LegacyBuilders Mentorship

LegacyBuilders Mentorship


The premium mentorship program for business owners and freelancers for the purpose of creating, growing and sustaining a profitable business. Our offerings have recently been expanded to discuss all matters concerning money from credit to investing.
Access expires on December 31st each year.

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LegacyBuilders is a private business building mentorship with multimillionaire Emme Rain/Lacresha Hayes. This mentorship will consist of:
~ Regular lives (at least 12 over the year) and business information posting
~ Unlimited messages and emails for support and Q&A

Topics covered will include:
~ Business setup
~ Business registration
~ Organizational documents
~ Pricing
~ Product Development
~ Marketing strategy
~ Magick and its role in business
~ Goal setting and time management
~ Credit
~ Money Management
~ Investing
~ Real Estate
~ Much more

3 reviews for LegacyBuilders Mentorship

If you are looking to build a solid business while learning how to use magic, business sense and efficient strategies to help it grow, This program is for you. Very informative and interactive with other participants, a safe place to bounce ideas and get information on “how to’s” as you go along. Emme is very hands on and present, coaching and offering real time advice as we build our legacies!

This course is gold.
Take notes, and if you get unmotivated or have questions, speak up! Emme created an excellent course.

Stay the task and apply the information. Do the work, you’ll get the results or better! ✨

(verified owner)

This is a great mix of practical business advice and magickal advice to get your business moving to the top. If you don’t have a business but are thinking of one I still suggest this course as it will get your foundations where they need to be.

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