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  • Brigid Candle

    Brigid, goddess of the wells, of fertility and of love, powerful protector, a face of triple goddess energy and a healer. She brings the dawn of success into your life when working with her. She comes on slowly but brings waves and waves of blessings. She has been honored by poets, writers, singers, healers and lovers. Her hand is always filled with bountifulness for those she’s in a relationship with.

    • Brigid
    • goddess
    • Love
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
  • Brigid Oil

    Brigid the Triple Goddess for her fires of the hearth, inspiration, and the forge. She is the patroness of healing arts, fertility, poetry, music, prophecy, agriculture, and smithcraft. Many people also call her the Goddess of the Well, as she also has ties to the element of water.

    • Brigid
    • goddess of love
    • Goddess of the hearth
    • goddess of the well
    • healer
    • Spiritual Power

Showing all 2 results