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  • Crow Magick Oil

    Tap into the energy and magick of the crow and utilize it to amplify your sight, your power and your regenerative powers!

    • crow magic
    • Crows
    • guidance
    • protection oil
    • spirit animal
    • totem
    Sale! $19.99O-413
  • Druid Oil

    Tap into the energy and power of nature magick by channeling ancient Druid magick.

    • Druid
    • druidism
    • Druidry
    • nature magick
    • tree magick
  • Druid Candle

    Druid energy is about tapping into and harnessing the energy of nature, in which there is a special affinity toward trees. This energy is great for healing, restoration, wisdom, guidance and also for abundance.

    • Druid
    • druidism
    • Druidry
    • nature magick
    • tree magick
  • Parvati Candle

    Parvati is one of the most dynamic goddesses, an energy that transcends even the word goddess. She’s all things to those who she works with and helps to make all things possible. She is the tamer of the wild, a mother, a lover, and a healer.

    • goddess of beauty
    • goddess of fertility
    • goddess of love
    • Parvati
  • Sekhmet Candle

    Sekhmet, the warrior, protectress, destroyer and also the wise guide, strategist and healer. She’s a champion for those who work with her.

    • healing goddess
    • Protection
    • protectress
    • Sekhmet
  • Sorath Candle

    Dark side of the sun, the dark lord of freedom, wisdom and wealth

    • dark lord
    • SORATH
    • soy candle
    • sun demon
  • Sorath Oil

    The dark lord, also called the dark side of the sun…. Very dynamic and powerful energy to add to your life for wisdom and wealth, as well as protection.

    • dark lord
    • dark side of the sun
    • essential oil
    • SORATH
  • Ganesha Candle

    Ganesha, the obstacle destroyer and god of good times, good feelings and elevated vibrations. One of the most widely venerated gods, he is still not fully understood for the sure power he possesses to shift and help you maintain an amazing life.

    • elephant god
    • Ganapati
    • Ganesh
    • Ganesha
    • god of beginnings
    • obstacle destroyer
  • Bastet Candle

    Bastet is the goddess of beauty, femininity, sexuality, fertility and power, a protector and guardian, and she is the keeper of sacred knowledge.

    • Bast
    • Bastet
    • goddess of beauty
    • goddess of fertility
    • Love
  • Lilith Candle

    Lilith, goddess of divine feminine balance, power and freedom, is one of the most powerful forces currently active and assisting with ascension. Very powerful ally to have.

    • first woman
    • hand of Inanna
    • Lilith
    • rise of the divine feminine
  • DreamBreaker Candle

    Break the dreams and power of those who have plotted or cast bad energy against you and pull their momentum into your favor as repayment for the things they have done to or against you.

    • banish
    • bind
    • curse
    • DreamBreakers
    • dreams
    • hex
  • Masterful Candle

  • DreamBreakers Oil

    Dominate and crush the enemy of your goals. This oil works to destroy the favorable flow toward accomplishment in the lives of people who seek to destroy you and pulls their favor away. This oil works best when used against those who have already made a move against you or who harbor strong ill will and intent towards you. It may also be used to penetrate the dreams of others and break their nightmares OR create nightmares for them. This is dark energy blend and should only be used when you’re certain you want to act.

  • Lady of Death Candle

    This Santa Muerte inspired blend was created to help put non beneficial things to death in your life. It is a transmutation blend so that you can pull energy and life out of things that do not serve and put it into the things that do serve you. It is also helpful for those who work with death and transitions. This is a dark arts energy candle created for necromancy in all of its forms.

  • F#ck How It Turns Out Candle

    This candle is created to recall wasted energy on those who misused, abused or turned into enemies and to also send a strong hand of consequence into their lives. Write the name(s) down and place under the candle and keep your work burning.

  • F#ck How It Turns Out Oil

    Pull back all energy given to people who misused it, who have hurt you without cause and send a heavy hand of consequence into their lives

    • domination
    • karma
    • Protection
    • Return to sender
    • Spiritual Power

Showing 1–16 of 126 results