Key of Me

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  • Key of Me Bundle

    Key of Me is confidence, freedom and personal power in product form. Each of these is energetically infused and powerful in daily use.

    • confidence builder
    • Key of Me
    • self honor
    • Self love
  • Key of Me Mist

    2 oz energetically charged mist, wearable magick to infuse confidence, freedom and add soothing self love and acceptance to your life. Key of Me is infused to accentuate all of the most beautiful aspects of you and your life. It is made to bring freedom, to increase self love, to build and enhance confidence and to help you ascend in the most beautiful way possible. This fragrance, while delicious smelling, is still energetically infused. This is wearable magick. Mist on in the morning after your bath before your day begins. Use before meditation or ritual. Great also before a date.

    • confidence
    • freedom
    • Key of Me
    • Self love
    • wearable magick
  • Key of Me Butter

    Wearable magick, soothing energy, confidence elevating butter!

    • body butter
    • Key of Me
    • shea butter

Showing all 3 results