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  • Divine Surplus Candle

    Divine Surplus, the energy of plentitude and overflow, is a four way infused candle used to create the energy of overflow and surplus in your life. Great for money, but can also be used for time and energy. True surplus is about graceful abundance and freedom. This enchanted candle embodies grace and freedom with the opulence.

    • Divine Surplus
    • overflow
    • plentitude
    • prosperity candle
    • wealth candle
  • Kubera Candle

    Working with Kubera is a commitment to elevation that involves more than money and riches. Kubera calls his students higher, helping them to embrace divinity as a reality. But his nature is one of abundance and opulence. He balances the spiritual and natural in a harmonious way in your life. He guides toward lasting wealth and shows how to implement long term wealth producers in your life.

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    • god of wealth
    • Kubera
    • prosperity candle
    • soy candle

Showing all 2 results