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  • Accumulation Oil

    ACCUMULATION! Pull in wealth through multiple avenues. Real estate. Investments in stocks and bonds, mutual funds. Business. Inheritance. Winnings. Gifts. It’s time to call in what you desire and open the door wide to how you are willing to receive it! Accumulation pulls in assets, income and opportunities. It is the strongest pure wealth product yet, blended with a very specific focus and amplified to bring what you desire without restraints. Be wise about usage and keep yourself open to receive. Great for spell and ritual candles, bath, diffuser, to rub on your hands daily before leaving home, to put on your money, cards and more. Use in head washes for a wealth mindset. Use in foot soaks and hand soaks.

    • assets
    • Income
    • inheritance
    • real estate
    • wealth accumulation
    • wildlings
  • Legacy Oil

    The oil of legacy and lasting inheritance! Legacy oil is blended to assist with building and securing a lasting legacy that your bloodline can thrive from. It is blended with ancestral empowerment and amplification of their energy and infused with the energy of Jupiter and Saturn working in communion with the Sun and Pluto. Very powerful and intricate magick in the oil. Use in candle magick, rituals, for offering to be added to libation, for bath, diffuser and more. DO NOT CONSUME!

    • inheritance
    • Legacy
    • prosperity oil

Showing all 2 results