Magickal Candles

Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.

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  • Clientele Candle

    • business builder
    • Business candle
    • Clientele
    • clients
    • customers
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  • Inheritance Candle

    Tap your ancestral lineage to create abundance in your now reality. Protect the abundance you are creating both now and in the future. This magick works in both directions, creating a new financial and intellectual paradigm for your family, and surrounds it with amplified protection. This is called ancestral wealth accumulation magick and it is powerful. Work with this blend consistently and add it to all your wealth, money and spiritual power workings. You should begin to feel the accumulation of energy from those before and those who will come after.

    • ancestral magick
    • money candles
    • wealth accumulation


  • Black Gold Candle

    Black Gold is magick that amplifies the gift of your melanin and brings forth the ingenuity, the wisdom, the knowledge, the prowess, the protection and the guidance of your entire bloodline, and it brings in spiritual reparations. Command all that is due to the bloodline, all that is due to you. For all the jobs where you were overworked, underpaid and undervalued, and for all the times it happened to those in your bloodline, this product line is created to pull the just payments through in real time. Blended especially for African Americans, but this blend can be used by any culture, any person who has been mistreated or misused, who has ancestors who have been misused. But, THIS IS A CELEBRATION OF BLACK EXCELLENCE!!!

    • Black Excellence
    • Black Gold
    • melanin
    • wealth candle


  • Muses Candle

    This is the energy of the divine mind! Powerful ideas, vibrant imagination and flowing inspiration.

    • divine mind
    • Inspiration
    • Muses


  • Release Candle

    Are you stuck? Do you feel that you aren’t making progress? Many times, you simply need to purge and release the things that no longer serve you, the things taking up space but not beneficial to your journey. RELEASE is the magick of letting go. It is an exhale for the soul. It helps you to identify attachments and areas where you lose energy. It helps you to let go of what does not serve you. It keeps your heart and mind balanced as you shift toward the best version of yourself. It helps improve your study time, sleep time, and even romantic connections.

    • Exhale
    • get unstuck
    • healing
    • let go
    • Release


  • Infernal Candle

    Infernal, the fire of the soul. The energy of the infernal realm is captured in this product. Created as a soul and vitality restoring blend, Infernal helps you tap into deeper secrets both within yourself and the Universe as a whole. The first flames of life raged here and any flame can be rekindled. Use Infernal candle as a ritual centerpiece, or as a divination tool to get deeper into your origins, to see soul truth and to heal any damage to your soul. It may also be used to tap into infernal magick for protection, life-lengthening work, for cosmic workings and to tap into triune magick (primordial-infernal-universal).

    • blessed candles
    • Infernal realm
    • realm of fire
    • soul realm


  • Pay Me Candle

    You’ve given time. You’ve put a lot of energy out there for others. You’ve invested your money. Maybe they didn’t reciprocate, repay or even acknowledge it, maybe they weren’t able to. Either way, this blend is an amplified F—k You, Pay Me energy, but intentioned for not just money. The time you’ve put into others, now others will come to put that time into you, put energy into your life and goals, and invest money into your life or business. Pay Me recalls your money, time and energy and it works extremely fast when used frequently.

    • debt candle
    • money candle
    • money recall
    • Pay Me


  • Beautiful Candle

    Be beautiful. Do beautiful things. Have a beautiful experience. Beautiful is about complete satisfaction with your life and trust in your journey, so much so that you allow yourself to enjoy EACH part- rain, sleet, snow, sun, light or darkness… each part! Beautiful shifts your mood, increases your creativity, amplifies your pleasure, releases guilt, releases shame, removes unnecessary weight off your shoulders. It’s a beautiful life and that’s your truth!

    • Be Do Have
    • Beautiful
    • manifestation


  • Succubus Candle

    Succubus is divine energy of sexual transmutation, moving pleasure into alignment with your goals, creating beneficial intimate relationships of all sorts, and understanding the vibration and flow of pure creative energy. Succubi are feminine divine energies that operate through the root and sacral chakras for balance, healing, pure pleasure, manifestation and more.

    • Love
    • pleasure
    • sex
    • Succubi
    • Succubus


  • Magnetic Candle

    Magnetic as a candle is an experience in the art of calling forth and possessing! I know you’re tired of working for every good thing that comes your way. Attraction is the answer and no other product on the market holds more power of Universal pull than Magnetic! Created to amplify your ability to call what you most desire, the Magnetic candle was created over a wealth sigil and ritually charged as was all the Magnetic products. This candle should be used for all your manifestation, wealth, law of attraction, healing and life-elevating work.

    • Attraction
    • law of attraction
    • Universal attraction


  • Ayida Wedo Candle

    Ayida Wedo is the energy of creation and the embodiment of the divine feminine energy. She is a healer, a soul restorer, kundalini and Shakti energy initiator, an enchantress, a perfect blend of Fire and Water. She is considered the divine lover and mother. She is filled with wisdom and strategy. She’s stealthy in protection and vibrant in love. She is a representation of wealth as well. Even so, her biggest claim to fame and what sets her apart is she is a divine alchemist of the highest order, inner, outer and energy transformation as a whole is her wheel house.

    • Ayida Wedo
    • divine alchemist
    • goddess of fertility
    • goddess of love
    • water goddess
    • wife of Damballah


  • Anat Candle

    Goddess of love and war, fertility and beauty, Anat was one of the most beloved goddesses amongst the ancients. Considered sister of Baal and by some the daughter of Rah or Ptah, Anat represented the complete cycle of life. The Anat candle is energetically infused with the summoned energy of the goddess, and intentioned for fertility, creativity, reproduction, beauty, love, enchantment, sex and strategic warfare. Further, the candles sit through the waxing moon cycle for strength and speed.

    • Anat
    • daughter of Rah
    • goddess of fertility
    • goddess of war


  • Tehuti Candle

    The god of knowledge, lunar in nature, helps to bestow an emotional intelligence in life in the same way he represents all knowledge. Tehuti is a friend to mankind, ruling over science and arts including astrology, astronomy and language. Working with this deity will assist with gaining knowledge, elevating above your current station and evolving in alignment with the Universe. Tehuti is great for students, and anyone who desires more mental clarity and direction in life.

    • Djehuty
    • god of the mind
    • mental magick
    • Tehuti


  • Divine Surplus Candle

    Divine Surplus, the energy of plentitude and overflow, is a four way infused candle used to create the energy of overflow and surplus in your life. Great for money, but can also be used for time and energy. True surplus is about graceful abundance and freedom. This enchanted candle embodies grace and freedom with the opulence.

    • Divine Surplus
    • overflow
    • plentitude
    • prosperity candle
    • wealth candle


  • Furies Candle

    Furies are perfect for social justice, personal justice and family protection work. They are also amazing at teaching body technology hacks to help you align more perfectly to what your truth is. They destroy the facades and shred lies allowing nothing but truth to shine forth. In that way, they are ultimately a joy to work with. Take at least 2 months of working with them and allowing yourself to adjust to their energy and approach. If you set up an altar, you can use red jasper and black obsidian stones, mahogany obsidian is also amazing. They love red and dark wines, dark berries and they appreciate mirrors. They are actually quite beautiful, so beautiful in fact, that you can feel the energy of beauty when they approach in a calm fashion.

    • daughters of justice
    • Erinyes
    • Furies
    • primordial punishers


  • Accumulation Gold Candle

    Limited Edition! These Accumulation candles were ritually charged through a complete moon cycle for 28 days and energy soaked for 8 days. One of the most powerful candle creations yet, it is best used with specific numbers and aims in mind. These candles are phenomenal at breaking through glass ceilings and pulling in opportunities to raise your income considerably within a short period of time.

    • assets
    • Gold can money candle
    • limited edition

    Sold Out



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