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  • Sorath Candle

    Dark side of the sun, the dark lord of freedom, wisdom and wealth

    • dark lord
    • SORATH
    • soy candle
    • sun demon
  • Sorath Oil

    The dark lord, also called the dark side of the sun…. Very dynamic and powerful energy to add to your life for wisdom and wealth, as well as protection.

    • dark lord
    • dark side of the sun
    • essential oil
    • SORATH
  • Metatron Oil

    Metatron, considered the angel of knowledge and scribe of god, is actually a god, the divine energy of knowledge.

    • angel of knowledge
    • knowledge
    • manifestation
    • Metatron
    • metatron’s cube
    • platonic solids
    • wisdom
  • Metatron Candle

    Metatron, the energy of pure knowledge, is the embodiment of the secrets of creation, flow and energy itself.

    • cube of balance
    • manifestation
    • Metatron
    • metatron’s cube
    • platonic solids
    • sacred geometry
    • wholeness
  • Ganesha Candle

    Ganesha, the obstacle destroyer and god of good times, good feelings and elevated vibrations. One of the most widely venerated gods, he is still not fully understood for the sure power he possesses to shift and help you maintain an amazing life.

    • elephant god
    • Ganapati
    • Ganesh
    • Ganesha
    • god of beginnings
    • obstacle destroyer
  • Saraswati Candle

    Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music and arts, a beloved one who elevates the human experience and shows the hidden and quiet aspects of divinity within the simple things.

    • goddess of arts
    • goddess of music
    • goddess of wisdom
    • Saraswati
    • tridevi
  • Full Harvest Oil

    Created using lunar energy, the season of harvest and charged through the Lifetime Harvest ritual, this oil is an experience in abundance.

    • harvest
    • harvest season
    • sowing and reaping
  • Full Harvest Candle

    The energy of harvest captured at full height in candle form, created to bring in the fruit of your labors and compensation for the life you live. It is a candle that brings abundance AND rest.

    • Abundance
    • harvest
    • harvest season
    • law of attraction
  • Mogul Candle

    Created by a mogul for those who desire to become a true mogul, this candle is created to share the energy and frequency of business power and success.

    • Abundance
    • business tycoon
    • Mogul
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
  • Legacy Oil

    The oil of legacy and lasting inheritance!

    • inheritance
    • Legacy
    • prosperity oil
  • Masterful Candle

  • Chosen Oil

    The energy of Chosen is favored, the decided victor in all circumstances. Chosen is a lifetime vibe, thus definitely a daily bath and daily wear.

  • Mogul Oil

    MOGUL, the energy of winning in business and life. It is an infusion of  personal wins in every area of business and includes actual money, crystals and an exotic blend of herbs/oils. Created with banking, real estate, TV, entertainment and literary power and the energies of Aje, Clauneck, Fortuna, Laima, Oya, and 3 other power players to perfect it with the infinite 8 and Jupiter energy.

    • Abundance
    • business oil
    • millionaire
    • Mogul
    • money oil
    • prosperity oil
    • wealth
  • Legacy Candle

    This is a powerful movement in candle form. This candle was created under the combined energy of Jupiter and Saturn and infused by families of energy to bring you back to who you really are, what you’re capable of, and to help you continually access your spiritual heritage.

  • Chosen Candle

    The energy of an elevated frequency which draws favor, increases influence, and creates an umbrella of flowing and abundant opportunities!

  • Pluton Candle

    Pluton candles are created with infused energy from Pluto for spiritual power and prosperity. It is fortified with Jupiter and solar energy. It is also ritually charged with 5 deities. It’s definitely an experience. Sit with your candle and allow yourself to listen to the guidance of this powerhouse energetic convergence in a candle.


Showing 1–16 of 90 results