The Necessary Purge and The Art of Letting Go. . . .

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The Necessary Purge
Let’s talk purge, I often attribute it to the concept of letting go. Often we are so focus on spiritual purging, emotional purging we often neglect physical purging. Everything is about balance, spiritual, physical and emotional.
When was the last time you physically cleansed your house, car, clothes, items you see everyday and know they no longer serve you a purpose, or they haven’t been used in 30 days or longer.
Making room for the energy of abundance, love, luck, hell the desires of your heart you’re wanting to manifest? I challenged you all as we go through these retrogrades and as the intensity of energy increases, start purging, and even apply some feng shui in the equation, and watch how your life changes.
~Dianna P. “The Conjuring Lion”
Oftentimes we wonder why we don’t have more joy, peace, love and happiness in our lives.
The honest truth is that you don’t have it because there is no space in your life for it! It’s time to get rid of everything, that no longer serves you.
By purging all the negative, low vibrational thoughts, habits and situations in your life, you are freeing up space for the positive things you desire.
Remember you don’t have to do it alone, your spirit team (angels, ancestors, deities, and higher self) will assist you. All you have to do is ask.
~Latasha H. “Angelic Mystic”
The Art of Letting Go
No amount of sweet nothings, hopes and aspirations, criticisms or otherwise can make YOUR decision; only YOU can. Ultimately, it boils down to you do or you don’t.
Either you will let it go because you want what is ahead for you or you wont for YOUR refusal to let go of what no longer serves you. YOU choose. Gain or loss, YOU have but yourself to credit.
Think you cannot make it without this something? Drop it! Get into a practice of letting things go.
If it is needed or desired, watch it come right back to you. I mean, how else do you truly know what is required or intended to be for you if you are not willing to lose it?
~ Sam W. “The Bad Mystic”

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