Healing and Restoratiion

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  • Lucid Candle

    Awaken to the glorious mystery of yourself. The cosmos are inside you and this candle helps to draw it out in a beautiful way!

    • mental energy
    • Self awareness
    • spiritual awakening


  • Heart Restoration Ritual

    Restore your heart and heal from heart ache and unreciprocated love.

    • Healing ritual
    • heart healing
    • Heart restoration


  • Sacral Chakra Candle

    An amber flame of creative passion and freedom in a candle that shifts your whole pleasure center!

    • chakra candle
    • goddess seat
    • sacral chakra
    • svadhishthana


  • Throat Chakra Candle

    Throat Chakra candle used to heal, balance and enhance the throat energy of communication and freedom of being. Self expression is often governed by this chakra and can be fortified through it.

    • chakra candles
    • Throat chakra
    • Vishuddha


  • Nephthys Oil

    The Helpful One. The Excellent One. Lady of the Air. Goddess of Crossings.

    • goddess of crossings
    • goddess of the air
    • Nephthys
    • The Excellent Goddess


  • Oya Candle

    Summoning, strengthening and infusing candle used to work with Oya, the goddess of change, of storms, of the marketplace and of the cemetery, guardian of the ancestral realm and veilwalker.

    • goddess of winds
    • marketplace goddess
    • Oya
    • storm goddess


  • Nyx Body Butter

    Primordial Illuminator butter, infused with the energy of Nyx and ritually charged.



  • Intuition Candle

    Sharpen your intuition and infuse confidence back into your life.

    • Ajna chakra
    • Intuition
    • mental clarity
    • third eye


  • Sex God Candle

    The libido boosting, pleasure enhancing, energy candle that will shift your sex life!



  • Exalted

    In the energy of love, support, adoration and concord, Exalted is infused to shift your life forever. From the first sniff until the last drop in the bottle, this oil is filled with a celebratory love, support and respect. 1 oz bottle size



  • Nyx Oil

    The primordial goddess of illumination, she is a protectress and balancer.

    • daughter of chaos
    • goddess of night
    • Nyx
    • primordial goddess


  • Key of Me Bundle

    Key of Me is confidence, freedom and personal power in product form. Each of these is energetically infused and powerful in daily use.

    • confidence builder
    • Key of Me
    • self honor
    • Self love


  • Expansive Candle

    Pure powerful prana and the expansive effect of breathing in alignment with the Universe captured in candle form!

    • expansive
    • Jupiter
    • prana
    • premium candles


  • Key of Me Mist

    2 oz energetically charged mist, wearable magick to infuse confidence, freedom and add soothing self love and acceptance to your life.

    • confidence
    • freedom
    • Key of Me
    • Self love
    • wearable magick


  • Intuition Oil

    Strengthen your intuition to cosmic levels and protect yourself from the projections of others and your own inner shadows that can throw you off.

    • channeling
    • frequency
    • Intuition
    • Reading


  • Heart Chakra Candle

    • chakra candle
    • Chakras
    • heart chakra


Showing 1–16 of 94 results