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  • Centering Candle

    Staying centered helps you stay aligned and in your strength. Centering helps to combat disorder and dysfunctions in your life. This candle is a meditative tool and great also for healing work.

    • balance energy
    • Centering
    • healing
    • Meditation
    • trance
  • Baby Bliss Candle

    Designed to relax your baby or toddler, this blend is strong enough to actually relax an entire room of people. Created in a peaceful environment with singing bowls and more, this is zen in candle form.

    • Baby
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Meditation
    • peace
    • zen
  • Meditation Candle

    A sweet, relaxing aroma and energy to assist you with having a beautiful meditative experience.

    • Meditation
    • relaxation
    • soy candle
    • Spiritual Power
    • trance
  • Equilibrium Oil

    Rebalance your masculine and feminine energies, achieve mastery.

    • balance
    • homeostasis
    • Meditation
    • Spiritual Power
    • yin and yang
  • Meditation Oil

    Calm your mind and have a better meditative experience. Quieten your mind. Relax into a comfortable relationship with yourself. Meditation is quality time spent within witnessing the truth of your soul. Meditation is learning your own energetic frequency and how to identify when something is for you or not. Meditation is the foundation of all mysticism and occult power. Blended for bath, wear, diffuser and candle work, this blend is a gentle ally. Use it daily for awhile and your body will learn the frequency of the meditative state.

    • Clarity and Direction
    • guided meditation
    • inner peace
    • Meditation

Showing all 5 results