veilwalking, protection and more.

    • channeling
    • Crows
    • divination
    • life restoration
    • necromancy


  • Druid Candle

    Druid energy is about tapping into and harnessing the energy of nature, in which there is a special affinity toward trees. This energy is great for healing, restoration, wisdom, guidance and also for abundance.

    • Druid
    • druidism
    • Druidry
    • nature magick
    • tree magick


  • Fortuna Candle

    Goddess of fortune, luck and wealth. She is the bringer of opportunities!

    • Fortuna
    • goddess of chance
    • goddess of fortune
    • goddess of wealth
    • Lady Luck


  • Orobas Candle

    Orobas, ruler of legions and revealer of truths.



  • Parvati Candle

    Parvati is one of the most dynamic goddesses, an energy that transcends even the word goddess. She’s all things to those who she works with and helps to make all things possible. She is the tamer of the wild, a mother, a lover, and a healer.

    • goddess of beauty
    • goddess of fertility
    • goddess of love
    • Parvati


  • Sekhmet Candle

    Sekhmet, the warrior, protectress, destroyer and also the wise guide, strategist and healer. She’s a champion for those who work with her.

    • healing goddess
    • Protection
    • protectress
    • Sekhmet


Showing 1–16 of 146 results