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  • Muses Bath

    • bath magick
    • Inspiration
    • Muses
    • water magick
  • Kubera Wealth Bath

    Kubera, god of wealth and lasting abundance. He is a god who secures an inheritance for generations to come. Kubera calls his students higher, helping them to embrace divinity as a reality. But his nature is one of abundance and opulence. He balances the spiritual and natural in a harmonious way in your life. He guides toward lasting wealth and shows how to implement long term wealth producers in your life.

    • Kuber
    • Kubera
    • money bath
    • water magick
    • wealth bath
  • Nyx Primordial Bath

    Soak in this delicious scent of feminine power and untapped potential. Nyx is a primordial creator goddess, one who balances energies and transmutes that which no longer serves.

    • bath magick
    • Nyx
    • primordial bath
    • water magick
    • wearable magick
  • EMerge Bath

    EMerge is the premium sexually charged power bath you need to balance your energy and re-establish your focus.

    • bath blend
    • Bath salt
    • Clarity and Direction
    • EMerge
    • water magick

Showing all 4 results