Ascension Essential Oils

Ascension Essential Oils


Awakening and ascension oils designed to assist you on your spiritual journey. These are great to be worn during meditation and grounding exercises, can be added to your bath, a foot soak, a hand wash, haircare products, used in a diffuser or oil warmer and also in candle work. DO NOT CONSUME!


Ascension, Ascension Survival, Equilibrium, Self Mastery, Meditation, Trance, DNA Repair and Activate, Kundalini Awakening, Synergy 12, Centering, Soul Cleanse, Mental Clarity, Oversoul

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(verified owner)

I used the DNA Repair and Activate on a plant of mine that was just not looking good. I spent a week trying to save it and had just about given up when I decided to use a drop of the DNA oil on it. 24 hours later my plant looks 10x better and is no longer droopy!

The Meditation oil really helped me focus my mind at a time when I was new to meditation. Almost 2 years later, I am excellent with meditation and I still use it to give me an extra boost from time to time. I also use it when I have moments of anxiety and I need to recenter myself and/or calm my mind, body, and spirit. It has a very soothing energy that works wonders at any spiritual level.

I recently received the Oversoul Oil in an Intuitive package and OMG. First of all, it smells absolutely amazing. I would wear it as a cologne every single day as a signature scent. Sometimes I just open the bottle to smell it and don’t even use it. On a more serious note, not only was this oil EXACTLY what I needed before I even knew I needed it, but the moment I used it, I felt a shift. Connecting with the power of my oversoul is something I do regularly, but this oil truly showed me that I had so much further to go. It was like a cap had been removed form my internal power. This oil has become my #1 favorite, hands down. I cannot believe I went so long without it. It is worth every single penny and some at full price. After using it, I don’t believe that anyone on their spiritual journey should’t have it. It is probably one of the best tools (outside of her classes, lectures, and videos) a person can use when unlocking their connection to their oversoul. I wish I could give it more stars!!!

(verified owner)

My favorite oils are the Self-Mastery and the Oversoul oil. I feel they are powerful and enhance my mood whenever I use them. I use them to wear as well as to dress my candles.

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Oils that assist with your awakening and ascension process.