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  • Crow Magick Oil

    The magick of the crow is complex and varied, offering a variety of occult answers along our journey. Crows enhance spiritual sight, allowing you to see further and clearer, both in divination and also in visualizations for magick. They are powerful protectors, guides and anchors those who veilwalk, acting as a spiritual balancer. The energy of death and regeneration is in this oil and ready to be used. Decide what you desire and begin working.

    • crow magic
    • Crows
    • guidance
    • protection oil
    • spirit animal
    • totem
  • King Bael Candle

    King Bael is a misunderstood energy. An olden one, he is the energy to teach you and guide you, filled with wisdom and power across all planes of physical and nonphysical existence, he is the energy to help elevate you into your own divinity and reign. King Bael is an initiator and he is known to help you discover secrets of your own origins and show you how to hold your spiritual positions of authority!

    • Candle
    • demons
    • guidance
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power

Showing all 2 results