Magickal Candles

Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.

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  • Lucid Candle

    Awaken to the glorious mystery of yourself. The cosmos are inside you and this candle helps to draw it out in a beautiful way!

    • mental energy
    • Self awareness
    • spiritual awakening


  • Sacral Chakra Candle

    An amber flame of creative passion and freedom in a candle that shifts your whole pleasure center!

    • chakra candle
    • goddess seat
    • sacral chakra
    • svadhishthana


  • Throat Chakra Candle

    Throat Chakra candle used to heal, balance and enhance the throat energy of communication and freedom of being. Self expression is often governed by this chakra and can be fortified through it.

    • chakra candles
    • Throat chakra
    • Vishuddha


  • Nephthys Candle

    Nephthys candle is infused with her energy and great for calling her forth and into your life. Great also for adding her energy to your ritual or spell work.

    • dark goddess
    • goddess of death
    • goddess of rebirth
    • Nephthys


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  • Oya Candle

    Summoning, strengthening and infusing candle used to work with Oya, the goddess of change, of storms, of the marketplace and of the cemetery, guardian of the ancestral realm and veilwalker.

    • goddess of winds
    • marketplace goddess
    • Oya
    • storm goddess


  • Dark Matter Candle

    The primordial energy candle creation that is going to be one of your favorite ways to channel and work with primordial energy of creation.

    • dark matter
    • materia prima
    • primordial energy
    • primordial manifestation


  • Nyx Candle

    The primordial goddess, daughter of chaos, goddess of night and dawn, as well as fertility.

    • goddess of night
    • Nyx
    • primordial energy
    • soy candle
    • summoning candle


  • Intuition Candle

    Sharpen your intuition and infuse confidence back into your life.

    • Ajna chakra
    • Intuition
    • mental clarity
    • third eye


  • Neith Candle

    Neith, goddess of creation, the Great Weaver!

    • creation goddess
    • goddess of destiny
    • Neith
    • weaver


  • Isis Candle

    Queen of mystics and a goddess who shifts everything about your life, Isis is considered a mother of divinity.



  • Exalted Candle

    Lifted and supported in this life and from those beyond it!

    • Enchantments
    • Exalted
    • glamours
    • lifted
    • supported


  • Sex Goddess Candle

    Pheromones and energy to increase your drive and pleasure!

    • sex goddess
    • sex magic
    • sexual energy


  • Sex God Candle

    The libido boosting, pleasure enhancing, energy candle that will shift your sex life!



  • Warrior Candle

    Created with the energy of the furies, this is a candle of offensive and aggressive protection.

    • Dark Arts
    • defensive magick
    • Furies
    • offensive magick
    • protection candle


  • Inanna Candle

    Queen of Heaven, goddess of love and strategist in war.



Showing 1–16 of 171 results