Sweet Love Package

Sweet Love Package


This highly charged and powerful package is what the love doctor ordered. Each of these packages come infused with the energy of 5 goddesses, all of which are ready to help you get your love life back on track. (Hathor, Bastet, Oshun, Parvati, Frigga)


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Love is not a desire, as much as it is a part of our makeup and thus our beings need to give and receive love to experience fulfillment. This package has everything to bring the energy of sweet, reciprocating love and sexual passion into your life. Our love package includes:

~ Attraction oil
~ Goddess oil
~ Lasting Love oil
~ Matrimony oil
~ Enchantment oil
~ Sex Goddess oil
~ Beauty Bath, Oshun blessed herbal bath
~ Beauty Butter body butter
~ Tantric Heat body butter
~ Blessed and dressed candles
~ Charged piece of carnelian
~ Charged rose quartz