Celestial Oils

Celestial Oils


Check out our exclusive line of planetary oils:

~ SunBlissed
~ Lunar Whispers
~ MarsMentum
~ Seal of Hermes
~ Essence of Jupiter
~ Virtues of Venus
~ Sense of Saturn

Celestial Oils

Essence of Jupiter, Virtues of Venus, Lunar Whispers, Sense of Saturn, Sun Blissed, MarsMentum oil, Seal of Hermes

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(verified owner)

The one I connected to bet was the Seal of Hermes.
It has improved my personal communication soooooo much.
For me it was a good “substitute” for reveal all(for needs atm) as well as a Mercury Retrograde
rescue drops(just not for consumption)
Really really great stuff!

(verified owner)

I used the Seal of Hermes along with the StarSeed alignment and immediately my body started tingling as I felt the energy from the oil run through my meridians. My dreams were vivid and filled with hidden messages that have helped me in waking day
These oils are the truth! I highly recommend

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These oils are made under the influence of various celestial beings and bodies. If you do planetary magick and ritual, these are powerful tools to add to your mystical repertoire.

Our Celestial care products are highly charged and expertly blended to ensure quality. These are pure oil and herbal blends and not to be ingested. Our Celestial oils include:

~ SunBlissed Celestial oil
~ Lunar Whispers Celestial Oil
~ MarsMentum Celestial Oil
~ Seal of Hermes Celestial Oil
~ Essence of Jupiter Celestial Oil
~ Virtues of Venus Celestial Oil
~ Sense of Saturn Celestial Oil