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  • Intuition Candle

    Intuition is blended for 4 distinct purposes but the uses don’t stop there. Created to help you learn the vibration of true intuition, it protects from the projections of others, your inner fears and biases, prior experiences and deceptions. This candle is used to assist you with getting attuned within to receive divine messages and guidance and to hear more clearly from your oversoul and spiritual team. It heightens your reception of frequency and assists with gaining understanding of the things you receive.

    • Ajna chakra
    • Intuition
    • mental clarity
    • third eye
  • Mental Clarity Candle

    Infused with the energy of Thoth/Tehuti and 8 essences to clear your mind of clutter. This candle is perfect for meditation time or to set the ambience in your office.

    • calmness
    • Clarity and Direction
    • mediation
    • mental clarity
  • Mental Clarity Oil

    Mental Clarity is powerful energy to help clear mental clutter and fog. It is really great for wear over the temple and crown, as well as third eye. It is great for bath work but can also be used in your healing and self love work in candles and water. You can also use in your diffuser. Close your eyes and see yourself absorbing the clarity you need. See the clutter disappear and allow yourself to be aligned by this energy.

    • Clarity and Direction
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • mental clarity
    • mental health

Showing all 3 results