Spiritual Power

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  • Transference of Wealth Ritual

    Initiate your own transference of wealth through energy work. This is where you open the door and demand the wealth you have worked for, sown into and been creating ritually.

    • prosperity ritual
    • Transfer of wealth
    • Wealth ritual


  • Mammon Candle

    Mammon, Dark Lord of Riches is officially a power infused candle and ready to use. Fully infused to bring riches into your life, simply sit with this candle an absorb the energy of opulence. Listen for guidance and instructions that may come forth.

    • Mammon
    • money candles
    • money embodied
    • riches


  • Better Business Duo

    Get the most powerful business building magick as a duo

    • Better Business
    • Business building
    • business expansion


  • Family Restoration Work

    Pull your family back together with the family restoration ritual.


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  • Mammon

    Old god of wealth, the personification of money and material possessions!

    • Chaldean god of wealth
    • god of wealth
    • Mammon
    • Money


  • Minerva Oil

    The embodiment of wisdom and justice, she is the guide who assists in helping your life and your actions make sense, coalesce into something beautiful.

    • arts
    • education
    • Minerva
    • Roman goddess
    • wisdom


  • Draconian Oil

    Align with the energies of the Draco star system.

    • Draco
    • dragons
    • royalty
    • star system
    • Starseed


  • Draconian Candle

    Channel the energy of the Draco star system and align with the energy of protective draconian race including majestic dragons. This is a starseed call.

    • Draco
    • draconian
    • star system
    • warrior race


  • Devastation Candle

    Blended to level your enemy and bring absolute chaos into their lives.

    • baneful magick
    • chaos magick
    • Devastation
    • Protection


  • Devastation Oil

    The blend created to level your enemies and create utter chaos in their lives!

    • baneful magic
    • chaos magick
    • Devastation
    • ritual oil


  • Concordia Oil

    Concordia is the goddess of agreement and concord. She’s powerful for alignment work, gaining support and momentum as well as inheritance work.

    • alignment
    • Concordia
    • goddess of agreement
    • Harmonia


  • EmmeBodiment Fragrance

    The scent and vibration of ultimate freedom and power!

    • embodiment
    • Fragrance
    • wearable magick


  • Emmebodiment Bath



  • Emmebodiment Butter

    Blended with lemon shea, mango and cocoa butters along with coconut and avocado oils, this is a skin super food and also has been energetically enhanced to shift your aura and lead you toward major success and power.

    • body butter
    • Emmebodiment
    • skin cream
    • wearable magick


  • Emmebodiment Candle

    The Magick of Everything in fire form with a very palpable vibration.

    • divine energy
    • Emmebodiment
    • Oversoul
    • purpose


  • EmmeBodiment Oil

    The fullness of divine embodiment personified in an oil, infused in alignment with cosmic initiators and energies.

    • divine alignment
    • Divine embodiment
    • Emme Rain


Showing 1–16 of 249 results