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  • Magickal Mystic 2024 Tour: BeComing

    Catch Emme Rain on tour 2024!

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  • Magickal Mystic Expo 2024

    Welcome to our annual Magickal Mystic Expo. We know you’ve come to expect excellence and a great time and for the 5th year in a row, we come to give you just that. This is the premier event for the spiritual and mystical community, hosted by Emme Rain. Location- Smyrna Community Center 200 Village Green Circle SE Smyrna, GA 30080 12pm-5pm Eastern Time

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  • Practitioners Retreat

    Join Emme Rain for live demonstrations of magick and mystical practice and the reclamation of power in the fabled and notorious Salem, MA. This event will be held from June 6-9 and will include housing at a historic manor close to museums, in walking distance of known attractions. Emme will take time to demonstrate grounding, pulling power, leaving energetic trails, and much more. This is the event of the century for those who are serious about spiritual practice.

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  • Divinity Academy Apprenticeship

    Join the 12 month apprenticeship program geared toward spiritual development and divine power. Learn about spiritual principles including: - Meditation and Trance state - Out of Body experiences - Walkthroughs - High level initiations - Starseed identification - Harnessing energy - Moving energy - Invocation and evocation - Amplifying magick - Sacred geometry

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