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Undeniable, Soul Snatch, Get Money, R$ch B$tch, Enchantment, Goddess, Luxuries of Lakshmi, Flirty and Free with Bastet, Season of Change with Oya, Power of Isis, Alluring Goddess with Oshun, Phoenix, Lilith, EMerge, Soul Cleanse, Millionaires

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I purchased the luxury of Lakshmi bundle and I’m speechless! The alter statue is good size and the oils and candle smell AMAZING!!! get em while the getten is good!!!

I purchased the Get Money bundle and oh my goodness! It is absolutely amazing. It comes with the Get Money candle, oil, spray, and bath salts. I used all of them before doing a massive money ritual and saw immediate results. My social media following has grown and resulted in an increase in my monthly income from $5000 to $10,000. These products are charged with major power and energy. They work!! I am a life long customer and continue to grow my collection of MM oils, candles, sprays, and body butters.

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